Strawberry Lemon Bellini {with a kid-friendly version}

Thanks to Staples, I was able to try out a wine fridge and share a giveaway with my readers! I made you Strawberry Lemonade Bellinis as a celebration – the perfect summer twist on a traditional cocktail!

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I used to love going to Las Vegas. We used to go all the time B.K. (Before Kid). My favorite place to go for a drink was at the Mandalay Bay: The Red Square. You may have seen it on travel shows and stuff; the bar is ice and they have a room for the big spenders that’s like an igloo. You get to wear a fur coat and drink vodka out of ice glasses or something.

We never did that.

The drink I always got when we’d go to the The Red Square was a peach bellini.  Ya’ll know I don’t really like peach but I sort of do. In drinks, I love it. I loved those bellinis!

Since those B.K. days, I’ve realized how much I love champagne drinks. I love martinis and margaritas, sure. But I really, really love the champs. Probably because I love white wine so much!

I decided it was about time I made my own bellinis. But I was in the mood for something other than peach. As always nowadays, I was in the mood for strawberry. And lemon.

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May I introduce you to my favorite new cocktail? A strawberry lemon bellini. It’s SO good people! And it’s so easy to make! First, you have to start with chilled ingredients. Which leads me to a big problem in my house: cold beverages.

My pantry is tiny. It barely holds all my sprinkles, let alone my wine bottles. Normally my overflow ends up in the garage where the temperature is just slightly cooler then Phoenix on a mild summer day. If I forget to bring in a bottle and chill it I have to use ice cubes.

I’m sure those of you who really know wine shuddered at that last sentence, am I right?

Do any of you suffer from the problem of warm wine and champs? Well, then. You’re in luck. This post came at just the right time for you!

VineVault collage

I’ve never thought about how to chill wine properly before. I’ve always just kept it in the regular refrigerator. When I was offered this VinoVault to review from Staples, I didn’t know what to expect. (Staples has a whole line of mini fridges. Who knew?)

The Preservino VinoVault uses green cooling to chill up to 16 bottles of wine (depending on how you place them). Not only does it chill it at the exact right temperature for your wine (you can set the temp based on what you’re chilling) but the fridge is also able to lock in the freshness of your open bottles.

When I first placed one of the Preservino Professional Wine Stoppers in the bottle and used the funny looking oxygen container to preserve my open bottle, I was skeptical. What was the point?

When I tasted the wine the next day, I realized the point. It preserves the flavor of your wine at the perfect temperature! I drink Chardonnay almost exclusively and whenever we order a bottle the wine tastes better towards the end of the meal – because it’s finally at the perfect temperature. The Preservino VinoVault stores your wine at the perfect temp all the time – so it tastes amazing straight out of the bottle!

{Want your own wine fridge? I’m giving one away!! Scroll down to enter!}

Perfect when you want a perfectly chilled glass of wine or a Strawberry Lemon Bellini.

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This bellini is made with strawberry puree (strawberries + sugar + blender), champagne or sparkling wine, and limoncello.

I’ve never bought limoncello now and I kind of wish I hadn’t. It’s so good!

You mix all three together and you get a fabulous summertime bellini! It’s a new twist on a classic cocktail.

And, of course, if you’re like me and B.K. has become K, then you need an alcohol-free version. Jordan sees my pretty cocktails and demands her own, of course.

So I made sparkling strawberry lemonade. It’s really good. I bet it’d be good with vodka too…

sparkling-strawberry-lemonade (1 of 1)

I’m really thirsty now, excuse me for a minute…

Did you make this recipe?

Strawberry Lemon Bellini and Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade


For the Strawberry Puree
2 cups strawberries, hulled and chopped in half
4 tablespoons sugar

For each Bellini
2 ounces chilled strawberry puree
1 ounce chilled limoncello
Champagne, chilled

For Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade
1/4 cup chilled strawberry puree
1/2 cup chilled lemonade (I used Crystal Light)
1/2 cup chilled sparkling water


Make the strawberry puree: puree strawberries and sugar in a blender until smooth. You may need to add a dash of water or two, to make your blender work. Store in the fridge in a jar until ready to use.

