Olympic Gold Medal Brownie Batter Hand Pies

Make some Olympic Gold Medal Hand Pies to get yourself in the mood for the Olympics!

Olympic Gold Medal Hand Pies | crazyforcrust.com | The perfect way to celebrate for the Olympics!
I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July! We had a relaxing, easy day filled with swimming, barbecue, and guacamole. And a delish new drink I can’t wait to share with you soon!

America’s birthday might be over…but the Olympics are around the corner! Now, I’m not a sports person. You know that. But I love the summer Olympics. When I was a kid, Nadia was my favorite movie everrrr. Like, I watched it constantly. I practically had it memorized.All of my friends loved it too. At least, I thought they did, because I made them watch it with me.

Brownie Batter Hand Pies

One of my favorite playtime activities was spreading out a blue tarp on my front lawn and practicing the floor routine. I would become Nadia…except that all I could do was a cartwheel. I seem to remember making my friends wear their bathing suits while doing all of this play. Which may have made them hate me…since our front lawn was literally at the busiest four-way stop in town. Gymnastics used to be the only sport I thought was worth it’s weight in Olympic gold. Now, as an adult, I appreciate more of the sports. Like swimming. For the eye candy, of course.

Olympic Medal Hand Pies 3

When thinking of an Olympic themed treat, my mind of course went to the gold medal; the symbol of success at the Games. {Okay, side note: I will also never hear “The Games” and think of the Olympics anymore…am I right?} And hand pies go so well with medals. I mean, they’re round. Super perfect fit! I was going to fill them with lemon curd or pie filling. Then I saw this post by Hayley and was intrigued. And then of course, there was brownie batter week…and my mind was made up.

The medals needed a strap, of course. I used Air Heads to mold some. You can use any colors…but I thought red and blue would be perfect.You know, to root for America. But if you’re, say, Canadian…you could just use red.

Use Airheads to mold a strap for a Gold Medal Hand Pie.

Just watching the gymnastic trials has gotten me in the mood. I wish I could set up a tarp and pretend to be Nadia.

But then I’d probably break something.

Instead I’ll just sit and eat gold medals.

Way easier.

Olympic Gold Medal Brownie Batter Hand Pies - this easy hand pie recipe is filled with brownie batter and then decorated like a gold medal! Use gold edible spray to paint the "medals" and airheads to make the straps!

Did you make this recipe?

Olympic Gold Medal Brownie Batter Hand Pies

Olympic Gold Medal Brownie Batter Hand Pies are hand pies that look like Olympic medals and are filled with brownie batter!


  • 1 cup brownie mix (dry)

  • 1 tablspoon water

  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil

  • 1 box refrigerated pie crust (2 crusts)

  • Cherry and Blue Raspberry Airheads (from a pack of mini Airheads)

  • 1 package CandiQuik Candy Coating

  • Edible gold spray


  1. To Make Hand Pies: Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Unroll pie crusts and cut small circles, re-rolling pie crust as necessary. (Depending in the size of cookie cutter, you will get about 24 circles per crust.)

  2. Mix brownie mix, water, and oil. Spoon ½ teaspoon of mix on 24 circles. Wet the edges of the pie crust and top with remaining circles. Pinch closed with the tines of a fork.

  3. Bake on a parchment lined cookie sheet for about 8-10 minutes. Cool completely.

  4. To make the medals: Once hand pies are cool, melt your CandiQuik according to package directions. Dip each hand pie in the melts, covering completely. Tap off excess and place on a wax paper lined cookie sheet. Chill or freeze to harden. Once the candy is hardened, spray with edible gold spray. Chill to dry.

  5. To make necklace: Cut each Airhead into three strips. (If you are using regular sized Airheads, cut them in half first, so you get six strips.)

  6. Heat one red and one blue strip in the microwave for 5 seconds. While warm, roll/stretch them to the desired length.

  7. Overlap the two colors slightly and roll with a rolling pin to seal them together. Repeat with two more strips and then press the two strips together to make a necklace.

