Whatever Friday

Happy Friday!

Another week bites the dust. What are you all doing this weekend?

A lot happened this week.

1. I purchased my hosting through BlueHost. *Gulp*

Side note: if you follow via GFC (Google Friend Connect, that little widget down on the sidebar) you may want to follow via RSS instead. RSS feeds go through a reader (like Google Reader). Even if you follow blogs in your Blogger dashboard, all those blogs you follow are also in Google Reader. (Does that sentence even make sense to non-bloggers? Lol.)

2. I took Jordan to get her ears pierced. This has been a tricky subject around my house for awhile. Mel was totally against it (he thinks she’s too young). She’s wanted it forever and my only issue was making sure she was responsible enough. When we learned she would need four teeth pulled as well as partial braces and a palate expander this summer, I figured earrings were a good consolation prize.

Now she’s a big girl. *Sniff*

3. I invented a new Olympic sport.

I packed for the grocery store.

And I waxed poetic about second grade.

4. I also hosted a giveaway for a Roul’Pat…it’s still going on. Have you entered yet?

5. A few other fun photos from our week…

We went to Donner Lake. Every time we go we brainstorm how we can vacation there. West End Beach, people. If you’re in the area, go there!

We had sno-cones. I got root beer float. Thank you Hayley for introducing me to my new favorite place.

Jordan climbed the rock wall at the gym and made it to the top three times (she’s never been able to do it before).

Jordan has a certain…style. I hope that second grade mean girls don’t beat it out of her. (Notice the glove. On one hand. With the thumb cut out.)

I set up a prop shelf. Because it was getting out of control. Anyone else have this problem?

6. I was all excited for my Saturday-free Fall, since Jordan opted out of soccer. We could travel! Do whatever! Then she requested I sign her up for cheer. (Not CHEER, cheer. For flag football. Way less risky. And cheaper.) She’s doing dance and cheer. And she wants to take acting class. I think I’ve finally found what she likes. Only took me seven years.

7. I’ll leave you with a laugh.

And…that’s it folks. What are you doing this weekend? Be safe and happy and I’ll see you soon!


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  1. I love the confidence that young kids have! They love themselves and the choices they make! I remember my daughter looking at herself in the mirror and saying “I look CUTE!” But too soon that confidence and carefree attitude leave and it is really too bad! She is adorable and I hope that 2nd grade is a fantastic year for her!

  2. I always look forward to your “whatever Fridays”. You have inspired me to visit Donner Lake. I will have to put it on our summer bucket list for 2013! Oh and where did you find the sno-cones? YUM!