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Lemon Bars with a King’s Hawaiian Crust

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{This post is brought to you by King’s Hawaiian.}

These lemon bars are thick, rich, and full of white chocolate and lemon flavors. Plus…they have a crust made out of King’s Hawaiian Dinner Rolls!


 You know how much I love lemon. And you know how much I love bread.

It was only a matter of time before I married the two.

Have you ever had a King’s Hawaiian Dinner Roll? Who am I kidding, you probably have. And, if you’re anything like me, you inhale four of them before you even realize it.

{They sell four packs. Those are meant to serve one, right?}

Crust is kind of my thing. It’s what I’m, well, crazy for, obvi. So, when the opportunity arrises to make a crust out of something that’s not usually a crust sort of thing, I’m gonna jump at that chance, wholeheartedly. Especially when it involves King’s Hawaiian bread.

I love lemon bars…and I wanted to make a new version. A Dorothy version, shall we say. These lemon bars have the best drink ever in them: sweetened condensed milk.

{What? SCM isn’t a drink? Whatever. You don’t know what you’re missing.}

Anyway, I know you’ll love these bars. Lemon, white chocolate, and a King’s Hawaiian Crust. Head on over to the King’s Hawaiian Blog to get the recipe or go here to read the blog post.. I’m a contributor over there, did you know that? Once a month I’ll be bringing you a new and fabulous creation made with your favorite bread. You’re welcome.

What are you waiting for? Go on and get the recipe!


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  1. Wow a crust with Hawaiian rolls, who would’ve thought? You of course, because you are a genius. I love lemon too!

  2. I’ve never tried Hawaiian dinner rolls, but they sound delicious! This recipe sounds fanastic as well. I look forward to trying this one out!

  3. WOW! What a creative bar!! They look awesome Dorothy! Heading over to check the recipe out now!

  4. I’m a little crazy for lemons, especially in lemon bar form. Thanks for the recipe, these sound great!

  5. You are so creative! Definitely a crust queen! What!? The world didn’t know SCM isn’t a drink? Thanks for setting us all straight. That looks like a great new lemon bar recipe and since I love rolls, especially theirs, then I know I will love those bars! (That is, if there is any rolls to be baked with. Me alone the package just isn’t good:)

  6. Just pinned, these sound delicious!!

  7. I think I’m in heaven — I love lemons and bread too! The combination sounds so good, especially since Hawaiian Rolls are of my absolute favorites! Can’t wait to see your next great creation with bread!!!

  8. Holy moly. My fam is obsessed with those rolls (we have our leftover Thanksgiving turkey sammies on them) and with lemon bars. The two in one? Done deal. You are so creative!

  9. I’ve never thought to use something like that in a crust! They look delicious. I’ve had a hard time finding King’s Hawaiian since we moved to NYC. Maybe I need to ramp up my search!

  10. So creative! They do make the best rolls, so the crust must be amazing!

  11. yep must make! congrats on being a contributor over at kings too!

  12. Can’t wait to check these yummies out! Headed over there right now πŸ™‚

  13. Brilliant! I NEVER would’ve thought to use bread in a crust! That bread is seriously the best! And the four pack is totally meant for one πŸ˜‰

  14. How cool is that? You are so creative!

  15. Love love love anything lemon! These look amazing! (as all your stuff always does!) πŸ™‚

  16. These look and sound amazing, I love that they have white chocolate in them too! Off to check out the recipe! (Oh and sweetened condensed milk is absolutely a drink.)

  17. How do you come up with these ideas? Love the crust!

  18. Love hawaiian rolls!! Sure we will love these lemon bars!!

  19. Pingback:

  20. How awesome are these bars! Who would have thought that you could use bread for a crust!

  21. Way to go Dorothy!! These sound fantastic? I bet adding some blueberries to the batter would be great too!! Keep up the great work girlfriend!!!

  22. What a fantabulous idea for the crust! I love the King’s Hawaiian loaf:) I just tear it apart to eat it~YUM!

  23. I love love love Hawaiian bread. King’s is the best, but over here, you can get Portuguese sweet bread at a lot of places, which is essentially what King’s is. If you’re ever on my island, you have to go to Leonard’s bakery and try their malasadas and pao doce. It’s right across the street from my house. I have been known to buy a 12 pack of rolls and sneak them throughout the day with a bit of butter. They don’t last more than two days.

  24. Dorothy, oh my, lover of lemon here thinks these sound (an look) amazing!!! Am pinning and thank you for sharing the recipe! Have a fabulous weekend!

  25. I’m intrigued Dorothy! Never heard of these rolls before, but they look normal enough πŸ˜‰ I never would have guessed they weren’t a regular crust! I guess that’s part of your culinary genius…

  26. oh wow, sounds SO scrumptious!

  27. I LOVE THOSE ROLLS! Hands down, the best rolls I’ve ever had. I remember eating them all the time with ham and pineapple when I was growing up. Seriously – it’s actually really good! Love the combo with the lemon bars too. So creative!

  28. I have about 6 lemons left on my tree…these sound delish!!! gonna go get me a big 1 to try these lemon bars of any kind thank you for posting this one!!!

  29. Every time I’m feeling unwell and “can’t eat anything else” (and I don’t know who I’m kidding here, since I LOVE King’s Hawaiian bread), I buy myself an entire 12-pack of dinner rolls and scarf em down. And buy again. And repeat. How’d you come up with the idea for these? They look fantastic!

  30. Oh yum. What a great idea for a crust. Those rolls are da bomb!

  31. King’s Hawaiian Rolls are the best eaten plain or with a thick slice of ham! Never heard of them being made into a crust before though. Great Idea! I can only imagine how good these lemon bars are.

  32. Wow oh wow. How would of ever thought to use the rolls for a crust in a dessert! Great job!!!

  33. Oh my goodness, you know Hawaiian rolls are my favorite, right?? I can’t believe you made a crust out of them! You, my friend, are a culinary genius.

  34. Aaaaaand bring on the fat pants, please. A Hawaiian bread crust? Holy omfg.

  35. These look awesome Dorothy! SCM is def a drink. But pour to glass first to avoid cutting your lip πŸ™‚

  36. Kings Hawaiian sweet rolls are the best, they even make hamburger buns and it makes for an awesome hamburger. I can’t wait to make your lemon bars. Thanks for posting.

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