To make a bellini: place strawberry puree in a champagne glass. Add limoncello and fill the rest of the glass with champagne or sparkling wine. Stir gently if desired. Garnish with a half of a strawberry and/or some lemon rind.

To make lemonade: add all ingredients to a glass and stir slightly to mix.

All images and text ©. Please do not use my images without prior permission. If you want to republish this recipe, please re-write the recipe in your own words, or link back to this post for the recipe.


Full disclosure, Staples provided me with this Preservino VinoVault Wine refrigerator to review and giveaway. I was not compensated for this post. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. To see their full line of mini refrigerators, visit


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  1. This looks fabulous and great for summer!

  2. Double yum! I want a pitcher full asap!

  3. Strawberry & lemon are two of my favorite flavors – YUM! And that wind fridge would be AMAZING for my mom cave 😉

  4. Oh, how I love a good bellini. And a strawberry version appeals to me even more than the classic peach one.

    That wine fridge is brilliant…my kitchen could really use one of those!

  5. I never make enough cocktails and drinks at home. This being kid friendly makes it something I should definitely try!

  6. Jordan knows what to ask for! Your pictures are gorgeous and mixing strawberry purée with cold drinks is in my to do list for the summer, for sure.

  7. Any drink with champange works for me. Or, I could fill it with sangria for the summer!

  8. I got my husband a wine cooler for Christmas. We love it. I hope that you and who every wins will enjoy this new appliance for your homes.

  9. I’ve been wanting to make some cocktails, now that the weather is heating up. This looks beyond perfect!!! So pretty.

  10. This looks so refreshing! Yum, I love lemon in anything and everything!

  11. Very pretty and I personally love the kid friendly version! My kind of fruity drink!

  12. OMG! This looks SO refreshing! I’m salivating. Can’t wait to make it!

  13. Um, yeah, so I’m sort of addicted to Champagne cocktails right now. And I have a bottle of homemade lemoncello in the freezer. Clearly it was meant to be.

  14. LOVE the Bellini, plan on having quite a few in Vegas this July:) BUT..>that strawberry version looks AMAZING.

  15. Love the Strawberry and Lemon combo! Could use one of these right now! As always, absolutely love your photos and of course the K version!

  16. This is an amazing giveaway! Wow…and yes to wine tasting better at the end of meal when it’s finally at the right temp!

    Your bellini is CALLING my name. Love them!

  17. Yum. This looks like a drink I could see myself enjoying! Thanks for the awesome giveaway, Dorothy!

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  20. Oh this makes me really want now! (Even though it’s 6:00am here!) 😉
    Thanks for sharing this delicious sounding drink! Can’t wait to try it! Pinned it too!

  21. Oh wow, Dorothy! This is such a great drink, I absolutely cannot wait to try it! Too bad it’s 8:30 in the morning here! I don’t know much about how to chill wine, I just drink it! But that wine vault looks pretty cool!

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  24. Wow, I’m in love with both recipes!!! They both look so refreshing. And who turns down a bellini?

  25. These look delicious Dorothy! I’ve only gone to Vegas once, and we stayed at Mandalay Bay. Sigh. Meet you there in two days?

  26. What a great summer recipe. I would love to serve this at my ladies luncheon too. My sister and I are hosting a BBQ Block Party, I would love it if you would join us and share this recipe.
    Hope to see you there.

  27. I may not drink wine all that much, but I do know that it tastes awful when warm. And these bellinis are the perfect summer cocktail to cool off.

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  30. Yum! These look so pretty! And I’m sure taste awesome too! 😉 Great recipe!

  31. That looks like a crazy good summer time drink! I’d probably get down with the kid version a lot more. Then I wouldn’t have any problems with not being able to stop drinking it. Haha

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  35. I love fruity drinks…Yum!!!!

  36. Yum. 🙂 There are lots of strawberry lemonade recipes lately but adding champagne (or cava or prosecco) and limoncello to create a belini is inspired! I also love belini’s and have happy memories of special places where I had them. Thanks for my new summer time favorite!

  37. Hi DK! this sounds so delicious for summer i cant wait to try it!! like you i love a peach bellini sooooooooo…. and today is my birthday so i am extra excited about the giveaway, have always wanted one of those, maybe my birthday will bring me good luck! thanks for the lucious summer recipe and keep em comin darlin!! 🙂

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