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Crazy for Crust

May 11

Whatever Friday

In the words of Rihanna: Cheers to the freakin’ weekend (I’ll drink to that).

Anyone else as glad as I am that it’s Friday? I’ve had a good week, very satisfying…but very long!

1. I’m a little behind on computer stuff this week. Luckily, I knew that in advance and was able to have some super cool stuff for you in anyway.

I made you flower cupcakes. With crack frosting.

I showed you a super easy recipe that your husband can make, even if he’s still in his underwear.

And I told you some of the stuff my mom taught me. (Like to make treats like this.)

Next week? Tackling my reader. Because I miss you all!

2. Tuesday morning, at 4am, guess what happened?  What always happens at 4am (because it would be too easy for it to happen at say, noon). And this time it wasn’t the cat. So…Jordan was home all day on Tuesday. While I had to go to school three times for teacher appreciation stuff. (Thank God Mel works from home.)

{She was fine, btw. I think she got overtired from her weekend and the heat and dehydrated and overheated at practice. It’s not the first time this has happened. Kid WILL NOT drink. Ever.}

3. Then (still Tuesday) the ants came back in my kitchen. And they brought their big brothers and their flying relatives. Did you know that some ants can fly? (I didn’t.)  Yup, turns out that when they “migrate” some of them fly. How they determine which ones fly and which ones hold on like a tandem sky dive jump, I have no idea. So…the exterminator thinks they might be in my walls. IN MY WALLS. Since he has already treated four colonies around my house.

4. On Tuesday, Hayley saw on Facebook that I was having a hard day. So she brought me this to cheer me up. I love that chick.

5. I’m starting a series here that I’d like to call “Flashback Friday.” Just to tempt you with things I made in the past. Sometimes I will be re-making whatever it was, because my photos were so horrible. I’ve been realizing I want to revisit old times. So, for the first flashback Friday, I’m re-sharing a dessert that I had previously detested and then craved when I didn’t know what it was I wanted.

Prior to making this Lemon Cream Pie, I hated lemon desserts. Now? I can’t. Get. Enough.

{Added bonus: it’ll get me to finally finish adding all my recipes to Recipage. :)}

5. Tomorrow I am running the Race for the Cure here in Sacramento. {Gulp.} Expect a deluge of Instagram photos.

Have a great weekend everyone. And have a Happy Mother’s Day. May you be properly pampered!


13 comments on “Whatever Friday

  1. oh have a great race, I cannot wait to see pictures!


  2. Have a great weekend and enjoy your race for the Cure, Dorothy!

    Glad all is OK with Jordan. She must be having too much fun to stop and drink some water.

    My Mom fights ants in the house; not fun. I hope you get that figured out.

    I like the “Flashback Firday” idea!


  3. I like the idea of Flashback Friday. I pull old recipes out sometimes just because the initial pictures were so horrible and lately I’ve been hitting a brick wall when it comes to thinking up new stuff.
    Good luck in your race this weekend!


  4. All those treats looks amazing, especialy the lemon cream pie. Good luck with your race!


  5. Boo to the 4 am pukes!!! Glad she is ok now!!! Flying ants…no fun either!!! Good thing you had lots of yummy treats to help out…and for Hayley looking out for you!!! Good luck on the race…can’t wait to see all the pics!!!


  6. Man, what a week. Do you think you could send Hayley my way sometime? I’ll bring the vodka 😉


  7. I want to make all of these. OMG the pb donuts at the side. my waistline is in trouble.


  8. Congrats on running the 5k! I’m so proud of you! A seriously sweet accomplishment if I do say so myself 🙂 And you’re so welcome for the lemonade; I could tell you needed a smile since I would need one too if I knew ants could fly. PS, ladies, I will bring you lemonades anytime! 🙂
    Also: I love this Flashback Friday idea. You’re so smart!!


  9. Love the flashback friday thing! I’m in the process of going through all my old recipes too :/ Sort of fun… sort of not. The “not” part is just because it seems so daunting, like there are so many to do! I saw a link party once that was just for recipes that you were re-doing– I thought that was a cool idea! Maybe we could do something like that, like a blog hop or something?


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