I am beyond excited to share this news with you, news I’ve been sitting on for awhile now…


Yep – a REAL cookbook, one that will be published and (hopefully) available online and in stores near you.

What’s the topic? Here’s a hint:

woman in green shirt standing at kitchen counter placing cookie in cookie jar with cookies all around on counter

The cookbook will be all about cookies – one of my favorite (and one of my most popular) desserts.

The working title, which can change, will be Crazy for Cookies, Brownies, and Bars as a nod to this blog. The book will include 85 delicious recipes from those categories and a few other surprises too!

While a few of the best recipes from this site will be in the book a majority of them will be brand new ideas for your favorite easy dessert.

When does the book come out? Hopefully in spring of 2022!

I’m in the thick of writing and shooting the book now and plan to share tons of updates here, in email and on Instagram (especially in stories).

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woman in green shirt standing at kitchen counter placing cookie in cookie jar with cookies all around on counter

I have been wanting to do this for a LONG time and I’m SO excited. A book has been living inside my brain for years and I am super excited to finally get it out.

Along with the recipes, this book will include tips for cookie baking, how I freeze cookies and bars, and feature stories I’ve always wanted to share. I cannot wait for you to read it!

Just like on this blog, the book recipes will be easy, fast, and totally doable no matter your skill level. All the ingredients can be found at the regular grocery store.

I’m working hard to get all the flavors you love in this book from chocolate chip to butterscotch, peanut butter to fruity flavors, and so many more.

This book is going to have recipes that appeal to everyone: kids, adults…and maybe even your pups! All of the things I love are going into this book, from sprinkles to coffee and everything in between.

woman in green shirt standing at kitchen counter jumping for joy with cookies all around on counter

My kitchen is currently in a state of disarray, Mel has dishpan hands from doing all the dishes, and Jordan is complaining about more cookie recipes. If anyone needs dessert give me a call: I have about 5 dozen cookies in my freezer and I’m only about ⅓ of the way through the book.

Thank you for all of your support – and I cannot wait to share more about this book with you!


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  1. Does your cookbook have any gluten-free recipes. My husband has been diagnosed so I now have to take all my recipes from 60 years and refigure them. Can you help me. Thank you.

    1. It doesn’t, unfortunately. I know that in cakes, cupcakes and quick breads it’s easy to substitute the 1:1 all-purpose flours (like Bob’s Red Mill GF 1:1 AP flour) but in cookies it doesn’t work as well without some tinkering.

  2. I’m looking forward to your cookbook and believe it or not, I just found your website tonight. I love the looks of your “goodies” and you seam like such a “fun/creative” person, I know I will enjoy your new book.
    Sally Loeb

  3. I am really excited about your new cookbook, for a couple reasons. I love your cookie recipes and I prefer to have all my favorite recipes compiled into a cookbook!

    Congratulations, Dorothy!

  4. Dorothy,
    I can’t wait to buy your cookbook! I’ve been a fan for a few years & have enjoyed being part of your journey. Your recipes keep getting better & better!!
    Cheers to 2021!!

  5. Congratulations Dorothy! I’m excited for you and wish you great success with your Cookbook!