55+ Rainbow Recipes

Rainbow collagew

I am in love with rainbows, which makes this round-up my favorite one ever! There’s just something about a rainbow that makes me smile. Wether it’s for St. Patrick’s Day, for a kid (or adult!) party, or just because you want a smile, rainbows can make everything better. Like I’ve said before, I want to […]

Rainbow Palmiers

Rainbow Palmiers (8 of 14)w

Rainbows are my favorite thing, like, ever. These Rainbow Palmiers (and shamrocks too!) are so easy you will love rainbows too! I want a rainbow birthday party when I turn 40. I want rainbow decorations and rainbow balloons and rainbow costumes and rainbow food. My husband says, “you’ll probably change your mind” which is code […]

Over 70 St. Patrick’s Day Ideas!

70 st patricks day ideas

Psst…just a reminder! Tomorrow is the Pi Day Pie Party! Come link up your pies and WIN! We’re breaking these ideas into sections, since there are over 70 St. Patrick’s Day Ideas! YUM! Minty Goodness… Chocolate Mint Poke Cake Bailey’s Irish Creamer Cheesecake Pie Deep Dish Thin Mint Cookies Mint Chocolate Chip Popcorn Treats Shamrock […]

Rainbow Cheesecake Dip


As a dessert blogger, I often get caught off-guard at the grocery store. I have a list and I’m on my way to the milk section when some new product catches my eye. It could be anything: a new flavor M&M, a new flavor Oreo or pudding mix. Even a new flavor coffee creamer or […]

Rainbow Peanut Butter Cookie Cups {Virtual Baby Shower!}

Rainbow Peanut Butter Cookie Cups by www.crazyforcrust.com #cookie #rainbow #christmas

Pssst….I’m in a contest. For my Almond White Chocolate Magic Bars. If you’d like…you can vote for me…Thank you! Today is a super special day! It’s Meaghan’s baby shower day! Meaghan is the genius behind the blog The Decorated Cookie and the amazing art book cookbook Sugarlicious. If you’ve never been over to The Decorated Cookie, you’re […]

Rainbow Cookies {Slice and Bake}


Sometimes, in the middle of cold and flu season, I wonder if the feds are going to come and knock down my front door. They will take me away and interrogate me for my extra large purchases of Sudafed and search my house in hopes of finding my meth lab. You know, the one I […]

Cupcake Topped Rainbow Cupcakes

cupcake topped rainbow cupcakes

Kind of a mouthful for a title, isn’t it? Will you indulge me while I wax poetic for a moment? My daughter turned seven yesterday. Seven. As in, three years from being double digits. Halfway to being in High School. Just over ten years from now? I’ll be kissing her good-bye as she leaves for […]

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