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For a fun DIY Photo Clothesline Project as part of a sponsored post with Collective Bias, I created a photo wall in my office by printing Instagram photos using the Walgreens Mobile App!

DIY Photo Clothesline on a light blue wall

I am lucky enough to have a room in my house I can call an office. Sometimes it’s a guest room, most of the time it’s a storage overflow room, and the rest of the time it’s where I brainstorm, write, and do all of my blog work. And since it’s the room I’m in 90% of the day when I’m not in the kitchen, I want it to be a reminder of where I’ve been, how far I’ve come, and where I want to go.

My favorite quote, in a cupcake plaque on one wall reads: Life is what you Make it. Indeed – this job is what I make it and I like the reminder to keep making it. So I like to surround myself with photos of some of my favorite posts, for inspiration, for a smile, for a reminder to keep going.

One of ways I do this is with an easy DIY photo clothesline that I hang pictures on. It went up in about two seconds flat and, because it uses printed photos and clothespins, I can change out the photos as often as I want.

Here’s what you need to make it:

Everything needed to make DIY Photo Clothesline, ribbon, 2 or 3 round hook screws, clothespins and photos

It’s a super simple process:

  1. Put two of those little round hooks in your wall the width apart you want your clothesline to be. Make them (somewhat) level. When I say “somewhat” it means I eyeballed it. I’m only exact when I bake.
  2. Tie a pretty ribbon around one hook, and double knot it. Measure with the ribbon the distance between the hooks, adding in some extra for the “slack” in the clothesline and an extra few inches for tying. Cut the ribbon and tie it around the second hook. Cut off any excess.
  3. You can add some hot glue to the ribbon if you want to make sure it stays, but it’s not necessary. I did the glue in Jordan’s room, because I was afraid she’d untie the knots, but in my office I trust myself to not untie them.
  4. Just add photos!

Did you know that you can print Instagram photos using the Walgreens Mobile App? And photos from Facebook or the Walgreens online site? It’s so fast and easy!

Two screenshots showing the Walgreens app and how to print photos from your app to the store

Simply download the Walgreens Mobile App and open it up.

Screenshots showing how to upload instagram photos into the Walgreens app for printing

Select Photo and you have several choices for where to get your photos. Instagram, Facebook, Phone, and your online Walgreens albums. I wanted to use Instagram, so once you connect the app to your account, you can see all your Instagram photos and choose which to print.

Screenshots showing how to select photos for upload to Walgreens app for printing

The awesome thing about ordering from Instagram instead of through the photos on your phone? The size that gets printed:

Holding photos that I printed from the Walgreens app and picked up in store

They’re old school! 4×4″ prints, just like that camera your mom had when she was a kid. Remember those? With actual film, and with the flashbulbs that came separately?

While I was ordering, I also ordered some of my favorite food photos that I had already uploaded to the Walgreens online site in anticipation of ordering them some day.

Screenshots showing food photos being selected for upload to Walgreens app for printing

The best thing? I submitted both orders while I was waiting at school pick-up. And they were ready an hour later when I was on my way home from after school activities!

What did we do before technology. Oh yeah, we had to go to the photo place twice: once to fill out the forms and drop the film and another to pick up.

This is way easier.

Once you have your photos, it’s super easy to create your DIY Photo Clothesline!

DIY Photo Clothesline on a light blue wall

Enjoy! What will you put on your clothesline?

{I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client.} Check out Walgreens on Facebook and Twitter, or check them out on Pinterest.


Last Updated on August 18, 2022

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  1. Hey! Its so nice to see people printing their Instagram photos! what an awesome display!! I blog about tips for displaying Instagram photos and its so nice to see the different creations people make. I would love to see any other displays you make to show off you Instagram photos!