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Aug 13

Famous Amos Copycat Chocolate Chip Cookie

Need a fun lunchbox cookie? These Famous Amos Copycat Chocolate Chip Cookies are perfect for after lunch, or anytime!

Famous Amos Copycat Chocolate Chip Cookies | | #cookie #chocolate #copycat

In college, I took night classes. For some reason computer science classes were required for a math major (um, I hate computers, thankyouverymuch) and most of the computer science classes were at night. So, I’d go to school in the morning, go to work, then come back to school at 6:00 for three fun hours of methods, CSS, and other things I’ll never remember.

Man, I should have paid more attention. Hindsight…

Since I was rushing from work, I never really had time for dinner. My dinner came out of a vending machine near the student lounge, and usually consisted of a Coke and a bag of Famous Amos Cookies.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved those cookies. Even in high school, whenever I brought money for lunch, I’d buy a bag of them. Or two, because there were only 5 cookies in a vending machine bag and 5 mini cookies is not a serving. 10 or 20 is a serving.

I still love those cookies. I don’t buy them anymore (you can only find large bags at the grocery store, and if I buy a large bag, I’ll eat it all in one sitting) and just mentioning the name makes my taste reflexes remember the flavor.

So, in honor of back to school week, I thought I’d make my own. A Famous Amos Copycat!

Famous Amos Copycat Chocolate Chip Cookies | | #cookie #chocolate #copycat

Now, normally I love big, gooey, soft chocolate chip cookies. As a general rule, I want my cookies almost raw in the middle. BUT…these cookies aren’t that.They’re small and crunchy.

But they’re supposed to be! It’s what makes them amazing.

Another note about this recipe, and someone I know will get a huge smile of satisfaction on her face for this next sentence (ahem):

They contain Crisco.

Normally I don’t use Crisco. I use butter, because butter is better. I like the flavor of butter, and even though I’ve always said there is nothing wrong with Crisco…it scares me a little. Like…what is it?

Anyway, the recipe I adapted these from used Crisco, and all the other recipes I researched used it too. So I bought a can. I’m sure you can sub butter for all the shortening in this recipe, if you prefer, but you’ll have to chill your dough. That’s one thing I now LOVE about shortening:

You don’t have to chill it!

You can whip up this dough and bake it right away. So if you want cookies NOW, not tomorrow, make this recipe.

Famous Amos Copycat Chocolate Chip Cookies | | #cookie #chocolate #copycat

These cookies are perfect for a lunchbox treat. I am a firm believer in a sweet treat after lunch, but it needs to be small. One Kiss or a couple M&Ms…or one little Famous Amos Copycat cookie!

Or, you know. You could eat these after lunch when you work from home. Not that I’d know about that.

These also taste sort of like those other mini chocolate chip cookies, the ones that come in the bag in the cookie aisle. Having just had those this past weekend, however, I can say that these are 100% better.

So, if you’re in the mood for a small, crunchy cookie, make these. And remember all those vending machine days!

Famous Amos Copycat Chocolate Chip Cookies | | #cookie #chocolate #copycat

I certainly did! Plus, this recipe makes a ton. Freeze them for all month!

Famous Amos Cookie Copycat

Yield: About 50 cookies


  • 1/4 cup shortening
  • 1/4 cup butter, softened (half a stick)
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 tablespoons milk
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 3/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup mini semisweet chocolate chips


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Line cookie sheets with parchment paper or silpat baking mats.
  2. Cream butter, shortening, and sugars together in an electric mixer fitted with a paddle attachment. Beat in egg, vanilla, and milk. Beat in salt and baking soda. Stir in flour and mix until combined. Stir in chocolate chips.
  3. Scoop 1 tablespoon balls of dough (I use a small cookie scoop for this) and place onto cookie sheets. Press the dough lightly with the palm of your hand to flatten just a bit (about half the thickness of the ball). Bake for about 13 minutes, until the cookies are slightly browned. Remove from oven. Cool 5 minutes on cookie sheet before removing to rack to cool completely. They will get crunchier as they cool.

Adapted from Group Recipes.

Famous Amos Copycat Chocolate Chip Cookies - these EASY cookies taste better than the original recipe!

