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Want to party like a Rock Star? Host a VIP Rock Star Party for your daughter (or son!) and you’ll be the most famous mom ever. Plus, a DIY birthday party at home is cheaper and way more fun to plan!

VIP Rock Star Party collage pinnable image

I was not surprised around Thanksgiving when Jordan announced she wanted a rock star birthday party (in February – we’re “future thinkers” in this house). I mean, all the girl does is listen to music, watch Hannah Montana, and dance.

A VIP rock star party was a given.

DIY at home parties are the ones I prefer. I’ve done the whole $300 + food for a party at a place – but it wasn’t personalized enough for me. I like getting nitty gritty into the details – that’s what makes it special (for me). I know these details might look like I spent a ton of time – but I didn’t. I also didn’t spend a lot of money – most of the items were printed from my own computer. This was probably the easiest and cheapest party we’ve ever put together. And, bonus, now that she’s 8, she could help too! And, because she’s older, she had more of an opinion on who she wanted at the party. The result: only 7 girls!

If you have a girl in your life who is addicted to American Idol, singing, dancing, and performing, this VIP Rock Star Party is for you. {Heck, who am I kidding? I want this party for my next birthday!}

VIP Rock Star Party invitations and party passes

The invitations were in two parts. Each guest got a lanyard (from Staples) with a VIP Party Pass. The back of the lanyard had the important party info: date, time, place. Along with the lanyard, the guests got a 5×7 invite I printed on cardstock with the actual invitation. They were instructed to “dress like a rockstar” and not to forget their VIP Pass!

I created the invitations using My Memories scrapbooking software, but you could use PicMonkey or even Word.

The digital papers were part of the DIY Rockstar Girl Birthday Party Package from Cupcake Express. I emailed her and she was able to sell me just the digital papers, because I wanted to do my own things with them and Jordan fell in love with the colors and papers.

Now onto the VIP Rock Star Party!

VIP Rock Star Party dress up area

When the girls arrived, they got glammed up. I had glow necklaces ($1 section at Target) and neon glasses and hair extensions for them to wear. Both the glasses and hair came from Oriental Trading.

VIP Rock Star Party craft area

The girls spent a lot of time designing their own guitars.

The paper guitars came from Oriental Trading and I got the ribbon at Walmart. The ribbon was already stapled onto the guitar and ready to go for the designers.

The main activity for the VIP Rock Star Party was a dance class, taught by a couple of cheer dancers from the local high school. For $50 apiece, they choreographed a dance to Jordan’s choice song (Spotlight by Hannah Montana) and spent an hour teaching the girls to dance. Best $100 I have ever spent on a party, hands down. The girls loved it.

{Sidebar: I hadn’t planned to spend $100 – I was only hiring 1 college girl for $50. When she backed out I scrambled and took two – in case someone else had to cancel. Totally worth it – and having two was actually better in the end!}

VIP Rock Star Party table decorations

For this VIP Rock Star Party think I had the most fun putting together the dinner table. Other than the tableware, this was probably the cheapest table I’ve ever done. The plates, cups, and tablecloth came from Party City. I found the feather boa deep in Jordan’s closet and just used that to wind around the flowers.

Each place setting had a place card that read “This VIP seat is reserved for:” and Jordan wrote in all the names. I also made a reserved sign for the table, like they would in a nightclub.

VIP Rock Star Party dessert table collage with cupcakes and cake pops

Before the party, Jordan dressed up in her favorite rock star outfit and we took some head shots outside. I blew one up for the centerpiece of the food table. I glued that on black foam core (from the Dollar Tree) and printed out the Happy Birthday words. The background is wrapping paper, from Party City.

I posted the Microphone Cake Pops yesterday. I haven’t posted the dairy-free funfetti cupcakes yet because they were good – but not perfect. I’m still working on those! (I went dairy-free because one of Jordan’s little friends is allergic. And you have to have a cupcake at  party!) The guitar candy molds came from Amazon.

Instead of printing labels for the water bottles, like I did last year, I used duck tape. Way easier! They have it at all the craft stores and even Walgreens and Walmart. The pink zebra pattern one is from JoAnn’s.

VIP Rock Star Party goodie bags

Playing off the head shots I took, I created a Merchandise Table for all the goody bag items. The backdrop was all the photos that I took of Jordan. She loved it was all about her. 😉

Items for goody bags:

  • Canvas Tote Bags with the VIP party logo. These were super easy to do! I used fabric transfer sheets (you can buy them almost everywhere now, near the printer paper). I used the logo I created for the invite and followed the directions that came with the transfer sheets, then simply ironed them on.
  • Pop Rocks, for the rock stars!
  • Easy Peanut Butter Cookies that I had dipped in pink chocolate melts. The cello bags are from JoAnn’s. 
  • VIP Party Mix CD. These are the cheapest favors you’ll ever give. I had Jordan pick her favorite songs from iTunes (that we already had) and burned CDs for each of the girls. The jewel cases are from Staples. I just printed a label for the front of each.

VIP Rock Star Party girl at photo booth

We also had a stage set up with a background (Party City). The girls loved posing in front of it. They also played on her stage in the garage, where they could blast music and scream and I could shut the door and ignore them. {Kidding. We didn’t shut the door.}

I think this VIP Rock Star Party was my favorite yet! What special touches do you add to your parties?

Thanks for reading!

Last Updated on May 12, 2020

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  2. Hot pink and light blue are great colors for a girls rock n roll theme…so vibrant and energetic. I really loved the floral table decorations and those awesome microphone cake pops. Truly inspired, party food that’s also a party accessory. Great job!

  3. I love the font for you used for the VIP and ROCK STAR. Can I get that font anywhere? My daughter is planning her party right now!