Jul 20

Whatever Friday

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Happy Friday! Whatcha been up too this week? Hot weather? Cocktails? Come on peeps, I want to hear all about it.

Oh? You want to hear about my week? Well, don’t mind if I do.

1. This week I…

Introduced you to my favorite childhood combo: cereal and ice cream.

Celebrated my hubby’s birthday with peanut butter explosion.

Aaaannnd…confessed my love for avocados.

{Speaking of strange avocado recipes that may you do a double take…have you entered the Unique Sweets Party that’s being hosted by White Lights on Wednesday and My Happy Place? You still have a couple days! A party full of unique, different, or challenging sweets, judged by an awesome panel of judges. And there are prizes! Go check it out!}

2. Jordan had dance camp all week. She could not wait to go each day. If only she could be that excited for school! If only I could sign her up for it every week…three hours of dancing…three hours of silence for me…

3.  Hayley and I had a two-part Real Housewives of Orange County viewing party this week, complete with midori lemonade cocktails. Those women are whack. I mean, if you’re really friends with someone, do you need to keep the emails you write them for proof that you were telling the truth? It was like a big hair convention gone bad.

4. Seriously nothing funny is happening to me. I’m out of stories. Got any good ones for me?

5. This week’s Flashback Friday is a special one.

Anniversary Cheesecake with Macadamia Nut Crust. I posted it a year ago. For my 10th anniversary. This weekend is our 11th. That kind of makes me feel old.

6. Because my parents totally rock, they are taking Jordan for the weekend so we can celebrate our anniversary alone. We’re not going anywhere; just having a quiet weekend alone. We did decide to do something a little adventurous (for me) on Sunday. It’s going to cross off one of my goals for the year. Expect Instagram photos…

7. Do you watch Drop Dead Diva? That chick created a Pake! (Pie + Cake) I’m sooooo jealous. Is it wrong to copy a TV show?

8. Just a little light reading for the next few weeks:

I finished the 50 Shades Darker (better than the first, has an actual plot) and Tricks (jeez, a little depressing, but good). A couple library books just came in too…so I don’t know where to go next. The dark side or the sexy side?

What are you reading?

I hope you all have a great weekend! My goal is to stay away from the computer until Monday afternoon. (Yeah, right.)

See you soon!