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Thanks for reading!

71 comments on “Famous Amos Copycat Chocolate Chip Cookie

  1. Ohmygosh…it’s been awhile, but I remember Famous Amos cookies as being absolutely addicting!! Love this recipe for making my own :)

  2. I loved Famous Amos….. these cookies look amazing!

  3. Crisco gives cookies that ‘storebought’ taste. And I don’t mean it in a bad way. Once you use it, you will realize that hmmm, okay, now I know why certain cookies have a certain taste. I’m convinced it’s in part, due to shortening. I am like you, normally I love my gooey cookies. But have sentimental memories of Famous Amos growing up :)

  4. Don’t fear Crisco. I use half Crisco and half butter all the time in my chocolate chips. Try using the Crisco sticks. It’s much easier measuring than from the can. Putting your Famous Amos chocolate chip recipe on my list of recipes to try.

  5. My parents used to always keep famous amos cookies in the cabinets when i was a kind. Man i haven’t had one in years! Need to make these!

  6. *Stands up to confess I find them absolutely irresistible as well.*

    I really like the ones with pecans and a touch of coconut the best. The originals were made with margarine, if memory serves.

    I recall my stepmother buying the real Famous Amos in tins when it was still a small company long before the current Kellogg’s product. I opened that tin in wonder of why anyone would want one of those hard nuggets of cookies. Hmm, hey, wait, these are pretty good. She won’t notice if I eat just one, or maybe ten.

  7. I love copycat treats! These are so fun, Dorothy!

  8. OMG! I love famous amos cookies! It’s like they call to you from the vending machines. Now they can call to me and I can answer right away.

  9. I love famous Amos! I would always buy a bag at my ballet studio to eat between classes, or when I was at work and forgot my lunch. They’re the only crunchy cookies I eat. I love that you made a copycat!

  10. Oooooh.. for being the queen of packaged food, we never had famous amos growing up! However, I DO understand that love for those little crispy cookie nuggets. These look so good!

  11. I’m with you…I usually prefer only super-soft cookies, but Famous Amos were always the exception. I’ve got to try these!

  12. Famous Amos is the ONLY cookie I buy, and Girl Scout Cookies and Oreo s if I need it in a recipe. So Okay–i do buy a few cookies.
    These look like a cookie I must make now! I will share them with my sweet neighbor as her kids are getting ready to go back to school. My baby reminded me he is 25 in October–but he would still love these cookies. I am making them soon. thanks

  13. WHY do people think night classes are okay?? As a fellow morning person, I hated those classes. Getting up at 5:30 am for a morning class and going back to campus for a 7 pm class was NOT my idea of fun!

    And we always got a treat after lunches too! Ours were usually a Little Debbie snack cake or a homemade chocolate chip cookie. Love your idea of doing a cookie copy cat — Jordan is going to be the most popular kid at her lunch recess!

  14. I love famous Amos cookies. I associate them w college and vacation :)

  15. I still get a wee bit excited when I get a little package of Famous Amos cookies! They were a big treat when I was a kid! Love your homemade copy cat version, Dorothy!

  16. I’ll definitely have to try these! :) I only went to college for 3 semesters (a million years ago), but you brought me back there with this recipe. I, too had a coke and a bag of Famous Amos every day in between classes.

  17. Famous Amos is the only cookie I like that isn’t super big or super soft. That is saying something! These look so much like the real thing. I do use Crisco, but I didn’t realize recipes that you don’t have to chill those. Who knew?

  18. Can’t wait to try these!

  19. I LOVE small, crunchy famous Amos cookies. I used to hoard bags of them under my bed when I was a kid! This recipe could be dangerous…

  20. I was always weird about Crisco too – I usually do half and half to get some of that fabulous butter taste! But, shortening has some magical effect on cookies, for sure! These look like crispy little nuggets of deliciousness! :)

  21. My mom used to always pack us Famous Amos cookies as a lunchbox treat once in a while. I absolutely loved them. Gah, these would bring back so many memories! I love it : )

  22. What a fun copycat recipe! It’s been so long since I’ve had a Famous Amos cookie!

  23. My kids love getting a little Famous Amos packet in their lunch bag. But homemade is always better!

  24. My favourite cookies: Chocolate Chip Cookies !!
    Can I please have one?
    I would love to learn how to make it . Home made cookies is the Best !!

