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My new favorite Muddy Buddies flavor: Cinnamon Roll Muddy Buddies! Made with Vanilla Chex and Cinnamon Roll Frosting Creations, these are a sweet and cinnamon filled treat!

cinnamon roll muddy buddies coated in powdered sugar in two bowls on brown table

You know your child watches too much TV when…

They sing the Sleep Train song every time you drive by the store.

They name their barbie dolls after actors from Full House. Not the characters: the actual actors themselves.

They know which season of Full House they are watching because of the images in the opening credits.

When their ear is itchy, they poke at it with their fingers while telling you that we need the WaxVac ear cleaner because “you shouldn’t use cotton swabs and all you need to do is put the vacuum in your ear, suck out the goop, rinse it out, and boom! Your ear is clean! All for only $13.99!”

You know you’re a work at home mom when…

Your kid watches way too much TV.

cinnamon roll muddy buddies coated in powdered sugar in two bowls on brown table

Despite the heat of the Sacramento summer, I’ve been dying for Fall. Maybe it’s so Jordan will go back to school and I can feel less guilty about getting all my work done.

Maybe it’s because I want to bake again, and post pumpkin and apple and Fall flavors. If we’re being honest, get ready. I’m not waiting until Fall to start!

In the meantime, I’ll eek my toe in with cinnamon roll flavors. And Jordan needs something to munch on in front of all that TV…so muddy buddies were in order.

cinnamon roll muddy buddies coated in powdered sugar in two bowls on brown table

I have been totally craving muddy buddies recently. I just couldn’t decide what flavor to make. Then I found a box of Vanilla Chex at the store and became addicted to eating bowlfuls of it dry, for dessert. I knew I had to get it rid of the box, or I’d eat it all so I did what every good food blogger does: I added white chocolate, powdered sugar, and flavorings to it. You know, to triple the calories.

These muddy buddies (also known as puppy chow, depending on where you live, I think) are made with the Vanilla Chex Cereal and coated in a mixture of white chocolate and a Cinnamon Roll Frosting Creation packet, from Duncan Hines.

{I swear, I’m in love with those packets. I pick up two or three every time I shop. It’s like I’m hoarding them or something.}

These muddy buddies are my favorite flavor yet. I love the very vanilla flavor from the Chex and white chocolate, with the hint of cinnamon from the Frosting Creations packet. I also added some pecans, and wow. Muddy buddied pecans are amazing. I think I need to make a whole batch of just muddy buddy nuts.

Hmmmm….that gives me some more ideas! #lifeofafoodblogger

These are simple to make, no bake for hot days, and are seriously addicting. I got rid of the cereal…by managing to polish off a bag of muddy buddies.

Story of my life!

Overhead shot of cinnamon roll muddy buddies coated in powdered sugar in two bowls on brown table

Maybe I need to get that Ab Rocket thing Jordan was telling me about…? 😉

cinnamon roll muddy buddies coated in powdered sugar in two bowls on brown table

Cinnamon Roll Muddy Buddies

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A sweetly cinnamon muddy buddy (aka puppy chow)! Vanilla Chex are coated with Cinnamon Roll flavoring and white chocolate for a new variation on a favorite snack.


  • 7 cups Vanilla Chex Mix or Cinnamon Chex
  • 1 cup chopped pecans
  • 1/2 cup canned vanilla frosting
  • 1 packet Duncan Hines Cinnamon Roll Frosting Creations
  • 1 cup white chocolate chips or white candy melts
  • 1-2 cups powdered sugar


  • Place Chex and pecans in a large bowl. Place 1 cup powdered sugar in a large resealable plastic bag.
  • Place frosting in a medium bowl and stir in Frosting Creations packet. Add white chocolate chips or melts and microwave in 20 second increments, stirring int between, until melted and smooth. Pour over Chex/Pecans and use two spoons or your hands to stir.
  • Pour coated cereal into the plastic bag with powdered sugar and seal. Shake to coat. Break up large frosting chunks, reseal bag, and shake again.
  • If you are serving the Muddy Buddies immediately, one turn in the powdered sugar is fine. If you will be letting it sit, the first coat of powdered sugar might start to dissolve, so coat again as in step 3 with the second cup of powdered sugar.
Nutritional information not guaranteed to be accurate

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Last Updated on May 30, 2020

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  1. I am in love with these already and have not even made them. And I am also I full time work at home mama with a kid who can recite all TV shows and commercials. He gave me a 20 minute break down of why the Shark was the best vacuum based on an infomercial he watched……..he is only 7! Glad to know someone else has to babysit with the TV at times!

  2. I have made something like this but instead of a zip lock bag I have a large tupperware bowl with a lid that seals & I put it all in there & then between my 2 kids & I we shake it till it’s all coated.

  3. These sound so crazy delicious! I didn’t watch tons of TV as a kid, but my mom has told me that I would ignore the TV when a show was on, but I would plop right down in front of it for a commercial! I was a jingle reciting fool 🙂 I still kind of am, I guess!

    1. LOL, sounds like Jordan. She colors, talks, and everything during shows. I haven’t watched a full one in years. 😉

  4. Oh, yum! I love anything cinnamon ! Muddy Buddies are such an addicting snack. 🙂 The Frosting Creations are fun to play with. I have been experimenting with them in cookies but never thought of muddy buddies! Thanks, Dorothy.:)

    1. Thanks Wendy! I am so addicted to muddy buddies (and frosting creations!) that I’m in need of an intervention!

  5. Such a great idea Dorothy! I’ve been seeing those frosting creations packages and thinking they’d be perfect for muddy buddies! LOVE the cinnamon flavor!!

  6. We never had muddy buddies in our house growing up, but one of the moms in our carpool made them all the time and snuck us little bags when our mom wasn’t looking! I had actually been tempted to try the Vanilla Chex after Safeway had a coupon for them, but now I’m rethinking that… If you’re addicted to them, I’ll be even worse!