Oct 28

Halloween Round-Up

Monday is Halloween, which I can’t believe. I’ve had so much fun posting themed treats this month and I’ve had even more fun looking at so many others. I thought I’d do a round-up of all the Halloween posts I’ve done and throw in a few of the others I’ve loved so much.

Here is some of the fun I’ve had lately:

Here’s what has caught my eye over the past month or so:

Bleeding Red Velvet Truffles by Cookies and Cups
Edible Halloween Lights by Lady Behind the Curtain
S’more Ghost Marshmallows by Blondie and Brownies
Slime Cockroach Cupcakes by Something Swanky
EEEEEEEK-Pops by Trilogy Edibles
I think, as a whole, us food and dessert bloggers are a pretty creative bunch. I have so many things pinned for inspiration next year.
And I’m not done with Halloween yet; be sure to come by Monday for a quick last-minute Halloween treat.
Have a wonderful weekend!