Milky Way Brownie Bites

Milky Way Brownie Bites are totally addicting! A Milky Way copy cat is set upon a brownie bite – perfect for your chocolate fix!


We are planning a trip to Disneyland this summer. We’re super excited, since we haven’t been in awhile. Going in summer is going to be slightly better than having a root canal, but whatever. It’s the happiest place on earth, right?

Even though we aren’t going for just over two months, we’re almost at that magical 60-day mark. You know, the deadline where you have to get up super early and be on the phone to make dining reservations? So that you can pay $35 for a pancake?

Over the next two months I’ll be making grid charts and spreadsheets so that we can maximize our time in each park during the busiest season. I’ll probably make a touring plan for when we get each fastpass and when we’re allowed to pee. And then we’ll get in the park, they’ll roll back the red ribbon and it’ll all go out the window.

I’ll also be spending ample time over at scouring the kid menus for where we can eat. When I was a kid there was a McDonald’s in Fantasyland. Now I have to pack a lunch or plan to be in just the right place at hunger time or my head explodes as I try to find something for my picky child to eat. Did you know that you cannot get a basic, simple grilled cheese sandwich anywhere in the park? You have to go to Downtown Disney for that.

One thing I know I’ll get without any trouble is dessert. I, personally, plan to hit up the candy store, bakery, Carnation, and the ice cream parlor. And that’s just Main St. Come July I’ll be making tons of copycat recipes, methinks.

Speaking of copycat recipes, I’m kind of in love with them right now. I love making my own treats at home that taste like the real thing. I’ve got a few ideas in my head, and today I’m sharing the first of them with you: Milky Way Brownie Bites. These taste like the real thing…but with a brownie on the bottom.


I love a Milky Way. I don’t buy the bags of mini candy bars because I will eat every single one. So I do the next best thing: I make my own.

{On second thought…maybe that’s not such a good thing? That I can make them at home?}

These brownie bites start with an 8×8 pan of brownies. You can buy brownie pouches that make an 8×8 pan, or you can get a regular sized box and have some batter left over. I made the brownies in an 8×8 pan and the leftovers in a loaf pan. You could also use a muffin tin!

Once the brownies are baked and cooled it’s time to get into the Milky Way action. I found a copycat for the Milky Ways over at Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts. It’s the real deal people! I edited the recipe slightly, to compensate for the brownie layer.


The nougat is made from chocolate chips, marshmallow fluff, and evaporated milk. That’s topped with a caramel layer made soft and malleable with more evaporated milk. Once the two layers are poured and firmed up on top the brownies, they slice up pretty easily (with the help of some cooking spray on the knife!)

You have two options for the chocolate coating. You can dip them completely in chocolate or drizzle it over the top. Obviously I did the drizzle method. I prefer drizzling to dipping. I would rather wait in line for the Autopia in June with no fastpass than have to dip 30 candies in chocolate. Seriously. But you can do whatever you prefer (I’ve written instructions for both in the recipe).

These are the real deal people – Milky Way candy bars made at home. You must try these!


Now, excuse me while I go save up my money for a Mickey Mouse Ear hat with my name on it. I’m trying to convince my husband we all need matching hats to wear around the park, but he’s not going for it.

We’ll see about that…

Milky Way Brownie Bites

Yield: About 30 bites

Milky Way Brownie Bites

A Milky Way candy bar copy cat set upon a bed of brownies! {Milky Way recipe slightly adapted from Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts}


  • 1 box brownie mix (9x13 or 8x8 size, whichever you have) plus oil, eggs, and water called for on the box
  • 1 cup chocolate chips
  • 1 cup marshmallow fluff
  • 3 1/2 tablespoons evaporated milk, divided
  • 37 caramels, unwrapped
  • 6-12 ounces chocolate candy melts (like Candiquik)


