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It’s Friday! The first day of summer vaca! YIPPEE!

No more teachers, no more books, no more mean girls’ dirty looks…

{I’m dancing in the streets now. Give me two weeks before I start complaining how she’s totally bored and when is school going to start again already???}

Did you all have a good week?

I made you some good sugar this week. Let’s look back, shall we?

1. The Pie That Started It All:

To numb my brain during long softball games or exercise, I think about themed treats.

And I thanked the bestmostawesome teacher.

Now it’s summer, my daughter is home 24/7, and she’s a second grader.

Excuse me while I go cry into my pillow.

2. Jordan bridged to brownies on Monday. I made cupcakes. And she walked over an actual bridge. So the ceremony is quite literal.

3. The ICEE cupcakes were so popular, I promptly got an order for 30 of them. I now think Target has my face on a poster reading WANTED: Straw Stealer.

4. Our room moms had a really cute idea for the end-of-year teacher gift. Everyone donated what they could and they made a poster.

5. Tell me if this is creepy: a man sits at a park with a sign that says “Free Ukulele Lessons” and kids go up to him (without their parents present) and he lends them an instrument and teaches them to play. Creepy? Yes? I thought so too. Actually happened one day after school this week. I never quite know what to do in those situations. (Except watch the guy like a hawk until he leaves the park.)

6. Time for Flashback Friday! This one is seriously, hands down, one of my favorite pies ever. And it’s a WW recipe!

7. So…you may have noticed a few changes ’round these parts. I changed up my page tabs, some of my dividers and a few other things. I hope you like what I’ve done! I did them myself, with the help of PicMonkey. But I wanted to say, I could not have done any of it without the fabulous Ashton from Something Swanky and her blog design tutorials. She’s got easy, step-by-step tutorials for social media buttons, post dividers, and more! Go check them out, you’ll totally be inspired to give yourself blog a face-lift.

Have a great weekend everyone! See ya’ next week.


Last Updated on May 13, 2020

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  1. I love these links. That apple crumb pie looks amazing, and the pb pie recipe. Mmm! I’ve also been playing around with design tutorials and picmonkey recently. It’s a bit addicting.

  2. Bridging to brownies!! Oh my word, that brings back memories. Awkwardest picture of me to date. 😉 Good thing you got a cute picture of your daughter.

    I pick up at least six straws when we buy Icee’s at target because my kids keep dropping them on the floor. I’m pretty sure by now they’ve calculated all those extra missing straws into the price 😉 Totally justified.

  3. My daughter was going to bridge to brownies this year, but had to quite because of team gymnastics! This cupcakes would’ve been perfect!!! And what Target doesn’t know won’t hurt them, those ICEE cupcakes need those straws!! I can’t wait to try those out! This was a great post. Seems like a great ending to a great year!

    1. My thoughts exactly, like they are gonna miss a few straws. 🙂 Thanks so much!

  4. Yay Jordan! She is one cute second grader. I’m sure you two will have a blast this summer!
    I am loving the new look here. I noticed last week how much it has changed. Good job girl! And yay for Ashton sharing her brilliant tricksnof the trade!

  5. That pie looks perfect for a summer dessert!
    And great job to the parents on the teacher gift. I have friend who decorated a flower pot with crayons (Roseart, no less..sigh) and posted it all over Facebook that it was for her daughter’s teacher from the daughter and then bragged that she got the idea on Pinterest (I’m pretty sure Pinterest didn’t use Roseart). And I’m totally sure the 6 year old came up with it. Not.
    Target is going to come after you, for sure 🙂

  6. Thanks for the shout out– I LOVE how everything is looking 🙂

    And you’ve had a big week!! And I must say, I too, am dying to try those ICEE cupcakes! They look so, so awesome. I’m not surprised you got an order right away!

  7. First of all, I LOVE the new design! The post dividers and your cute about me on the right are totally cute! I wish I didn’t have WordPress because Ashton’s blog designs rock and I cry every time she makes a new one since my blog looks as it did one year ago 🙁
    Also, still dreaming of that apple pie. It’s perfection, I swear.
    Double also, ew, creepy men in our ‘hood? Not cool. You can always call the park district or the cops if he’s been especially creepy, but it already sounds like since he’s luring kids in an empty park with the promise of “free eukele” lessons he sounds kinda disgusting.

    And congrats Jordan! A second grader AND a brownie?! She’s growing up too fast 🙁

    1. I keep swearing I’ll figure out WP just for you! But I just haven’t gotten around to it. I’m so lazy!

    2. Thanks so much Hayley. I know, time goes too fast. And I will make you a pie sometime. 🙂