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I know it’s not sugar, but humor me, mmkay? I just did a ton of research and made my first business cards so I thought I’d share the knowledge! If you need business cards, you’ll want to read my 5 Tips for Blogging Business Cards!


Blog conference season is upon us! There are so many conferences in the coming months, it’s almost overwhelming. I’ll be at Bloggy Boot Camp in Phoenix in April and BlogHer Food in Austin in June, which is probably plenty, but every day I hear about another cool conference I just want to go too!

I’ve only been to one conference, the Foodbuzz Festival, back in 2011. One of the things I learned about at that conference was networking and how important it is to be able to introduce yourself to lots of new bloggers (and maybe even brands). A week before that conference I panicked because I had no business cards and I printed my own. That worked great, but I forgot half of what I should have put on them (um, social media anyone?)

Now it’s 2013 and I’m going to two conferences. I needed business cards and I didn’t want to print them myself. I did some research on cards and where to get them and what to put on them. I’m so happy with the way mine turned out, that I thought I’d share a few tips with you today, in case you’re in the place where you need business cards too!


1. Where to get them?

I ordered my cards from GotPrint.com (which, weirdly, has the web address gotprint.net). I came across a recommendation from them from Julie at Table for Two. They’re the only place I’ve ever ordered cards from, so I can’t compare too much. My experience with them was great. And they were super affordable: it was less than $15 for 250 14lb weight glossy business card, double-sided with color printing on one side and black and white on the other. ($9 for one sided.) The cards are heavy, smooth, and beautiful. The colors were what I was expecting too.

I suggest you get a lot of cards. I’m planning to hand them out like cash at the conferences I’m going too! Plus, they kind of prove I have a job. Good for those moms at the park. {Kidding!}

Other companies I’ve heard about are Moo and Vistaprint. Moo looked great but was significantly more expensive. Vistaprint is a very affordable option but I don’t think the cheap ones come in glossy (that I’ve seen anyway).

Where did you get your business cards? Someplace else? Let me know in the comments!

HEADER small

2. Make them pretty – or at least make them YOU.

Most companies have lots of free templates you can edit for your business cards. However, I suggest that you design your own card. You want it to look like YOU, like your brand. All you need is a .png file of your header, or your graphics from your header. You can also create your logo in a photo program, like PicMonkey, and save it as a .png file to upload when creating your card. People know your blog and your logo more than they know your name or face. If you hand them your card you want them to say “Oh yeah! I know you!”

be social

3. What should you put on them?

Obviously, you need to have your name, blog URL, and email address on your cards. I also highly suggest putting some of your social media accounts on them too. I chose to do Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, since those are the easiest for people to use on their phones or tablets.

Facebook tip #1: did you know that, to save space, you can put www.fb.com instead of writing out facebook.com? It totally works! For example, I put www.fb.com/CrazyforCrust on my business cards, instead of www.facebook.com/CrazyforCrust. It really saves space!

Facebook tip #2: if you can, try to get rid of all those numbers after your blog name in your Facebook page URL. Here’s how:

  • Go to your Facebook Page. Click Edit Page (at the top) and select Update Info.
  • The second section down is for Username. Select a username – I chose CrazyforCrust because it matched. Luckily it was available! Your old page address (with all the numbers) will now be redirected to the one using your username – and no numbers!

Wondering if you should put your phone number on your business cards? Read on!

4. Google Voice

I really struggled with putting my cell phone number on my business cards. I’m fine with giving out the number to PR people, but on my business card? Who knows where those will end up!

I got a tip from Joanne about Google Voice. I’d never heard of it before, but I’m not surprised Google has it. They have everything, right? Here’s how it works: you sign up with Google Voice, using your Google account. You tell them where you are and they give you a free phone number in your area code. You can have that number forwarded to whatever phone(s) you want. I have mine set to call my cell. It will also transcribe text messages for you and email them, and you can set up voicemail. It really works, I tried it!  (Supposedly it’s free to use unless you’re calling international, and free is good!)