  1. Prepare brownie batter according to box directions. You want to bake them in an 8x8” pan. If you are using a family style (9x13” pan) mix, you will have extra batter. You can make the rest in a loaf pan or a muffin tin. Line your pan with foil and spray with cooking spray. Bake and cool brownies completely.
  2. Remove brownies from pan and remove foil. Add new foil to the 8x8” pan and spray sides liberally with cooking spray (the milky way mixture is very sticky!) Add the brownies carefully back into the pan.
  3. Melt chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl, about 30 seconds on HIGH. Stir to melt. You can microwave in increments of 10 seconds more if needed. Stir fluff and 1 1/2 tablespoons of evaporated milk into the melted chocolate chips. Pour and spread immediately over brownies in pan.
  4. Melt caramels and 2 remaining tablespoons evaporated milk in in the microwave in 30 second increments, stirring after each. Once they are melted and smooth, pour and spread over chocolate/fluff mixture. Chill until firm, about 2 hours.
  5. Once the caramel has firmed up (you should be able to leave a finger indent, but you won’t come away sticky), remove the bars from the pan and carefully remove the foil. Set the brownies on a cutting board.
  6. Spray your knife with cooking spray and cut into squares. You will need to wipe and respray your knife after every two cuts or so.
  7. You have two options for the chocolate covering. One, melt your chocolate melts in a large bowl and dip each square to completely cover. (If you do this method you will likely need the entire amount of chocolate.) Tap to remove excess chocolate and pace on a wax paper lined cookie sheet. Chill to harden.
  8. The other option is what I did, because dipping is tedious and I don’t like doing it. Place squares on a rack set over a cookie sheet. Melt your chocolate (about 1 cup at a time) and spoon a little over the top of each square. Use the back of the spoon to spread it and make it drip down the sides. You will use less chocolate this way. Chill to harden.
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  1. I have only been to Disneyland once when I was 18 and it was in the Summer and it was HOT. I think I need to make another trip down there, so I can get one of those Pineapple Dole Whips I see all over Pinterest.

    Your Milky Way bars seriously look irresistible.
    Jenn recently posted..Banana Chia Seed Cake with Vanilla Bean FrostingMy Profile

  2. We are closer to Disney world and I’m crazy about it! I’ve heard Disneyland is better. I hope you guys have a great time! And yes, I think matching hats is a must!! Don’t get me started on the food! Last time I went I was pregnant. I figured I had the best excuse to eat like a pig! These look really wonderful Dorothy. I love anything caramel! Thanks for sharing my peanut butter caramel cups!
    tanya recently posted..Almond Chocolate Chip Toffee CookiesMy Profile

  3. I love Milky Way. It’s been a while since I had one – it was still back in Germany. There the nougat layer is white actually. I did a quick Google search and apparently that’s more like Three Musketeers in the US. Will have to see if I can get my hands on an American Milky Way bar, if not now I could make my own ;)
    Regina @ SpecialtyCakeCreations recently posted..Mocha Popcorn MunchMy Profile

  4. They look AMAZING! The milky way part looks 100% totally authentic. That portion of the recipe alone is a keeper! And the whole thing together, with a brownie base, niiiiiice! Pinning!

    And have fun at DL! You are being so official planning for it! Me….I would just roll up and be like, okay, what are we doing today? Lol

  5. These look insane!! And your description of planning the Disney experience is making my head spin! I’m a Floridian and we used to go to Disney whenever my mom was feeling bored (the glory of having year-round passes) – my how times have changed!
    Ashley recently posted..Glazed Meyer Lemon Tea CakeMy Profile

  6. These look great They also appear to be a great snack that you can stick in your purse and bring with you to Disneyland!!! lol
    I’ll take about 10, please!
    Love, Mom

  7. yet another scrumptious treat!

  8. These look so yummy and I love that they’re bite-sized!
    Rosie @ Blueberry Kitchen recently posted..Blueberry and Custard Crumble BarsMy Profile

  9. Someone please pinch me. Homemade milky ways on top of brownies (!!!!!!). And they are teeny tiny. Can I just have a plate of these for dinner? I freaking love milky ways.

  10. All of my favorite ingredients! Milk ways are my dad’s favorite, so I’m pinning this for future reference!

  11. Ah! I just saw this on pinterest, and was drooling – I should have known this would be one of your creations!! Love it. And exciting you’re going to Disneyland! Am I so lame that I live like 20 minutes from it and I haven’t been in like 7-8 years at least? Yes.
    Summer @ Mallowandco recently posted..Butter Pecan Rice Krispy TreatsMy Profile

  12. Gah. I just squealed.
    Jen @JuanitasCocina recently posted..Pasta Puttanesca ~ Budget #SundaySupper!My Profile

  13. O.M.G.!!!!
    These look insane and delicious. I have to try them.
    Cat Davis | Food Family & Finds recently posted..Virtual Bake Sale Recipe | Oatmeal Hermits Cookie CupsMy Profile

  14. Those look unbelievably good! I always forget about Milky Ways – but I bet they are so incredible paired with brownies.

