Jul 13

Whatever Friday

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TGIF people! I must say, for me it truly is TGIF. Because this weekend my wonderful husband is taking Jordan to visit his mom.

So I will be alone.

For two nights.

I think I hear angels singing. Maybe it’s just me?

1. This week I…

Discovered my love of milkshakes. {And re-affirmed my love of Joy the Baker.}

Re-inforced that I never want to be on TV. Instead, I’ll laze around on my couch and eat these.

And I made myself a snack so that I could ignore all the mess.

2. I’m so stoked for Saturday night. The RHOC Reunion Part 1 was on last Tuesday. I DVR’d it and Hayley is coming over to watch with me. We’re gonna drink midori lemonades and pause in between fights to make fun of Tamra’s hair and Alexis’…well, just Alexis.

3. We went to the Bay Area to visit my parents this week.

The “sisters” got along in the car.

I love this view. It’s the entrance to the downtown that leads to my parents’ house. I spend countless hours walking up and down this street, shopping, eating, and just…being.

Mel and I *gasp* got to have date night. I wore my new maxi dress. Gotta love Ross; I spent $10 for something that costs at least twice that anywhere else.

What fun things did you do this week?

4. For Flashback Friday this week, I’m bringing you a savory recipe. I know, yes, it’s dinner. I posted a handful of them back in the day. {Please. Don’t go searching. The photos are horrendous.}

Knoepfle. These are a Swiss/German noodle my dad makes. I guess it’s a tradition now that we have “Thanksgiving in July” with my parents (two years in a row makes tradition, right?) This noodle has been served at every special occasion meal as long as I can remember. We had them again this week, and I got to come home with two Cool Whip containers full. Yay me!

5. Don’t forget! You can still enter my giveaway for the fabulous dessert jewelry, sponsored by Fakery Bakery 2. You don’t want to miss out! I think I want every single piece of jewelry in that store!

6. Don’t forget – you can find me on BlogFrog! Join my community and figure out a new form of social media with me.

7. Finally, after months of using not-so-nice language when dealing with my old PC, we went and got me a new computer – a Mac. Please. If you use a Mac, tell me what to do. Have any tips or tricks? Let me know.

8.  I am very bummed that Foodbuzz scheduled their conference in San Francisco the same weekend as the Nike Women’s Marathon. Um, whatcha thinkin’ Foodbuzz? Maybe that hotel prices will skyrocket and for those of us that have to use reward points, there will be none available? I looked forward to that conference since the day the last one ended. 🙁 Now we REALLY need to schedule a blogger thing sometime next year. Let’s start planning!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone! Thanks for visiting this week. Y’all rock.

Dorothy 🙂

26 comments on “Whatever Friday”

  1. cute dress! and San Fran will be exorbitant that weekend…whoa. Even more so than usual!

  2. I agree about a blogger meet up next year! I can’t go to Foodbuzz either, my daughter has her swimming regionals that weekend!

    But we definitely need to plan something! Say hi to Hayley, have fun you crazy girls!

  3. Dorothy
    Whatever Friday is so fun, it makes my day!
    I am making Monster Magic bars this weekend!
    You look amazing in that dress and enjoy your quiet weekend at home.

  4. That definitely seals the deal that I’m not headed to Foodbuzz:-) Crazy expensive is what that will be. Let’s all look into one next year that works for all of us. I would love to do Blissdom maybe? Two nights alone? I am super duper jealous:-) Have fun with Hayley…sounds like a fun night!!!

  5. You’ve had a fun week and it sounds like the weekend is going to be the best reward! Ihave to ask…what is RHOC?? Am I showing my age:-D XOXO

  6. You have reminded me, yet again, that I have no cookies in the freezer. Gotta do something about that!

    And, what about Barting in to SF via Berkeley?

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I cannot WAIT for tomorrow night!! Tamra, Tamra. Your hair consistently defies age, gravity and eras (someone in the 80s wants it back and your tracks look more obvious than Alexis’ nose job). Yay! Also, you look super duper cute in your new maxi dress! Ross rocks. Let’s do a Ross/HG/HL haul and go psycho-crazy there 🙂 And can we PLEASE plan a huge blogger meet-up sometime soon!?

  8. Wow, enjoy your alone time! I am so jealous of the RH party you and Hayley are having! Skype me in?? Haha
    I am so in for a blogger meet up!

  9. Missed those 7 layer bars. They look fantastic! Enjoy your weekend alone 🙂 Sometimes those are my favorites.

  10. LUCKY! I’d kill for a weekend alone:) Have fun

  11. I am more than THRILLED it’s Friday!! Holla! And I am super jealous of you having two nights alone.. 🙁 I could only wish! ha Have a great weekend, girl!

  12. Love me some Ross & RHOC! TGIF- Enjoy your weekend!

  13. Ooo, so many goodies, I’m drooling. That dress looks fabulous on you and for $10? I’m definitely living in the wrong country! Yay for date night too. We’ve not had a date night for…. actually, I can’t remember.

