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Whatever Friday…it’s finally Friday. Why is it that short weeks often feel so looooong?

Did y’all have a fun week? Eat fun foods? Watch good TV?

For Whatever Friday – Here’s what I did this week:

1. Speaking of good TV…I started running again by watching Glee. We just signed up for Netfix instant and I think it is going to revolutionize my workouts. (And now I can kick myself for not watching that show before now.)

2. I showed you an embarrassing picture of me.

3. I got all high-and-mighty about a closet.

4. And I pretended to be a good mom by letting my daughter make a pie and then using it for self-gain by posting about it:

5. Yesterday I accompanied my daughter’s first grade class to the Zoo. In the rain. And no, not just some rain. RAIN.

This was the weather map when we arrived at the zoo:

Luckily, by the time the (indoor) animal show was over, the rain stopped. It was cold and muddy, but dry. Whew.

And, I didn’t call them all a bunch of little a******s like my mom did when I was Jordan’s age. I survived the bus ride with Dramamine and the field trip with vodka in a water bottle.

{Just kidding, of course. Dramamine makes me sleepy.}

6. The hives are back, intermittently. So intermittent, in fact, that the doctor wants to see them…but they are never there long enough. Sigh. Hopefully today after school they will either be there, or be gone.

7.  Tonight I get to have dinner with Ellen and Jacqueline and Hayley! I am so super excited. There’s gonna be fun food, friends, and of course, since it’s at Ellen’s house, there will be booze.

Are you doing anything fun this weekend? Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do…like karaoke.


Last Updated on August 18, 2022

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  1. I was so ready for this weekend…and I wasn’t at a zoo in the rain, in charge of children. You win the extra glass of wine award for the weekend. It’s totally a thing 🙂