QR code

5. QR Code

A QR code is one of those funny looking not-a-barcode things you see all over the place now. You scan them with your phone and they take you to a website or an email or so many other things. Did you know you can generate a free QR code to put on your business cards? I had never thought about it, but thought it was a cool idea. I got my free QR code at QR Code Generator. Just follow the prompts and download your free code.

Now, I don’t suggest putting the QR code on the front of your business card. You totally can, but I think that would take up valuable real estate, where you want your social media and stuff. I put mine on the back of my card and linked it to my blog. That way, when I give out my card, all they have to do is scan it with their phone and they go to my site. Pretty cool!

I hope this post helps those of you who are thinking of getting some business cards for your blog! Once you have them, you’re going to be dying to hand them out! Even if you don’t think you need them, you totally do.

What do you have on your business cards? Any other tips I missed? Feel free to leave advice in the comments!



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  1. Can I just tell you that I have pulled up the Instagram of your business card about 700 times in the last week. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate this post, Dorothy! Such helpful information!! Now. Do I put a QR code on the back of my business card, or do I make a double sided card that has blog info on one side and Etsy info on the other . . . ?

    • Oooh, that’s a hard one Lisa! I say, a double sided card with your Etsy on the back. That would be cool!

      • I have an Etsy shop and a blog and did double sided cards. I really wanted QR codes though so I sized them very small in the corner of each side of the card. Each side has a QR code that matches the site. I kept the rest of the card design very simple and I love them!


      • That’s a great idea – I wasn’t sure how small it could be! Double-sided cards is a great idea!

      • I am a digital printer as well as a printer that offers “interative print”. Basically what that means is that we utilize QR codes for our customers (as well as other emerging technologies). Rule of thumb is that you want your QR code to be at least 1″. If you make it smaller it will be very tough to scan. Remember too that your QR code may be scanned to show a video, perhaps of you actually baking one of your items, it can lead to a contest, etc, etc, Be creative and engaging and let people know who you are and “invite your audience into” your business card. As a “fellow printer” if your not going to use me (ha ha) Got Print is an excellent product by far compared to the others mentioned here.

  2. I’m on the look for new cards and your post it’s perfect timing. I love yours cards, just like a small version of your blog.
    Great tip on facebook short link and add a QR on the back.
    Thanks Dorothy

  3. Dorothy I just learned like ten new things in this post and I love it!!!! First, have fun on all your conferences! I learned the biz card less the hard was at FBuzz 2010 or 09? I went with NONE. Total newbie mistake 🙂

    As for Googlevoice – amazing!
    QR code – wow you’re high tech
    and the FB Page name info – thank you!!!!! I have been wanting to get rid of all the #’s behind my FB name forever but thought that b/c I have over 200 Likes, that Fb is very finnicky about what you can and can’t change. But I just snagged averiecooks. Woot. And also that you can just type in fb dot com with the backslash rather than writing out the whole thing – another big tip!

    I love this post!! Over and beyond for the biz card info but all the little sidebar tricks!

    • Thank you Averie! I was worried it wouldn’t fly because it’s not, you know, FOOD. But I found it helpful, so I figured others would too. Yay that averiecooks was available!

  4. This is perfect Dorothy! I’m needing to get some business cards done up for SNAP! I need to get a move on and this is so helpful!

  5. Perfect! I’m getting our cards ready for Bloggy Bootcamp in April too!!! Thanks for the tips.

  6. I’m no where near the point where I need a business card, but this is good to know for when I do. And I totally want to generate a QR code now

  7. Really great info Dorothy (as always…)! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Such a great list of tips, Dorothy! We use Google Voice for my husband’s business – it’s so convenient and I love that you can set it to go straight to voice mail after a certain time of day or on weekends when you’re not working 🙂

  9. thanks for all the tips Dorothy, I’m going to use them all! One question, what are your thoughts on having your photo on the cards somewhere, with all I’ve been reading about our face is also our brand, do we want to have that on our cards as well? Did you see many people with their photos on their cards?