    Sweet 2 Eat Baking

  14. Those cookies look amazing. Yum! 🙂

  15. Congrats on your new Mac! I have no tricks, as I haven’t really used one since college, but I’m adjusting well. I’m just enjoying having a new, clean computer (no crumbs under these keys!) where I can begin to organize my files and photos in the way an adult should.
    Enjoy your quiet weekend!

  16. Ross is the bomb. TJ Maxx and Marshall’s too 🙂 And 2 nights ALONE?! I am crazy jealous.

  17. Oh, boy, you’ve had a delicious week! And alone time is what I treasure the most!!! Hope you had some good “me” time 🙂

  18. Hey Dorothy! Hope you had a fantastic weekend! Between you and Averie Cooks…. both posting cake batter milkshake recipes this week.. I MUST jump on board. Hope you had a great date night! LOVE that maxi dress my dear!

  19. Jordan is as adorable as her Mom! I love Ross, too! I wore a dress over the weekend from there. I get the best deals for sooo little. What fun to visit you parents and spend time with them.

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Apr 13

Whatever Friday

Friday…it’s finally Friday. Why is it that short weeks often feel so looooong?

Did y’all have a fun week? Eat fun foods? Watch good TV?

Here’s what I did this week:

1. Speaking of good TV…I started running again by watching Glee. We just signed up for Netfix instant and I think it is going to revolutionize my workouts. (And now I can kick myself for not watching that show before now.)

2. I showed you an embarrassing picture of me.

3. I got all high-and-mighty about a closet.

4. And I pretended to be a good mom by letting my daughter make a pie and then using it for self-gain by posting about it:

5. Yesterday I accompanied my daughter’s first grade class to the Zoo. In the rain. And no, not just some rain. RAIN.

This was the weather map when we arrived at the zoo:

Luckily, by the time the (indoor) animal show was over, the rain stopped. It was cold and muddy, but dry. Whew.

And, I didn’t call them all a bunch of little a******s like my mom did when I was Jordan’s age. I survived the bus ride with Dramamine and the field trip with vodka in a water bottle.

{Just kidding, of course. Dramamine makes me sleepy.}

6. The hives are back, intermittently. So intermittent, in fact, that the doctor wants to see them…but they are never there long enough. Sigh. Hopefully today after school they will either be there, or be gone.

7.  Tonight I get to have dinner with Ellen and Jacqueline and Hayley! I am so super excited. There’s gonna be fun food, friends, and of course, since it’s at Ellen’s house, there will be booze.

Are you doing anything fun this weekend? Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do…like karaoke.


17 comments on “Whatever Friday”

  1. LOL I can so see myself calling the kids “a$#%^$%^s” on a school trip, as it is it takes everything in me not to grab and push the kids that don’t listen. I am so not meant to look after other peoples kids. And those leg warmers are hot, I must have missed that pic. How cool would it have been to wear those on the trip and then call the kids names? Memories for your kids blog I tell ya!

  2. I’m having my first Sweet Saturday link party tomorrow! I’d {{{LOVE}}} if you stopped by!

  3. You just make me laugh. I’m so glad that we’ve become blogging buddies. Just wish we lived closer, I could see us totally karokeing together :o)

  4. Wow those look delicious!

  5. You went to the zoo yesterday?! Holy cow, how did you survive?! It was INSANE out. I literally thought our houses were going to rip out of the ground and spin around like in The Wizard of Oz. Or a giant tsunami would hit us like in The Day After Tomorrow. You know, realistic stuff.
    Some things: A) I love the alligator pie and think it’s SO CUTE; and B) I can’t wait for tonight! I hope there is no karaoke because I don’t think I can handle it.

    • I couldn’t believe it Hayley, on the way there in the bus it was raining buckets. But by the time we finished our animal show (indoors) the rain stopped! SO thankful ’cause I would’ve been a total b**** otherwise. 🙂

  6. So, I don’t know the back story on your hives, BUT, as the allergy QUEEN, I suggest taking pictures of them. I know that sounds weird. But hives are never there when the doctor is, so pictures are second best. It took AGES for me to get a good diagnosis on mine, and the pictures are finally what helped. (end unsolicited advice). 🙂

  7. Yay! Can’t wait for you to come for cocktails, dinner and dessert tonight!! And, you’ll be glad there is vodka in the cupcakes, too. 🙂

  8. Ugh, sorry about your hives. Hope you manage to get them seen by the doc and get a correct diagnosis or take a photo if they’re not there long enough. Looks like you’ve had a great week baking wise and that photo so isn’t embarassing, lol. Have a fun weekend!

    Sweet 2 Eat Baking

  9. You can chaperone my field trip this week (the Alaska History Museum…oooooo, ahhhh…) as long as you bring that water bottle.
    Are you sure they’re hives? I had an odd rash once (and only once) for about a month and it was diagnosed as stress+a cold virus.
    Have a great weekend and I hope your weather improves!

  10. I just adore reading your blog! I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award that had been so graciously passed on to me. Love your summary of the week!

  11. awww that alligator pie is extremely cute! what a lovely idea for kids and a perfect way to have fun

  12. I was so ready for this weekend…and I wasn’t at a zoo in the rain, in charge of children. You win the extra glass of wine award for the weekend. It’s totally a thing 🙂

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