Aug 17

Whatever Friday

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It’s the last Friday before school starts. I’m happy (more than you can imagine), but it’s bittersweet too. It’s been a fun summer. But we’re all so ready for it to be Fall!

Did you do anything fun this week? Our week was super busy.

1. Jordan got her braces. It’s kind of emotional for me, to see her with all that metal, because it’s my genes that gave her that mouth. Way back before we started the process, I thought she would get a palate expander and be done. She wasn’t so lucky. She had to have four baby teeth pulled. She got a palate expander. And we were scheduled for partial braces, just on the top.

When she came out of the exam room on Tuesday she had full braces. The doctor made the decision she needed them.  Because her mouth is that bad.

It’s so bad that, when we first saw the doctor he said “don’t worry, I’ve fixed something this severe before.”

It was either this (and she’ll have them again at 12) or surgery to fix her palate.

So yeah, I feel really guilty. And sad. And hopeful that her self-confidence can weather this metal storm.

{Cheery sidenote: when we left with her new bling she said she thought she was even prettier than before.}

2. I made you some treats this week too. What else would I do?

I freaked you all out with green dessert again.

I made my new favorite lunch.

And remade an old favorite.

3. I’m giving away a doughnut pan that makes ginormous doughnuts. Want it?

4. I haven’t done Flashback Friday in awhile…oops.

This weeks installment: last years’ teacher treat: Apple Oreos.

5. A few things I did this week:

I went rock climbing again. Jordan came too and took pictures. Oh-so-flattering!

The child is part monkey.

I took one for the team and spent a day here. More on that next week.

6. It’s the last weekend of summer vacation so we’re doing a stay-cation. I’m hoping that means I don’t have to cook.

What are you doing this weekend? Have your kids started school yet?

Have a good one, peeps. See ya’ on the flip side.