Softball Cookies

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{Or Baseball Cookies. If you have boys. But then you might want to leave them white. Or dye them blue. Unless your son really likes pink.}

So…remember how much I was dreading softball?

It wasn’t so bad. {Yes, I’m eating my crowe and liking it thankyouverymuch.}

One caveat thought…I think I didn’t mind it so much because half our season got rained out. If that didn’t happen? This would be a totally different post.

Jordan loves softball. She’s gotten so much better. She’s great at throwing, can hit the ball when she remembers to lift her bat up (something, btw, I am NOT ALLOWED to remind her during games under strict penalty of death by no cookies). Catching…well, she’ll get there.

She especially loves how she can sit in the dugout for half the game, and the other half she can dance hip-hop at right pitcher.

And she loves snack. Probably because of the snack bar. They have icees. And soft pretzels (which I, ahem, may have eaten one or ten times).

What I looked forward to during the season?

My snack day. (I know, that’s the day most people dread. I’m weird.)

And of course, my snack day was the same day as the teacher luncheon, volunteer tea, and a school night. So I needed something fast, easy, and feezable so I could make it ahead of time.

These are all three of those things.

Enter my Whoopie Pie Deep Dish Cookie Pan.

Seriously, this recipe is even easier than the Deep Dish Thin Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies I made. No chopping of anything. Just press the dough, add some chocolate chips, and bake.


Of course, I also made labels. Because obviously, I have “too much time on my hands” as so many other moms like to tell me.

{We won’t go into how I feel about THAT comment.}

I made my own sugar cookie dough for this, because we had a peanut allergy on our team and I was worried about processed foods. But, by all means, use a tube of cookie dough. Dye it your favorite color, and add chocolate chips.

Easiest. Recipe. Ever.


Softball Cookies

by Crazy for Crust

  • Sugar cookie dough, from your favorite recipe or a tube
  • Food Coloring, optional
  • Mini chocolate chips
  • Whoopie Pie Pan, optional
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray your whoopie pie pan with cooking spray.
  2. Color your dough with desired food color, using a mixer.
  3. Scoop dough (about two tablespoons) into each pan cavity. Press to fit. Add mini chocolate chips to for baseball stitches.
  4. Bake about 8-10 minutes, until edges begin to brown. Cool before removing from pan.
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  1. these are so fun!

  2. Love a pink softball! That might be just about the only kind of softball I’d want to lay my hands on!!!

  3. What a perfect snack for the softball team! I sure would have enjoyed these when I played, and I love that you made them pink!
    I don’t know how you get it all done, busy lady.

  4. This deep dish cookie pan idea is genius! I love these cookies! 🙂 PS: Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

  5. So cute and creative!

  6. so cute, and I hate that comment, makes my skin crawl when I hear it. Now that I don’t have as much time it hurts to not be able to make things. I would love to get this as a treat for my kid!

  7. Ahhhhh The Pink Sox Rock! What a cute little motto 🙂 way to go Jordan; she’ll be a softball/hip-hop dancing/Disney channel star before we know it. Dude, don’t tell me you haven’t imagined her with her own Disney channel show. It’s inevitable. INEVITABLE!!!
    Also, I desperately NEED a whoopie pie pan. Been looking forevaahhh and can’t find ’em anywhere! Want!

  8. What a super fun snack for the team!!! And I LOVE that they are pink!!! I know what you mean about not being able to yell and remind the kids to hold the bat right. I get the evil eye from my son for doing that…or for forgetting and using his pet nicknames that I have for him. If looks could kill, I wouldn’t be here now;-) Too much time on your hands? Whatever…you are crazy busy! They are just jealous of how awesome you are!!! We have snacks next week, so I better start thinking!!!

  9. Hi Dorothy! I adore softball, loved playing it and was a little disappointed when my daughter decided she hated it. Your cookies are fabulous! I also love that you taught me a new way to use my whoopie pie pan. I don’t make whoopies THAT often but a deep dish cookie, that I could really get into. Also, I wrote a whole post on the “i must have too much time on my hands” comments. Those DRIVE ME NUTS like nobody’s business. Seriously. Maybe I just watch less TV, or don’t go get my nails done…ever…or whatever. We all have different hobbies and places we like to spend our time and money and it’s all just about personal choice, not being a princess who seems to have oodles of time on our hands. There, rant complete. Feel better. Take care!

  10. If my mom had make me pink softball cookies I probably would have liked softball a whole lot more!! Snack bar was totally my favorite part. I think your daughter’s got the right idea. 😉

    PROPS to you for doing this, the teacher luncheon, the tea… schools need more moms like you!!

  11. PS- I told hubby about your amazing chocolate reese’s donuts. He just stared at me like ‘Ummmm… and you have not made them yet… becaaaaause??”

    LOL. I’m gonna take that as permission to buy a donut pan 😉

  12. We are not softball fans but I still think your cookies are very very cute!

  13. Super cute and super girlie!

  14. Those cookies are perfect … easy, yummy and pink … what else could you ask for? I have 3 (old) boys … we had many happy years at the Little League field … I think that I lived in the snack bar!

  15. These are adorable…what little boy wouldn’t love them! Thanks so much for sharing at Mix it up Monday 🙂

  16. People always ask me when I find “the time” to bake. Um, we all have our priorities! I start to get the shakes if I don’t create something sweet every other day or so 🙂
    This is such an adorable idea :0)

  17. Cute! Cute! Love your creations! I’m having a giveaway and would love for you to pop over and enter.

  18. My softball player would love these, she would probably do the baking too. Please share them on my foodie friday party today.

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