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Looking for April Fools Food? I’ve got some fun ideas to fool your kids – make any of these recipes as an April Fool’s prank! Dinners are desserts and desserts are dinner – these are simple and easy recipes.

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collage of April fools food photos

It’s so much fun to make prank food for your kids – food they think is one thing but actually isn’t! These ideas span from dinner to dessert and everything in between.

  • Make fries with cake or cookies!
  • Make eggs and ham out of cookies and fruit leather!
  • Cupcakes that look like ice cream cones!
  • Cupcakes that are actually dinner!
  • Sushi that’s actually dessert!
  • Chips made out of pie crust!
Dr. Seuss Snacks
Make green eggs and ham out of cookies and fruit leather and make cat in the hat parfaits out of strawberries and greek yogurt – these are a fun treat for Dr. Seuss day!
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dr seuss snacks
Green Eggs {and ham} Donuts
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green eggs donuts on white plate
Banana Split Cupcakes
Fun banana cupcakes filled with strawberry filling and decorated to look like ice cream!
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banana split cupcakes in a clear ice cream tray.
Doughnut Cookies
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overhead shot of doughnut cookies
Full April fools Day Dinner
From Chicken Nuggets to mashed potatoes!
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Clams on the Half Shell
These clams are actually cupcakes!
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Sunny Side Up Eggs
…that aren’t really eggs!
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Fake Fries
Made out of pie crust!
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Fake Grilled Cheese
That’s actually pound cake!
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fake grilled cheese cake with orange frosting in middle
Hamburgers that are actually Cupcakes
with a side of cookie fries!
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Hot Chocolate
These cups of hot chocolate are actually cookies!
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Ice Cream “Cones”
that are really cupcakes with no ice cream!
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ICEE Cupcakes
ICEE Cupcakes – this easy and fun cupcake recipe has a cherry ICEE frosting! Mini cupcakes with icing and a free printable label – kids LOVE THESE!
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Up close picture of an ICEE cupcake
KFC Chicken and sides
…but that’s not chicken!
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Meatball Subs
…That’s really cake!
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PB & Nutella Sandwich Cakes
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peanut butter and nutella sandwich cakes with title
That’s a giant cookie!
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sugar cookie pizza made to look like pizza for April fool's
Fake Fries
that are really pound cake!
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Meatloaf Cupcakes
with mashed potato frosting!
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BBQ Cupcakes
that are really dessert!
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Dessert Sushi
that looks totally real!
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Sweet Guacamole Dip
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Sweet Guacamole Dip in a glass bowl with Pie Crust Tortilla Chips around it on a serving plate with recipe title on top of image
Collage of photos showing April Fool's Day recipes to fool your kids

April Fools Food to fool your kids this April 1! Learn to make dinner into dessert and dessert into dinner with this funny list of april fools food!

Last Updated on May 31, 2020

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  1. AH, HA, Ha!!! I love this post!! My kids LOVE April Fools day! They would love every one of these fun treats!!