  8. Place a small spoonful of white candy melts on the end of the necklace. Press a hand pie to the melted candy and hold until it sticks. Let dry before serving. Keep chilled, or they will stick.

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This post is proudly a part of the Olympic Party Roundup by Miss Candiquik!

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  1. The hand pies are almost as cute as your red, white & blue nails!

  2. Dorothy ~ I award you the Olympic Medal in creative baking! These are so adorable and another great idea to do with my grands in a few weeks. I’m with you on the “eye candy” swimmers! Enjoy the games:-) XOXO

  3. How cute and creative! I didn’t even realize that they were sprayed gold until I got to the pic with some plain ones. The pie crust is so golden, you hardly notice the difference.
    Love, Mom

  4. Looks good. I have always liked watching the Olympics, especially the gymnastics. But i have never mastered the cartwheel 🙁 My six-year-old niece takes dance and can do a great cartwheel. We had a great day swimming and cooking out also.

  5. So cute! My daughters were just ogling over my shoulders! Also, love the nails!

  6. A BROWNIE hand pie?!? YUM! These are just about the cutest things ever! I really HAVE to make some!

  7. You are so creative Dorothy! What a great dessert to serve while watching the Olympics or having an Olympic-themed party! Angie xo

  8. Holy yum! I remember getting really into the ’96 games. I had the t-shirt with the gymnastics team on it. Although, The Games might be boring without the whole fight-to-the-death thing going on…(I saw that on a Pin). Personally I’m a figure skating fan, so I’m all about the winter games 🙂

  9. I feel old. I remember when the Olympics were every 4 years, and you only got to watch a few hours each day (there were only like 12 channels back then), so they would edit swimming then gymnastics then ice skating. Now it’s awesome you get to see so much of each sport. INCLUDING the trials. Now that I have my own swimming daughter we of course had to record all the trials (plus our pastor is a swimming official and was there IN MICHAEL PHELPS lane on day one officiating his turns). Very cool.
    Oh, and these hand pies are way cool and creative!

  10. What a super cute idea and they look delicious!

  11. You are so creative! These are so cute 🙂

  12. Saw this on Riverton Housewives Round Up and this is GREAT!!

    meg @ http://myborrowedheaven.blogspot.com/

  13. OMG, Dorothy, these are SO incredible! Definitely perfect for the Olympics and perfect food for rooting them on! The more crust, brownie batter and candy to eat while watching them all stress out majorly or see guys in swim suits. I think we should have our own hosting party just for that, don’t you?!

  14. So I have been off-line for almost a week now, but with a break at work I get to log on and find these (ssshh don’t tell my boss!) What a way to come back online! These look soo good, and recently I’m a little crazy over hand pies! Who would have ever thought about brownie batter hand pies?! Well, obviously someone more creative than me!! Thanks for sharing and making my day a little better!!

  15. That’s so gorgeous! Thanks for the invite, will definitely join your party next week!

  16. OMG these are freaking adorable Dorothy! And i love your nail polish! I think Hayley had her nails like that for the 4th too! 🙂

  17. Those are the cutest brownie hand pies ever!!! How cute and creative are you!!! AND I loved watching Nadia when I was younger!!! Now I can’t find that movie anywhere;-( I need to get on the ball and make sure my dvr is set to record some gymnastics fun. I would totally break something too if I tried anything, so how bout I come on over and we just watch together:-)

  18. We love watching the Olympics too! There are so many amazing human interest stories. I wathced the Gymnastics Trials last weeekend also.

    Cute recipe idea to celebrate the Olympics, Dorothy!

