Crazy Sweet Tuesday

And it’s Tuesday again.

Wait a minute, how’d that happen?

Before we start the party I want to talk about commenting issues. (This is the part you can skip if you’re like, Huh? What issues?) I’ve been using Intense Debate for comments for the past month or so and I love it because it is so easy to reply. BUT I’ve been told by some readers they can’t comment. I did a little digging and realized that the problem (I think) lies with Internet Explorer. I haven’t used IE in ages (I now use Chrome) so I could see the comments just fine. I did a test with Chrome, Firefox, and IE and only IE had the problem. When I tested it out on my husbands’ computer, the comments showed when I was in the link to the post, not just the site URL. So…maybe that’ll work for you too. (Here’s hoping…) I’m trying to ask Intense Debate if there is a fix; but I’m not too impressed by their customer service (they closed their support contact form for the weekend…um, who does that?? Isn’t is just an email that goes to some inbox somewhere??) I’d love to hear if you are having problems, especially if it is with a browser other than IE. Just comment here. JUST KIDDING! Drop me an email, if you would.

Oh, and you do not have to register with Intense Debate to comment…you only have to put your Name, Email, and Site URL if you have one or want to use CommentLuv. The login buttons are for if you have Intense Debate or WordPress or whatever.

Thanks for your patience! Now on with the features…

Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake from Lady With the Red Rocker. I’m a sucker for that pecan topping. Doesn’t it look amazing??

Peppermint Bon Bon Cookies by The Farm Girl. Chocolate + Peppermint = Dorothy Love

White Chocolate Toffee Doodles by Something Swanky. White Chocolate, Toffee, Cinnamon, cookie…all things I love, especially together.

Black Gold Cookies by That Skinny Chick Can Bake! Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. My kind of cookie…the kind you can still taste after you’ve finished eating it!

Thank you all for linking last week! I’ve gained 5 pounds just reading all your recipes.  I hope you’ll join again this week.

These recipes have all been Pinned and Stumbled. Spread the sweetness!

All photos above belong to their respective blogs. I just swiped them to show off their awesomeness.

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