  15. Gor. Geous. I want these yesterday, k?
    Aimee @ ShugarySweets recently posted..Chocolate Orange BiscottiMy Profile

  16. These bites look incredible!
    Laura (Tutti Dolci) recently posted..chocolate-banana muffinsMy Profile

  17. I want three bites right now :) Love the photos Dorothy – such a rock star ;)
    Trish – Mom On Timeout recently posted..S’mores Sliders and a Giveaway!My Profile

  18. Spreadsheets and charts? Wow, you are a DL guru! We are all about the fastpasses and the running too and fro… have fun! (And of course, YUM. That’s why I originally stopped by, to say how DELICIOUS these look/sound.)

  19. It is crazy on the planning that must go into trips to Disneyland/World. There is just so much to do and figure out. Happy booking. :-)

    So cute. I would eat too many of these.
    Meg @ Sweet Twist recently posted..Maple Cheddar Apple CrumbleMy Profile

  20. Dorothy, these look out of this world! We’ll have to try these soon. And eat the whole pan. Yum.
    Whitney @ The Newlywed Chefs recently posted..Seared Sea Scallops with Celery Root and Sun-Dried Tomato PuréeMy Profile

  21. These look crazy delicious!! So yummy!
    Tieghan recently posted..Homemade Barbecue Sauce……Just like Sweet Baby Ray’s!My Profile

  22. oh my gosh, dorothy, you are always making me drool!

  23. Milky way candies are one of my favorite! I have got to make these delicious delights asap!!
    I can totally relate to your planning your upcoming vacation because I’m a planner too! My sister and her family went to Disney World a couple of months ago…she made matching Mickey shirts for the 4 of them to wear. I bet once you guys are down their your husband will wear the hat because everyone wears Mickey attire when they’re at Disney…”when in Rome!”
    Tina @ Tina’s Chic recently posted..Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip CookiesMy Profile

    • I have to remind him he actually bought goofy ears when we went the first time. But it may have been to impress me since we were just dating. ;) Thanks Tina!

  24. Just box me up all your leftovers ok? These look freaking delicious!!! I love love love milky ways!!! We are headed to Universal in just about 60 days as well. Sounds like we both will be scoping out all the fun desserts for copycats :-) I can’t wait to see what you make!!! And your planning? You are a crazy organized woman…can you plan my trip too???
    Jocelyn @BruCrew Life recently posted..Chocolate Reese’s CheesecakeMy Profile

  25. Oh. My. Word.
    I neeeeeed these! Brownies an Milky Ways all in one? So perfect!!
    You will have a blast in Disneyland! Planning is stressful but the trip itself will be so memorable and awesome. We had so much fun in Disney World last year… Can’t wait to go back when my twins are old enough to remember :)
    Back for Seconds recently posted..Easy No Yeast Cinnamon RollsMy Profile

  26. I’ve never been much of a Milky Way person, but put some peanuts in there and I’ll take a Snicker’s Brownie anytime:-D

  27. These look so good!! Milky Ways are a fave of mine. I just LOVE your photos – they are gorgeous.
    Ashley @ Wishes and Dishes recently posted..Taste Testing at Perry’s Ice CreamMy Profile

  28. Whaaaat! I am loving this combo! Milky Ways aren’t my favorite (not enough going on–give me some crunch or some salt!) but I can totally see pairing them with brownies. Genius idea!

  29. Lisa @ Wine & Glue says:

    1. Tell Mel all the cool kids where the ears.
    2. $35 for a pancake nearly made me fall off the elliptical laughing
    4. I will be opting for left over brownie batter eaten with a spoon thankyouverymuch.
    5. These look awesome!!

  30. No, no, no. You are too naughty. Disney and Milky Way Brownies all in one post? LOL! (I’m right with you on the drizzled rather than dipped chocolate though. Life is too short!)
    Louise at Cake and Calico recently posted..Wholemeal Bread Recipe (a.k.a. workout while you bake)My Profile

  31. These look so delicious. I can not buy candy bars at all unless I am baking with them because I seriously will eat the whole thing! I have never braved the world of Disney. It is funny you said grid charts and spreadsheets. I am sure it can be utter chaos.
    Nancy P.@thebittersideofsweet recently posted..DIY Soccer Cupcake ToppersMy Profile

  32. First of all, this recipe looks crazy amazing and I’m pre-emptively blaming you for ruining my diet I just decided to restart after you ruined it last week ;-)

    I don’t have kids, but I’m always rediculously excited about Disney! Most of the restaurants are pretty used to picky kids (and picky adults with weirdo dietary restrictions, like me) and will work with you to customize what they have. I know for a fact that several of the restaurants have vegetarian options not listed on their menus (or even some of the menu’s online everyday people seem to have spent way too much of their life putting together), so I bet they have picky meals for kids, too.