  25. The perfect homemade lunch box treat! Thanks, Dorothy! Great timing for all of us parents!

  26. What a blast from the past! I came home and decided to make some (and I’m eating one right now). Thanks for the fun recipe- I think I made mine a bit too big- but besides that there is a likeness. Yum! Thanks Dorothy :)

  27. Crisco scares me a bit but I do love these cookies. They were always a special treat growing up.

    • I know, I have such a block against Crisco. But they tasted great, and you could use butter, they just need to be chilled first!

      • Hi, just wondering, if I used butter, how long do I need to chill the dough? :)

      • I would chill it for at least an hour Avril! Or you could scoop out the cookie dough balls and place them on a cookie sheet, cover with plastic wrap, and chill them for less time, probably 20-30 minutes. Enjoy!

  28. We used to get these at Costco! I loved them growing up! I just recently noticed them in the store and was so tempted to buy them! Looks like I’ll just make them myself! My vending machine meal of choice used to be a Hostess Cherry pie and a diet coke, you know, to save calories!

  29. Did you know that Wally Amos lives on my island? When I was a kid, there’d always be commercials for Famous Amos cookies. They try to pass them off as Hawaiian, even though they’re made on the mainland. I love them. I’ll have to get a bag on my way to work now.

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  31. I am so glad you got over your fear of the “white stuff”. I almost always like to use half butter and half crisco in my cookies and frostings. Usually I like the chewy almost raw cookies too, but sometimes you just need a crunchy chocolate chip cookie! Love these!

  32. i am definitely going to try these….as soon as tomorrow, even…i have a classroom full of kids to give goodbye goodie bags to as my child goes leaves for kindergarten (sniff..) so hopefully I don’t screw them up! (world’s most awful baker here…but i keep trying)

    fun fact: Famous Amos are actually quite a “luxury” type cookie where i come from (Southeast asia)…they have stands in malls where they will freshly bake it, so you can smell the cookies baking as you walk past (best marketing trick, i think)…and they are sold by weight, rather than pre-packaged grocery store aisle type deal. The choc chip and pecans are a staple, and their oatmeal raisins are fantastic too!

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  34. Hi Dorothy,
    I tried your Famous Amos copycat recipe today and everyone who tasted it said that it was not sweet enough. I compared the recipe to other chocolate chip recipes and it looks like there is too much flour for the amount of fat. Should the flour be one cup instead of two?
    Thanks, Carol

    • I’m sorry they weren’t sweet enough Carol! I used 2 cups of flour, as adapted from the recipe I used. Next time, I think you could add another 1/4 cup sugar if you wish, or more chocolate chips! :)

  35. Hi, im wondering if these cookies spread when they’re baking?


  36. I’ve just tried this recipe. I love that the cookies only have a hint of sweetness, instead of being typically, overly sweet. And they held their shapes pretty well.
    I made these into small cookies and baked them for 13 min to make them crunchy. When I made them into bigger size with a ice cream scoop and baked for the same amount of time, they were crispy on the outside but rather cakey inside. So I guess size and baking time both matter here. Also, unfortunately, neither felt like famous amos.

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  40. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about famous amos.

  41. Wow I made them today… and they were the best cookies I have ever baked!!! So impressed! Thank you for the recipe (:

  42. I tried this and everyonw loves it.. it so light and crunchy

  43. Sorry, little confused; to get the tiny cookies, was that the tablespoon amount of dough for 13 minutes? Or would you say a teaspoon of dough for 13 minutes? Also, do you know how much your flour weighs per cup, as it seems to vary between 125g (poured into cup) to 150g (cup scooped through flour). Being from the UK I work in grams or oz and really want to get this right!

  44. Some things make me smile as soon as I see them, and those things include any recipe that yields “about 50 cookies” Can’t wait to make these!

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  49. Omigosh! Made these for my dad’s company since its their 5th year anniversary and it turned out to be a big hit! Since i like my cookies crunchier, i baked them for 18 mins on the first rack and another 3 mins on the top rack so that both sides were a golden brown. Totally gonna make these again!

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