Whatever Friday


Yes, I know it’s only Thursday. And this post is called Whatever Friday. But I have a reason for posting it today. I promise it’s a good one. Read on, then come back tomorrow for an awesome recipe, mmkay?

1. My husband doesn’t like Biscoff spread. How do we go on from here?

2. My daughter went to a Father/Daughter Dance. I cried a little, then ate to drown my sorrows.

3. I got a nasty comment last week, on my Peanut Butter Football post. I’m guessing it was from a Giant’s lover? I wasn’t upset; on the contrary, I find it funny. It’s like I’ve arrived or something. I have a “hater.”

4. February is birthday month. First up, my MIL. I made her this little, fat-free cake.

Just kidding. It’s not little.

5. Tomorrow kicks off my daughter’s birthday extravaganza. Her actual birthday isn’t until the 19th, which will be celebrated in a three-part family celebration: with his family, with just the three of us, and a third with my parents (all with cake, I presume). But tomorrow I have to bring a treat to her class to celebrate her Star Week/Birthday. And then her friend party is Saturday. Oh, and next week is Valentine’s Day and my mom’s birthday. God help my thighs.

6. The M&M commercial during the Superbowl? The one with the I’m Sexy… song? Best. Commercial. Ever.

7. On that note, for those of you who know my husband and know what his hair looked like in the 70s, can you please please please convince him to be LMFAO for Halloween next year? I wanted to do a side-by-side comparison here, but thought better of it because I enjoy being married.

8. Hey! I’m finally on Instagram. Are you? Come follow me (crazyforcrust). I’ll follow back! It’s my favorite new time-suck.

9. Come back tomorrow for a yummy recipe. It involves chocolate. And a candy bar. And my witty commentary.

Happy Thursday!

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