Almond Chocolate Cherry Pie Bars

Almond Chocolate Cherry Pie Bars (2 of 4)w

I love making pie, but I hate cutting and serving it. Is it going to gel properly? Is it going to slice up nice and pretty? For this reason, I love making pie bars. They’re easier to make and much, much easier to serve. Take cherry pie, for example. It’s one of the messiest, gooiest, […]

Almond Sweet Rolls

Almond Sweet Rolls (6 of 10)w

I love almond. Almond croissants, almond scones, almond frosting, almond extract. I can never get enough. These Almond Sweet Rolls take my addiction to a new level. There like eating an almond croissant…in sweet roll dough! We live almost exactly 2 hours from my parents and we drive down often to visit. Exactly halfway into […]

Almond Cupcakes with Caramel Frosting

almond-cupcakes-caramel-frosting (2 of 4)w

If you love almond, these Almond Cupcakes are for you! Filled with almonds, the cupcakes are topped with a caramel frosting that tastes like fudge! I just did something I never thought I’d do: I called the American Girl Store in LA and asked if I could schedule an appointment for a doll to get […]

Amaretto Coffee Creamer No Bake Cookies #whatsyourid

amaretoo-no-bake-cookies (1 of 6)

{This post is sponsored by International Delight.} Amaretto Coffee Creamer No Bake Cookies are perfect when you’re craving cookies on a hot day. These No Bake Cookies are filled with almond flavor and Amaretto Coffee Creamer! If you could only choose one flavor to put in your cookies and sweets for the rest of your life, what would it […]

Almond White Chocolate Magic Bars

Almond White Chocolate Magic Bars by | And almond paste infused crust and topping with a white chocolate center!

Oh hey! How ya’ doing? It’s me again! I know, another post. On a Monday morning! I’m just here to give you hunger pains with your coffee. This is a realllllllly important post. It’s a contest! And, because you love me…and if you want…I’d love for you to vote for me! I was asked by […]

Almond Pudding Cookies with Brown Sugar Frosting

Almond Pudding Cookies

Have you seen Million Dollar Rooms on HGTV? It’s a show where they showcase (you guessed it) rooms that cost a cool mil to build. Because, you know, spending a million dollars on a room is totally reasonable. Now, I can kinda understand spending that much on, say, a pool area. Maybe a garage or […]

Almond Toffee Bars

As a food blogger I rarely make the same thing more than once. Am I alone in this? I can’t post chocolate chip cookies over and over, can I? Unless it’s a new version of a chocolate chip cookie…but then that wouldn’t be making the same thing, would it? It would be like breaking some […]

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