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  11. Thanks for the info. I just changed my Facebook name per your instructions. Good info here! Thanks Dorothy

  12. Thanks for this!! I need to order more before the conference, and this is super helpful!

  13. Great information. Thanks for the legwork. Almost ordered some cards in January but wasn’t really happy with the results. Your pointers helped make my indecision clearer. Got to get to ordering. Thanks again.

  14. SUCH great tips Dorothy! I had some cards made up through vistaprint, but i’m not in LOVE with the design, although a lot of people complimented them. Just not my fav. Good thing is, I’m close to being out of these and ready to design and order some more. Will definitely be referring to this when that time comes.

  15. Great tips, Dorothy. Nice to know about Google voice and the QR code. Many thanks.

  16. Great tips! I will keep those in mind!

  17. Great tips, I love posts like these – going to check out gotprint for my next run of biz cards, I use Vistaprint now 🙂

  18. The QR code is so cool! Thanks for the tips. 🙂

  19. This is a great post!! Way to go 🙂

  20. This is great! Thanks Dorothy! I made business cards a while back, but now I’ve changed my url so I need to make them again. I’ll be putting some of your ideas to use 🙂

  21. Oh my goodness, you are so on TOP of this! I just cook, take pictures, and GO! Love your tips and your cards are BEAUTIFUL.

  22. You’re right, a good business card is a must have! You did a great job with these. 🙂

  23. I don’t know if I’ve gotten to the point where I’ll be making my own business cards yet, BUT I LOVE these tips! There really are some fun things that you can do with them. The information on how to get the numbers out of your Facebook page is especially helpful!

    Thanks! 🙂

  24. Dorothy you have truly out done yourself again! Thank you so much for the great post. I’ve been coveting your business cards and now I can make my own!

  25. I recently designed my business cards but have not had them printed yet. I’m going to be changing up a few things based on your tips. Thanks so much!

  26. I am in the process of ordering business cards so this blog post came in the nick of time. There are so many great tips but I love the one about the QR Code. Technology is such a trip sometimes.

  27. This is a great post. I had never thought about generating a QR code for my site! And the Hubs & I are looking into a new business opportunity, so this could benefit us for that as well! Thanks!

  28. Your cards are beautiful! I love all of this valuable information, especially the QR code…amazing! Thanks Dorothy!

  29. Thanks for the great post Dorothy! I have been throwing around ideas for business cards for the last month or so, since I decided to attend BlogHer and Bloggy Con. How much space does the QR Code take up on the back of your card? I’m hoping to get sponsors for the conferences I’m attending and have offered to put their link on the back of my cards as part of my pitch.

  30. Okay, so I’m totally embarrassed to admit that I had that string of numbers after my Facebook profile, with NO CLUE how to remove them–until now! Holy cow, thank you so much for that tip! I’ve been working on getting my cards together for BlogHer, so this is perfect timing. 🙂

  31. Excellent looking business cards! They are too cute!

    Another great resource for QR codes is Google. If you use their URL shortener (http://goo.gl), it automatically provides you with a QR code – you just have to click on details under the shortened URL. It also gives you trackable stats such as: clicks (date, time, quatity), referrers, browsers, countries and platforms… all for free! Seriously, how can anyone NOT love Google?!

    Just another tidbit of food for thought. 🙂

  32. Your business cards are so pretty!! I love the social media icons 🙂 Next time, I will definitely add them. Thanks for the tips Dorothy! (especially the one of saving space using fb)

  33. I’m about to order business cards and have been wondering how other bloggers do it, so this was super helpful! Thanks so much for all the tips 🙂

  34. Such good tips! Ill have to check out Google voice!

  35. Thanks for this post. I literally JUST put this on my to do for tomorrow so when I saw this come up in my FB news feed I jumped over here. I love the new resource of gotprint. I had never heard of them before. Checking now 🙂

  36. Hi, Dorothy,

    I live in Connecticut. Are there any blog conferences out this way? Thanks for any information you can give me. Linda

    Love your blog!!

