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Crazy for Crust

Apr 20

Whatever Friday

It’s Friday! *Happy Dance*

Today I am (finally) painting my office. I mean, I’ve only been saying I’ll do it “next week” since we moved in last October. Finally, finally I will be able to get organized instead of having strategic “piles” all over the guest bed. (My organizational system is going to be a lot of shelves and hanging files, hence the need to paint first.) Photos to come…eventually. I promise. And I’m sure there will be a lot of “there’s paint all over my feet” Instagram photos. Aren’t you excited?

This week I did a lot of stuff.

1. I gave you sinful donuts and visuals of teachers attacking each other with pencils:

2. I talked about my cat barf facial:

3. And more about my pickiness:

Go check them out. I’ll wait.

Geez, I’m kinda in a demanding mood. Sounds like I’m taking lessons from my cat.

4. I got Jordan’s softball pictures this week. When they were taken there was a huge rainstorm, so they had to be moved indoors.

Where, obviously, they were photographing Time Travel Softball. {Seriously, where do they even get those backgrounds?}

5. You know that toolbar on the bottom of my page? The Sac Connect one? They just installed a new version, and it has share buttons and stuff, pretty cool. However, if you’re not into toolbars, you can close it by clicking on the right side and selecting “Hide Meebo Bar.”

6. I will leave you with this picture of Callie. The look on her face pretty much sums up her attitude about life.

The dog? So jealous she almost can’t help herself.

Have a great weekend y’all! Hopefully by tonight will not be a “Turquoise Mist” smurf. It’s always a hazard when I’m painting a room. Because, well, I’m not neat.

Oh, and if you still want to link something sweet up to Crazy Sweet Tuesday, the party is on through tonight. So what are you waiting for?


16 comments on “Whatever Friday

  1. I love your whatever Friday series! You are to funny!


  2. Ha that back ground is awesome, we should get one and use it for our food pics. Then we can start a blog about time traveling treats. What? It would be amazing! And your kid and mine could be the mascots because they are so cute!


  3. SO funny 🙂

    I’m so jealous you have an office. I need one SO bad. Ugh. But my husband will probably be in school forever. And we’ll live in a 2 bedroom apartment forever. And we’ll have to cram our 10 children into drawer-beds all Kramer-style.

    I think I need chocolate now. At least I’m in the right place for that!!


  4. Hilarious stuff!!! Can’t wait for all the pics! I don’t like painting at all so I let my husband do it…that or I’m just lazy and I use the messy excuse to get out of it:-) I have a hallway closet that I really want painted but he will not do anymore painting so it is up to me. So…it still isn’t painted!!! Maybe all your pics will inspire me to pick up a roller!!! And time travel softball…too funny!!!


  5. I was watching an American decorating show today where two UK guys were doing this southwestern ranch and they painted the living room turquoise. You know, turkwhazzz. Every time they said it that way I could feel my eyes rolling around.

    Can’t wait for the photos but I will say turkwhazzz out loud when I look at them and laugh.

    I need inspiration to do the same thing. I need to be better organized.


  6. Best of luck with the painting! I’d rope my husband into helping me. Or doing it for me. 🙂
    If you think the backgrounds are bad, you should see the photographers on school picture day getting the kids to pose. Last month, it took 90 minutes to take individual pictures. I hope you didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for pictures of Jordan cruising through outer space!


  7. Cute baseball picture.

    What yummy desserts! you have me drooling all over my computer.


  8. I love the recap..I am still dreaming on those donuts…………………..


  9. Your daughter is so cute! And your cat looks like a total badass … even the dog knows it’s true.
    Happy painting!


  10. I like to think I keep up with all the blogs I follow. But every week when I see your recap…. I’m like oh man how did I miss that recipe! Seriously those donuts. Ridiculous.


  11. Great photos! I had to tell the photographer when Nick got his senior photos that I would not be purchasing any of the pictures with the fake library backgrounds :/ And your sweet kitty does look like she has some attitude…LOL. Good luck with the painting!


  12. I’m in love with those chocolate doughnuts! I’d love it if you would share this post on my Southern Sundays linky party today.

    Hope to see you there!


  13. Your desserts look amazing! Your son is so cute; that is too funny about the background:)


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