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Raise your hand if you need a good camera bag. But wait…now raise your hand if you also want a good laptop bag…but don’t want to tote around two bags wherever you go. Still with me? Good – this post is for you!

I’ve used a laptop forever. It’s been my only computer for five years now. I love the ease of a laptop – it goes where I do. In the past, I’ve used several bags for my laptop. Most were hand-me-downs from my husband. One was cute and meant for laptops, but I got it for $3 at a discount store, so I never carried it by the messenger bag handle. I didn’t quite trust the engineering.

Last Fall, when I got my new DSLR, it came with a case. And by “case” I mean a teeny-tiny bag that fits the body and stock lens only. Once Christmas came and I got my new 35mm lens…I couldn’t take both with me. And that was annoying!

Knowing that I was coming up on blog conference season (I’ll be at Bloggy Bootcamp in Phoenix and BlogHer Food in June) and because of other family travel, I knew I needed a good bag. Preferably one that would carry both my camera and my laptop and have room to be my purse during travel. I started doing searches, landing on all the regular camera bag sites. I loved all the pretty pinks and teals…but I knew those bags weren’t for me because I am really, really hard on bags. I don’t pay attention to where I put them. I drag them on the ground. I needed something that would take my abuse and keep on ticking. I kept searching and I found exactly what I wanted: The Snoop Camera Messenger by Timbuk2. It really is the perfect camera/laptop bag for me, and I think it will be for you too!

1. It’s made in San Francisco.

Okay this one may be because San Francisco is near and dear to my heart. But, while they do outsource a portion of their construction to Asia due to high customer demands, their factory in San Francsico still does the custom constructions and has been doing so for over 20 years. The bags also come with a Lifetime Warranty, are engineered to withstand all sorts of environments (perfect for me, since my bags usually end up totally thrashed), and they even offer a break-up-with-your-bag program where you can get discounts for trading in your old bags.

It’s also waterproof. For me, that’s a good thing, since I’m klutzy no matter where I am.

2. It’s a Messenger Bag.

When doing my research about camera/laptop bags, I considered getting a backpack. They’re easy to carry, after all. But, then I reminded myself what it’s like to walk through an airport and have to get my wallet out of a backpack every time I need my driver’s license or money. FYI: it’s really annoying. Plus, it doesn’t feel totally safe. The Snoop Camera Bag is a messenger bag. Typically it’s worn like a messenger bag is: in the back. But, in a busy airport there’s no reason why I can’t turn it around to hang in the front.


3. It’s a Messenger Bag.

Wait – I said that already. But it’s kind of important, so I wanted to say it again. Not only is the Snoop Camera Bag a camera/laptop bag, but it’s also just a messenger bag. The camera section is removable, in it’s own zippered compartment. Take that out and you have a regular messenger bag for on the go. Perfect for a family vacation where you need to pack snacks and toys or for a blog conference where you don’t need your camera, but you do need everything else.


4. Pockets, pockets everywhere.

Not only is there a laptop pocket in the back of the bag (which perfectly fit my MacBook Pro 13-inch), but there are little zippered pouches all over the front. When I’m traveling, I like to use my bag as a purse. There’s a pocket big enough for a small wallet, my phone, and even some girlie stuff like lip gloss and powder (although I think those pockets are billed for media cards and batteries, which would be fine too…if you’re a guy). Everything is easily accessible, and built with a photographer in mind: zippered pockets so you don’t lose memory cards and one-handed opening to grab what you need without opening the main compartment. Seriously, it’s like a pocket-palooza.


5. It fits everything. And I mean everything!

The Snoop Camera Messenger fit everything I needed on my last trip. It was a driving trip, so I didn’t need to worry about weight or space. The camera section, with it’s re-arrangeable padded walls, fit my DLSR, extra lens, large point and shoot (that has the body size of a DSLR) and both battery chargers.

My laptop fit snug in its back pocket.

My external hard drive and extra memory cards were stored in the zippered pouches in front. The cords and cables for my computer and my phone where snuggled in on top of the camera section.

I even brought my tripod with me – and it fit perfectly in the tripod straps at the bottom of the bag.

And even with all that, the straps stayed clasped tight, the velcro held where it was supposed to, and nothing loosened or unfastened when it shouldn’t.

Seriously, it fit everything. It wasn’t light…but then again, I didn’t expect it to be. And, I was driving so it wasn’t my purse for that trip, and I didn’t have to carry it through the airport. But really, any camera/laptop bag isn’t going to be light as a feather, you know?


{I’m planning on taking it on two plane trips in March/April and I’ll be back to talk about those then…so stay tuned!}

Really, I knew as soon as I saw the Timbuk2 Snoop Camera Messenger (on Pinterest, no less) that it needed to be my camera bag. And I’m so glad that it is!

I almost want to just pack it up every day and walk around my neighborhood so I can use it and look important. That’s not weird…right?

You can find the Snoop Camera Messenger bag online at Timbuk2. You can also find their entire line of bags, many of them customizable with cool fabrics and colors!

Which one will you choose?

Disclaimer: Timbuk2 provided me with a Snoop Camera Messenger bag to review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Last Updated on August 18, 2022

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  1. I wish I had seen this before I left for Maui. Hubs had to use a backpack for my laptop, iPad and camera stuff, plus all the cords. He wasn’t too pleased. Me? I just smiled and said “love you, honey”. This would make things a lot easier.

  2. I too use a timbuk2 bag daily. The quality is amazing and it is exactly what I need in a work bag. I only have a P&S camera so I never have to worry about all the acoutrements of a larger DSLR but I’m happy they thought of these things. I have 2 (wingman for my motorcycle for clothing and such to bring to work – yet to do that) and my classic messenger bag which is a Small since I have a 13 air for work. I love them both.