  33. There goes another day of dieting down the drain. ;) I totally need to makes these! Milky Way and I go wayyyy back. They are my favorite and I have not had them in so long. I am going to be thinking of these all day now. You are so clever Dorothy! :)
    Jennifer @ Mother Thyme recently posted..French Onion Macaroni and Cheese plus Giveaway!My Profile

  34. We are hoping to do Disney this year, but probably in the fall. It’s the one good thing about not having kids in school!! And I want about a dozen of these. They could be very dangerous!!
    Deborah recently posted..Skor SquaresMy Profile

  35. These look incredible and so dangerous! I love Milky Way. Yummm

  36. :( How dare you do this to me. Didn’t you know I was trying to ignore my sweet tooth today after eating junk for a week? Shoot, I better just wait until Saturday and have this be our weekend sweet.
    carrian recently posted..Ain’t Yo Mama’s Banana BreadMy Profile

  37. Yeah, you sell your soul and pay $51 dollars for a churro, but it IS the best dang churro there is, so I guess you can’t complain too much about losing money and a body part.

    Hayley @ The Domestic Rebel recently posted..Macaroon Bars [Brought to You by McCormick]My Profile

  38. Ahhh these look so amazing!! Have to make these soon, I love milky ways and brownies, they must be awesome together! :)
    Annie @ Annie’s Noms recently posted..Vanilla Buttermilk Cupcakes with Chocolate Spread FrostingMy Profile

  39. So totally YUM! :) Great idea Dorothy!

  40. I am in love with these almost more than the original Milky Way; which is pretty much my favorite candy bar! And brownies are my favorite dessert, so I guess it is fitting :)
    Thanks for the linky love!
    Erin @ Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts recently posted..Buttermilk Chocolate Chip Muffins #chocolatepartyMy Profile

  41. I didn’t think Milky Ways could get any better but adding a brownie layer?! Oh Mama. You want to know something sad? I lived in California for 14 years and never once went to Disneyland Land. Keep me updated on your trip so I can live vicariously through you.
    Nicole @ Young, Broke and Hungry recently posted..Cheap Eats: Seattle Restaurant Week – Spring 2013My Profile

  42. These brownies look and sound amazing! Have fun at Disneyland … just remember to bring your patience! I haven’t been there during the summer in some time, but I’m sure it will be crowded. On the positive side … all the stores on Main Street are air-conditioned :)

  43. These look amazing!
    I wish I wouldn’t have changed my diet to healthier foods.
    Karissa K. @ Sweet As A Cookie recently posted..Caramel Apple Crisp PancakesMy Profile

  44. No way! These are amazing! My husband would be one happy man if I made these for him! :)
    Jessica@AKitchenAddiction recently posted..Chocolate Chip Brioche PretzelsMy Profile

  45. These sound so fabulous! I smiled when I read about your Disney planning – I’ve been to Disney World twice in the past 5-7 years (once with my husband and another time with my nieces). I get a tad obsessed with the planning…with dining reservations, touring plans, and all of that! We don’t always stick to the plan exactly, but it still helps so much, especially in those hectic morning hours!
    Jennifer @ Not Your Momma’s Cookie recently posted..Megan Draper’s Orange SherbetMy Profile

  46. These look great, but let’s talk about the most exciting thing:


    I’m going to Disney World for just a couple days with my family & godfamily (this will be my 4th time) this December and I am STOKED
    Kayle (The Cooking Actress) recently posted..Browned Butter-How toMy Profile

  47. SOLD! I’m making these babies… Thanks so much for sharing, Dorothy. I’m always inspired when I stop by :)
    Liz recently posted..Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Bars…#TwoSweetiePies, #TakeYourPlace, #FoodBloggersAgainstHungerMy Profile

  48. Yes! These are perfect! The perfect little bite size treat. Pinned to my food board, Dorothy!
    Julie @ This Gal Cooks recently posted..Link Party: Marvelous Mondays #41 with FeaturesMy Profile

  49. Yum, you had me at Milky Way Bites! Thanks for sharing.
    Rita recently posted..Spring Break 2013My Profile

  50. We went to Disney World last summer and my kiddo has been asking when we can go back ever since our return flight home. We paid something like $15 per refillable drinking cup at our hotel, and that was the cheapest part of the trip. It was a blast, though. :-) I’m dying over these Milky Way Brownie Bites – you are a genius!
    Ashley @ Kitchen Meets Girl recently posted..Hawaiian Rolls {Copycat}My Profile

