Mar 29

Bunny Pies {Crust and Crumbs}

Happy Weekend everyone!

Crust & Crumbs


It’s time for Crust and Crumbs: your weekly slice of (my) life. A post of random…and sugar.

pie bunnies 2

1. This week I posted these Bunny Pies over at Marie Callender’s. They are super easy to make, and your kids will LOVE them if you need a last minute Easter treat! Go check them out!

2. Spring Break is kicking my bottom! I swear I still have 1,345,097 things on my to-do list.

3. OMG this Skinny Reese’s Milkshake is all I can think about. And the variations are endless. Also, on the totally opposite end of the spectrum, I need this Reese’s Potato Chip Bark. I’ve got Reese’s on the brain, methinks…

4. I made you more lemon treats this week.

lemon coconut blondies05-1words


Lemon Coconut Blondies

5. Bloggers, I have a FB tip for you. When you share a photo and a link, share the photo with your comment, and press enter with NO link. Immediately click the photo, and click “edit” when the pop-up shows. Add the link in your description then. Facebook treats this as just a photo, not a link and you (typically) get more shares. I haven’t figured out the magical sharing time on FB yet, but if I do this and hit it right I get tons of shares.

What’s your best time for sharing on FB?

6. We are visiting Mel’s family right now, and Jordan is playing with her almost 3-year-old cousin constantly. People: he tired her out. Which I thought was the most hilarious thing ever!

7. I made you breakfast this week. Interested? You should be. The syrup is DA BOMB.


Overnight Banana Stuffed French Toast with Banana Syrup

8. I ran on Wednesday. Then I did 70 squats and planked. I think I deserve a medal. Or, 2,345 Mini Cadbury Eggs.

9. April Fool’s! I made you savory this week.


Homemade Pork Buns {made with turkey}

10. I love San Diego. A lot.

Have a great weekend everyone! If you celebrate Easter, I hope it’s amazing and the Easter Bunny brings you lots of Cadbury Mini Eggs. ๐Ÿ™‚