  19. These are adorable! I nominated you for an award, hope you will check it out! 🙂

  20. Oh my GOODNESS!!! This is FABULOUS!!!!!!! Love the idea! YUM!

    You should totally come back over at The DIY Dreamer and share this at From Dream To Reality 🙂

  21. I love new excuses to eat brownies! And I agree “The Games” has a whole new meaning

  22. I heart your patriotic nails! : )

  23. Drinks and guac – two things my 4th was missing. I should have hung out with you!!
    I LOVED watching Olympic gymnastics as a kid. I was in gymnastics myself, so it was really fun for me.
    These hand pies? They look too perfect to be real? Are you sure you actually made them? 😉
    And you know brownies are my fave so I know I’m gonna love these!

  24. Cute and so creative! I love the Olympics!

  25. Dorothy! You are sooooo creative! I love, love, LOVE the Olympics, and these gold medal hand pies are the perfect games-watching treat! You’re amazing!!

  26. This is genius, fun and wicked cute! Brownie stuffed in pie crust is just plain awesome!

  27. How cute are these! I have been having some deep meditative sessions lately about how to create gold medals in sugary goodness form. These are genius.

    We should have been friends when we were little… I used to set a huge 2×6 plank on top of two garbage cans upside down in the living room, and use it as a balance beam. In my swimsuit of course. I know not of this “Nadia” but I obviously have to search Netflix for it now!

  28. What a cool idea! I wish I was this creative.

  29. Oh my goodness! I LOVE this idea…almost as much as I LOVE watching the olympics. I am not a huge tv watcher, but come olympic time I am totally glued to the screen. I just love the stories of the athletes just as much as the actual events!

  30. Looks wonderful! I love that brownie batter stuff that the Domestic Rebel makes.

    And, Nadia? She married Bart Conner and lives down the street from me. Very nice couple.

  31. WOW, that looks super yummy! And it’s so cute too! Thanks for linking up!

  32. Those are adorable and look delicious! Megan

  33. Um, you had me at “brownie batter!” These look so dang yummy!

  34. These look absolutely wonderful! I mean seriously? Pie crust filled with brownie batter? You can’t go wrong. I’m not much of a sports person but the Olympics are pretty cool. I have a former student in the summer Olympics this year so we’ll be watching! How cool is that?!

  35. This is the first Olympic themed food I have seen. Great work.

    I found this through Thriving on Thursdays. I have linked in a corned beef hash cakes recipe using corned beef leftovers. I selected the right picture but the linky thing went crazy, so you will have to click through to see the picture. Have a great week.

  36. Cute fingernail polish 🙂
    Love the medal idea. Without TV, I have no clue about the Olympics. I”m so out of touch with reality…

  37. Love the step by step photos! You and Hayley have the same nails this week!!! You girls…Best get the big bottle a Midori before the games begin for you two. 🙂

  38. Dorothy I tell you, you are amazing at what you do, these looks so good, and a wonderful concept! Thanks so much for sharing at Heavenly Treats Sunday!

  39. Love ’em! Apparently everyone else does, too! Super cute and I’m sure they are delicious, thanks for sharing. 🙂

  40. I love this! My parents had a crazy bootleg old couch with a flat rim around the sides and back. I seriously don’t even know how else to describe it, but it was my childhood balance beam. And I was a complete disaster. I’m all about eating and watching…and those nails of yours!

  41. Dorothy,
    You are so creative! I love this recipe and can’t wait to try it. Thanks so much for linking up to Creative Thursday last week. I can’t wait to see what you link up next. Have a great week.


  42. You ARE very creative…these are just adorable!

  43. I love this idea! With a swimmer around the house, we’ll definitely be watching the Olympics around my house! This will make a fun treat! Thanks for linking up with us for Tasty Tuesday! Have a great week!

  44. Definitely a winner! Just picked my jaw up off the floor and wanted to let you know you’re being featured tonight. Pinning of course! Thanks so much for sharing at Mom On Timeout!

  45. These are so cute!! And I love that you used airheads…love them!

  46. We featured you and this wonderful idea today! Thank you so much for sharing!

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