    • Hi Linda! I’m sure there are some out that way! The only one I know of off the top of my head is Mixed. It’s in Virginia, I think. And the Bloggy Bootcamp travels around, they are also going to be in NC later this year!

  37. i’ve been toying with the idea of getting business cards done( I need a new header first) There is so much I didn’t know.

    Thanks Dorothy.

  38. Hi Dorothy, just stumbled on your lovely blog. Great tips for business cards, saw some once printed from Moo, where they put recipe photos on the back side, looked very impressive and a standout!

  39. Thanks for reminding me of this post. So helpful!!!

  40. Where did you find those social media icons? They are cute!

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  42. You are a genius! Thank you SO much for doing this post! I’m going to my first blog conference (BlogHer Food) in June and knew I needed to get cards made, but had no idea where to start! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • I’ll be there too! 🙂 I’m glad to have helped you!

    • Becky, I’ll be at BlogHer Food, and it will be my first blogging conference too. Yay! Thanks for the tips on business cards Dorothy. Had to throw some together in a hurry but now I know what I want for my next run. Those social media icons are perfect!

  43. Your page views of this post have probably shot up within the last couple of hours. I have been making my first set of cards and using your page as a reference! Thanks for the info, Dorothy! 🙂

  44. I just saw my first business card with a QR code this week and then happened upon your tips. I guess that’s the future. I’ll add my thanks to everyone else’s about the FB tip.

  45. I did not know I could shorten my Facebook URL. I loved your post. Thanks so much for the great tips!

  46. Hi Dorothy,

    Three tips come to my mind. Hope you and your readers find them useful:

    1. Your Bcard should follow the same graphics standards as the rest of your communications material – brochures, letterheads, etc

    2. Print two-sided business cards if you do business in other countries: English on one side and the other language on the other.

    3. Keep your business cards clean and crisp in a cardholder. Never offer a business card that is bent or damaged.

    Thanks for reading 🙂

  47. I’d reccomend for printing business cards – ClubFlyers.com You can get 1000 for $22 and its in color front and back and includes gloss if you want it at no extra cost. Thats where I’ve been getting my cards for myself and clients for the past few years. Just wanted to pass that along. I’m all about saving money!! Great Blog Post!

  48. Thank you so much for the great info/tips for blogging business cards. I need to make a decision & get the ordered.

  49. Thank you so much for this! I have been unsure of whether to order business cards, but I think this made my mind up for me 🙂 Love the shortening FB tip!

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  51. All depends the type of business cards you are trying to get, there are a lot of different card stock and finishes for business cards available. The best tip we give to our customer is to put just the basic information on the cards, because on a business card there is not a lot of space to play and also have to be readable. Also depending your target of audience and the type of business you can also choose the best type of business card for you.

  52. Thank you, I just requested a sample pack from Got Print. Wouldn’t have thought of including social media links!

  53. Thanks for these tips! With content, specifically blogging being a big deal for marketing, bloggers needs cards that show what their blogs are all about. Blogs are about personality and their business cards need to represent that.

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  55. I just wanted to say thank you for all your advice on the business cards. Mine came out just as I had hoped. I posted a trackback on my own website to share the wonderful post you wrote.

  56. I just googled business cards for bloggers and you are on the front page! Your advice sounds spot on, and I love the ideas for Google Voice and the QR code. Thank you for sharing what you learned when you were learning about this. I am going to pin your page to my Blogging board!

  57. Thanks for give the great idea. It is really awsome. It’s very helpfull for me.

  58. Thank you for the tips,especiallythe QR generator! I never thought of puting it o my business card, although I know my www address is a little unusual ad QR solves the problem! Thanks! <3

  59. Thanks for the post! Getting my own QR code was super easy. I was even able to match it to the same color as my website. Many thanks!