  51. You are seriously a genius. These look so good!
    Lindsey (Lou Lou Biscuit) recently posted..Salted Caramel Popcorn BallsMy Profile

  52. Yum!!! These are totally divine, and I want some right now for breakfast!
    Joanne @ Fifteen Spatulas recently posted..Crispy Potato Gnocchi with Pastrami RaguMy Profile

  53. Oh these look so good! I’m having a serious chocolate craving right now so I may just have to make a batch soon.
    Christy @ My Invisible Crown recently posted..Bread CheeseMy Profile

  54. I’m giving you major points for visiting in the summer! Blah. When I was living in FL, I tried not to go outside much in the summer. I wasn’t cut out for that heat! Spring and fall were much better for me :)

    I can’t decide if I’m super smart or super dumb for not making my own homemade candy yet…These are adorable!

  55. Okay. First, please please please share some of your spreadsheets and charts regarding DisneyWorld. Unless you were joking….in which case, maybe I really am the only one who enjoys things like that. Second, my husband LOVES Milky Ways. Why wouldn’t he? I think these are the perfect thing to make come Father’s Day/birthday/anniversary time in mid-June. Thanks for sharing!
    Abby recently posted..Menu Plan Monday: April 8-14My Profile

  56. If my husband sees these you can bet I’m making them first thing in the morning. Milky way it’s his favorite candy!
    Roxana | Roxana’s Home Baking recently posted..50 MUST MAKE strawberry recipesMy Profile

  57. Dorothy, I’d bet these scrumptious bites are better than the original. Terrific work and they come together easily too! Enjoy the visit to Disneyland this summer.
    Brooks recently posted..Making Fondant FigurinesMy Profile

  58. I am officially speechless…and hungry!

  59. Oh my goodness, chocolate lover’s dream! These look amazing, can’t wait to try them out. Thanks for sharing!
    Christi recently posted..10 Luscious Lemon DessertsMy Profile

  60. I LOVE Milky Ways and I’m so excited that this recipe uses fluff instead of actual marshmallows (no gelatin). I will be making these very soon! Thanks for sharing :)
    Shannon @ Searching For Dessert recently posted..Secret Recipe Club Reveal Day! Pumpkin DoughnutsMy Profile

  61. I will definitely have to make these, they are right up my alley! Heaven in a bite!
    Sheila recently posted..Caramel Brownies with Baileys Caramel GlazeMy Profile

  62. Oh, wow…pretty sure I don’t need to say anything else! ;-)
    DesignedByBH recently posted..Jelly Bean Crafts for National Jelly Bean Day on April 22ndMy Profile

  63. First off: Those brownies look insanely delicious! Milky Way is one of my favorite candies and brownies…! I would devour the entire pan!

    Second: AAACK! We’ll be on our first trip to Disney in less than a month and we don’t have any dinner reservations! I didn’t know it’d be so complicated! Spread sheets and grid charts? Scheduled pee breaks??? Yikes, I think we are in for a rude awakening!

  64. I am absolutely going to be making these but in reading the recipe, you wrote to melt the chocolate chips for 30 minutes and I am thinking of all those new cooks out there who might actually do this in following the recipe! Thank you for a great recipe!

  65. omg – I’m drooling over these. Somehow I missed these and just now came across them! Sharing! Thanks :)
    Sarah @ Miss CandiQuik recently posted..Mocha Marshmallow PopsMy Profile

  66. You’re making me SO JEALOUS with all the Disneyland talk!! We are trying so hard to wait until our Cars-obsessed 3 yr old is tall enough for Racers but it is KILLING me. I’m with you on the schedules and pee-breaks ;) I love all the planning and obsessing that goes into it. (< I realize this makes me sound like a psycho.) Do you ever check out the DIS forums?

    Also, these brownie bites are one of the cutest things I've ever seen on your blog, and you have lots of great stuff! Love them.
    Katie @ Dip It In Chocolate recently posted..Coconut Cream CakeMy Profile

  67. My mouth is watering as I read…and I mean literally :) There are so many delicious recipes on your blog…LOVE! I’m going to go buy the rest of ingredients (that I don’t have) so I can whip up a batch this afternoon. Also, crazy question, but what font do you use for the titles of the recipes? I love it! I just want to get it for my own personal use…no blogging here. I leave that to you awesome people. Thanks!

    • Thank you!! I hope you love them! I use for most of my stuff. They have all sorts of cool fonts! I know those were from there. Those two are Luckiest Guy and Sacramento.


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