Sep 07

Whatever Friday

Hey there party people! It’s Friday! Did you have a good week? I hope it was fabulous!

This week I…

{Hey, if anyone can tell me why my … are doing that weird thing, I’ll make you a pie.}

1. Tried on my #rfr5k socks. As soon as I decided to tag-along with the group, I knew I needed their signature socks.

Because, back in the day, I was Wonder Woman. And, darn it, it’s time I started feeling that way again. Plus, they’re cute.

{And, OMG how much does Jordan look like me??}

My race is on Sunday, the 9/11 Run to Remember in Sacramento. Are you racing this weekend?

2. Football started on Wednesday night. YAY! <Insert snarky face here.>

I made *special* Pumpkin Muffins.

And I gave you part 1 of the anatomy of my switch to WordPress.

3. We’re ramping up the school year: homework, activities, whining. Jordan’s teacher gave her a tip for adding and subtracting that finally seemed to hit home and she actually wanted to do her math yesterday, hallelujah. (Example: when doing 7 + 5, draw 5 dots on the 5 and count up from 7. Which is pretty much the same thing I’ve been telling her to do with her fingers or by drawing a picture. But I’m easier to argue with.)

4. I love this picture.

5. Okay, this is totally random. I miss milk cartons. Everything is in a plastic jug nowadays. I happened to buy a carton the other day and while I was pouring it on my cereal I realized I missed holding cartons.

Like I said. Random.

6. Last Fall, Mel had to go to Toronto for work. He brought me back a little glass jar of authentic maple syrup, which I proceeded to drop on the floor and shatter before even getting to use. Karen remembered this and look at what she sent me:

And it’s in a tin. That can’t break! Thanks Karen!

7. Hello lady? A the gym? Who put her mat 1mm from mine in a totally empty workout classroom (no joke, we were the first two there)? And then gave me the evil eye because she didn’t have enough room to plank? Um, I’m not moving. #Iwastherefirst #moveyourownself

8. I can’t decide what birthday cake to make myself. What’s your favorite?

{Side note, you know you’re a food blogger when you make your own birthday cake and it’s totally normal and not weird. In fact, let’s make that blogger rule #5.}

9. I was able to find both Candy Corn M&Ms and Candy Corn Oreos at Target this week. That makes me feel: 1. a little anxious because ohmygodIdon’thavehalloweenalldoneyet and 2. Happy. And I don’t even like candy corn. *shock* *gasp*

10. Have a great weekend everyone! Do something fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

See you soon!

xo, Dorothy