  60. I am totally excited about this post. I’ve been thinking about business cards but had no idea what to put on them.

  61. I stumbled upon your post through pinterest as I was looking for designs, but the tips you mentioned will be notably great advantage, Thanks for Sharing

  62. I like the idea of putting a QR code on business cards because those people who has smart phone can scan your card information right away and got your contact # save, that way they dont have to look for your card incase they misplace it. 

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  64. This is awesome, thank you! I was just thinking about making some for my website too 🙂 Though I think that I will design them and then print them out on cardstock and trim them down. We’ll see though! 🙂

  65. Really enjoyed these tips – especially the Google phone number. I just finished setting up my new “business” number for free because of you. Thanks so much for sharing! (this will definitely make me feel better about putting a number on business cards)

  66. I’ve never tried business cards printing brisbane. But it’s worth a try after reading your guide. Thank you.

  67. Hi Dorothy 
    Please tell me what should i write for my designation for my blog?
    Should i write “Publisher” or “blogger” “writer” 

    reply please.

    Thank You

  68. Very helpful tips. Got some ideas on what to do for my next business cards brisbane project. Thanks for sharing!

  69. I am glad I saw your post just as I am thinking of printing business cards. I learned so much from your post. Thank you for sharing the tips!

  70. I just printed my google voice number on my card and now it says that it can’t complete your call. Have you run into this issue? I can’t reach anyone.

  71. Thank you for the tip about Google Voice. Giving out your phone number to people can seem like a risky thing sometimes.

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  74. Do you think I can use my nickname(my name on my blog) on my business card? Please reply! I feel awkward writing down my whole first name.

  75. This was a great blog post, thank you. Question, did you create the card yourself or have Gotprints design it? Reason I ask is wondering how you added the Social Media icons. Thank you in advance for the response. 

  76. Hello Dorothy! Thank you for sharing this wonderful post.

    What do you think is the best way is in regards to using QR codes? I wonder if it’s something intuitive for people to access personal websites.  (I know my mom probably doesn’t know how to scan it, haha!)

    Thanks again for the great article. 🙂

  77. Good information.. Even I got printed for my business through online site and the quality was really great along with the prize was also reasonable.

  78. Personally I’m a big fan of the name and email on two lines to save space. If the name is the email. e.g.

    This provides the domain (and potentially @ social handle as well)

  79. Fantastic Post! Thank you so much for sharing this one really well defined all peaceful info,I Really like it,Love it- cheap business cards essex

  80. This is a big help! Very informative! I am now designing my own calling card ^_^

  81. Hi there! When is the AZ Bloggy conference? I’m looking for a good one to go to. Would you have other suggestions? I’m in Austin but not a food blogger but personal/lifestyle. Would love your suggestions. This post was really helpful! Tracy @ blogbytracy.com

  82. Your blog is very impressive thanks for sharing such as informations

    Business cards templates : amiamiprinting provides all Business Cards Templates, Visiting Card Printing & design,direct mail services online with affordable price in Florida.

  83. Some fab tips for creating effective business cards – thanks!! Even though we live in an increasingly digital world, business cards are still vital to invest in. They are fab for jogging someone’s memory of you after a networking event or after a chance encounter with a potential customer or client. You never know where your next big client could crop up so always carry a few with you! 

  84. Great and inspiring Business cards

  85. Loved this! Had no idea bout the QR scan! What a great idea 🙂


  86. Thank you for the detailed view of business card ideas where these are very good..Nice explanation for google voice and qr code.. Really nice!

  87. Thanks for sharing! You had some really useful information –

  88. Thanks for the post. I’m going to try the QR code now. Great idea.

  89. Thank you for giving the detailed about business card ideas.

  90. Thank you for the detailed view of business card

  91. Thank you for sharing such useful tips with us. Having a business card is a great way to market your business. I will definitely use these tips for my next business cards brisbane project. Keep it up!

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