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cookies on sticks decorated like flowers with cupcake liners to look like pots

Okay. So I think I’ve talked about how much I loved New Kids on the Block when I was a kid.

Loved people. Like not just in a  “sure I love that band” way, but LOVED them. My room was covered in posters. I have no idea what other songs were released during their reign because I never listened to any of them.

I was going to marry Joey McIntyre. For reals.

He was going to drive up in his limo to my middle school and pick me up and never let me go. He would propose on the day of my high school graduation and we would get married and have babies.

I’m not making any of this up. I’m sure my mom still has all the notebooks I wrote our life story in somewhere in her attic.

Anyway, back to the present. The other day a fellow-NKOTB lover friend of mine emailed me the link to this Groupon.

First, I was super excited. Until I saw the price. Ten grand? For a trip to Hershey? Um, I’m sorry. I want to see the boys again, sure {who doesn’t?}, but for that kinda money I better get to swim in a chocolate pool like in Willy Wonka.

And then I got a little sad for my boy Joey and his band. I mean, let’s be honest. Do the New Kids really have new fans? As in, teenagers or young twenty-somethings who gush all day long about how good they are?

No, I didn’t think so.

All their fans are thirty-something moms whose highlight of a trip to Hershey would be sitting in the airplane because then their phones would be off and no one could reach them for the length of the flight.

What’s that going to look like, that meet ‘n greet? Sort of like school pick-up, but with music and bling?

Anyway that really has nothing to do with these cupcakes. Except that my husband could go return my Mother’s Day present and buy me a supercool Groupon instead.

The idea for these cupcakes came about when Jordan and I were at the American Girl lunch. They served chocolate mousse in flower pots with a fake daisy. I remember thinking, a fake daisy? Really? It would’ve been much better as a cookie.

So that’s what I did.

But I got lazy. {Hey, if your husband kids make these for you for Mother’s Day, it’ll be perfect, right?}

I used a tube of cookie dough. And a can of icing. But I made you chocolate dirt icing. And when you see what it was made with, you’ll forgive me.

Have you seen this stuff yet? It’s amazing. I made chocolate frosting with it.

To. Die. For.

To make my cupcakes look like they were in pots, I made cupcake wrappers out of terracotta colored paper. {This is the template I used.}

I wish I’d taken pictures of making the flowers. But I didn’t. Forgive me?

I’ll take you to a great concert.

Flower Pot Cupcakes

by Crazy for Crust
Keywords: cupcake

For the Cupcakes & Decoration

  • Chocolate Cupcakes, baked and cooled
  • Chocolate Frosting
  • White Frosting (canned or your favorite recipe)
  • Food coloring
  • Oreos, crushed
  • Sugar Cookies, from your favorite recipe or store bought dough, cut in flower or round shapes, baked and cooled
  • White chocolate chips
  • M&Ms or Skittles
  • Popsicle sticks

For the Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

  • 4 ounces (1/2 tub) Philadelphia Indulgence Milk Chocolate Spread
  • 3 tablespoons butter, softened
  • 1 ½ – 2 cups powdered sugar

To Make the Frosting

  1. Beat spread and butter together with a hand mixer until fluffy. Slowly add in powdered sugar and mix until blended. Spread on cupcakes. (Frosts about 4-6 cupcakes, depending on how much frosting you use.)

Assemble the Cupcakes

  1. To make the cookie sticks, melt the white chocolate chips in a small bowl. Dip a Popsicle stick in the melted chips and press against the back of the cookie. Place face down on a wax-paper lined cookie sheet and chill until hardened.
  2. To make the flowers, tint your white frosting the desired color(s). Place in a sealable sandwich bag and snip of a small tip of the corner. Pipe the frosting onto the cookie in a flower shape, filling in the petals. Place an M&M or other small candy in the center of the flower. Chill to harden frosting.
  3. To make the pots, first frosting the cupcakes with the chocolate frosting. Place the Oreo cookie crumbs on a plate and dip each frosted cupcake in the cookie crumbs to resemble dirt.
  4. Once the cookie icing hardens, place the sticks in the cupcakes and serve.
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  1. fellow NKOTB fan, my Mom made my older sister take me to their concert back in the day, wow seems like forver ago! fan of these cupcakes too, super cute!

  2. I’d go just for the plane ride… yup… just to get away and not answer the phone and answer the ridiculous questions from my husband – like, where is our daughter’s underwear? How do you make instant oatmeal? What should I feed our daughter for lunch? Yes, all these questions that he still doesn’t know the answer to after 6 years…

    The cupcakes and cookies look great! Love them!

  3. Lol, I am sad to say I have never heard a NKOTB song and probably never will BUT!! I do feel this way about N*sync and am SO glad I got to see them in concert. You know the whole Justin and Jessica splitsville thing? Probably because he remembered me from his concert back in 1999 and was trying to track me down and find his number one fan. Ooooh yeah, and I may or may not still know all the words to all the songs. Whatever.
    PS, these cupcakes are SO cute! I love the flower cookie idea; way better than a fake daisy by far!

    1. Oh wow. Now I really feel old!!!! Next time we walk I’ll play you some Hangin’ Tough and Please Don’t Go Girl on my phone. I’ll convert you. I will. 🙂

  4. Um, Dorothy? I hate to burst your bubble, but I’m pretty sure Joey was going to marry me. =) My best friend got to see NKOTB in concert when we were in 7th grade, and I’m not sure I’ve yet to forgive her for not taking me along.

    These flower pots are SO CUTE! And I’ve got to find some of that chocolate spread. I bet I could just eat that by the spoonful!

    1. I went to two of their concerts. Can you believe I’ve only been to a handful of concerts, the majority of them being NKOTB. I’m sheltered. And, yes, by the spoonful. Not that I’d know or anything…

  5. How awesome is that a cookie and a cupcake in the same dessert! I was obsessed with Luke Perry when I was young! Had the same plans that you had with Joey! Guess what? I went to the store to pickup some cheesecake pudding to make your awesome dip and they were completely out? What store really runs out of cheesecake pudding – maybe everyone was making your dip and was ahead of me? Ha Ha! Maybe next week.

  6. Cute idea!

    Have you ever thought about the fact that your daughter is named after a member of NKOTB?? I actually saw them in concert back in 1989! Disney World does these grad night celebrations just for kids graduating from high school, and NKOTB performed at mine(along with Information Society and Samantha Fox). Boy, does that date me!

  7. You and I would have been best friends in school, but we would have definitely fought over Joey McIntyre when he showed up at our school to sweep us off our feet. Lol! I adored him! I love the cupcakes to btw.

  8. Cute cute cute. I am afraid to admit this…but I was in love with Menudo. Do you remember them? Know them? Yeah, it was weird.

    1. You do know that Ricky Martin was a member of Menudo, right? Which totally explains your crush. :0)