Oct 26

Whatever Friday

It’s FRIDAY. Oh my goodness…what a busy week!

1. Online BlogCon is over. Sniff. I’m so sad it’s done! It was probably one of the best things I’ve ever done. I learned SO much and made so many new friends…plus I got to be even better besties with Ashton. Win-win.

That said, I’m kind of excited to get my “life” back. I feel as though I’ve been neglecting you all, my favorite people. Oh, and my kid. She told me the other day she’s happy it’s ending so I can, and I quote, “spend time with your lovely daughter again.”

2. This is also the same kid who, when I was telling her that we needed to work on her poem recitation last weekend and asked, “You don’t want to fail your speech, do you?” answered me:

“But mom, everyone fails sometime. So it’s okay if I fail it.”

Wow. I know she came out of me, and I know the doctor used the right embryo because she’s my little twin, but man. Nothing. Like. Me. At. All.

3. Even amongst the craziness, I made you sugar. I’m crazy that way.

I made you Oreos-on-crack.

I made you your new favorite Apple Pie (Bars).

Aaaaand I made you chocolate cupcakes. Basic, but goooood.

4. My cat, Callie, helped me on Facebook the other day. You know how I know the weather has changed? She won’t leave me alone and wants to sit on me all day.

Really, she’s cuter than this. This photo…she looks…stoned? She obviously does not photograph well.

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5. This weekend I get to have lunch with Hayley, Michelle, Trish, Heather, and Melissa, Jacqueline, and maybe Ellen. I’m SO excited!

6. I promise I’m going to catch up reading blogs this weekend. I miss you all SO much!

7. Facebook chat has become a crutch for me. I’m, like, addicted. Ashton, even though this conference is over, watch out.

8. I keep getting compliments on how blonde my hair looks, and how smooth and silky it is. I guess giving it a week-long bath in olive oil does good things for hair.

9. I’m still having nightmares/itchy head fears/obsession with the reason behind the olive oil.

10. Go check out my Halloween Round-Up, where I show you some of the stuff I’ve made and a ginormous collection of other stuff too!

Less than a week to Halloween! #wheredidthetimego

Have a great weekend everyone! Thanks for sticking with me through the crazy times. I heart all of you!

xo, Dorothy