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Thanks to California Raisins, I realized that raisins make a great snack that even I will eat! By adding raisins to apples and peanut butter you get a healthy afternoon snack that all ages will love.

Ants on an Apple - the perfect snack!

Okay, so I’m the first to admit that raisins and I have never been BFFs. As a kid almost every single oatmeal cookie I received had raisins in it and man, would it take time to pick the raisins out of those bad boys. But you know how I do love to eat raisins? As a snack – uncooked. In baked goods, not so much, but in trail mix? Yes!

And well, yogurt or chocolate covered raisins? Are my kryptonite.

I’m always on the lookout for healthier after school snacks for Jordan. There are so many sugary treats coming out of my kitchen every day that she always begs for “just a little treat” after school, but I really try to avoid that. After a long day of school, what kids need are a healthy snack packed with a punch to get them through their homework and after school activities.

That’s where these Ants on an Apple come in. They’re a super easy snack that the kids can even make themselves!

Ants on an Apple

I’ve been eating ants on a log (i.e. raisins on celery with peanut butter) since I was a kid. I always try to get Jordan to eat it but she isn’t a celery fan and usually ends up using it as a vehicle for the peanut butter. #smartkid

I’ve also been eating peanut butter on apples almost every day as an after-workout snack, but I never though to add raisins until last week when Jordan and I attended a Snack to School Party with California Raisins. She immediately headed to the snack table, where they had a “build your own ants on an apple” bar.

Ants on an Apple (2 of 8)

The kid chose yogurt raisins instead of plain. Again, #smartkid.

The party had tons of fun kid activities, including a quiz about raisins. Did you know that California Raisins are completely natural and have no fat, cholesterol, or added sugar? And that 1/4 cup of them count as a fruit serving for the day?

Ants on an Apple (3 of 8)

And I learned that California Raisins are the most economical snack and that research shows that, if eaten as an after school snack, they can keep your kid full until dinner. That is exactly what we need in our house because normally after a bowlful of crackers she just keeps asking for more.

Here’s something I wish I could have in my house at all times:

Ants on an Apple (4 of 8)

A trail mix bar. In fact, the way I prefer to eat raisins is in trail mix. I love the combination of the juicy raisin with the candy bits and peanuts. Another snack I love mixes yogurt covered raisins with whole raw almonds. Have you ever tried that combination? It’s amazing. Be forewarned – you’ll eat way too much way too fast because it’s so good.

raisins party1

The California Raisin showed up at the party. I took an hour of me begging Jordan to take a picture with him (she hates characters) and she only consented if it was an #usie and I was next to the raisin.

BTW, the second I saw the raisin I couldn’t get that song out of my head, and it’s still stuck there. I heard it through the grapevine…

Now it’s stuck in your head too. You’re welcome.

photo 1

Our favorite part was the photo booth. We love a good photo booth. I mustache you though – do you love raisins?

{Also – Jordan has Mel’s eyes, but she totally has my chin. That’s just freaky.}

So, if you’re looking for a good after school snack for your kids (or an after workout snack for you!) try California Raisins. My favorite new snack are these Ants on an Apple. It’s embarrassing how easy this recipe is.

Ants on an Apple

Cut up an apple, any kind.

Slather with peanut butter (or almond butter, sunflower butter, or even NUTELLA!)

Top with raisins.



And you can feel good that your kids ate a snack that’s healthy, filling, and a little fun.

What’s your favorite after school snack? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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  1. I’m totally digging these jazzed up apple wedges! 🙂 Too cute! And seriously, Jordan is a mini you! Love it! 

  2. I wanted to go to this event! And now I can’t remember why I couldn’t. I love raisins, especially in a salad. And of course combined with chocolate. Duh. Thank goodness I don’t have to go back to school to enjoy this snack!