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Apr 01

Pie Crust Bark {Guest Post}

Hi everyone! I’m spending the next few days in Southern California, visiting family and  spending money I should spend on a new car taking Jordan to have lunch with her doll at the American Girl Store. In my absence, I’ve got a couple of guest posts for you from my awesome bloggy friends! (Crazy Sweet Tuesday will still be on tomorrow!!)
First up, Ashton from Something Swanky. You may have heard me talking about her? I think I may have mentioned her once (or a gazillion times). She’s my separated-at-birth dessert sister and for the very first time, I’m relinquishing control of my baby to her. Enjoy!

Hi, folks!
Ashton here. From Something Swanky.
I’m kind of crazy about desserts.
Which led me to Dorothy. Naturally :)
We’re blogging buds, and I love drooling over reading Crazy For Crust.
Especially Whatever Friday. I think that’s becoming my favorite post of the week. 
(check it out!)
And I am so excited to be blogging here today.
And in honor of Dorothy’s revolutionary obsession with crust, 
I made something awesomely easy, decadent, and primarily of crust. Of course.
Go ahead and add it to your Christmas Cookie roster. It’s that good. And that easy.
And that fool proof.
Truly– you can’t mess this up.
I like M&Ms. 
So I put them on everything.
But feel free to mix this up any way you’d like!
Bake the pie crust.
Smother in some kind of melty chocolate.
And top with anything delicious you’ve got on hand!
It really is that simple.
Enjoy! And come visit me at Something Swanky!!
I’ll make you something yummy :)

Pie Crust Bark
by Something Swanky
  • 1 pie crust (store bought works best)
  • 1 c. melting chocolate, melted
  • Candy topping of choice
  1. Roll the pie crust up into a ball, and then roll out into a rectangle that will lay flat on a 9×13 baking sheet.
  2. Bake according to directions on package, but start keeping a close eye on it at about 1/2 the recommended baking time.
  3. Spread melting chocolate over top. Coat with candy topping.
  4. Let cool to harden. Break into pieces.
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Thanks, Ashton, for taking over the reigns here today! (Isn’t she, like, a total genius? PIE CRUST BARK. See, this is why we’re friends.)

Happy Monday, y’all!

18 comments on “Pie Crust Bark {Guest Post}

  1. So simple, and yet it looks so yummy. With different holiday M&M’s, you can do something different for every holiday!

  2. Amazing as always! Inspiring me to get up from bed and go bake! Well, almost. It is late here on the east coast. Maybe tomorrow!

  3. Amazing as always! Inspiring me to get up from bed and go bake! Well, almost. It is late here on the east coast. Maybe tomorrow!

  4. Enjoy California! And thanks for leaving us with something so fantastic! I love this bark…but will definitely not be able to wait until Christmas :)

  5. I so love the convenience of store bought pie crust. But man, nothing beats the taste of homemade! Would this work with homemade? Or would it fall apart??

  6. Holy cow, I think this is utterly genius! I always have a batch of pie crust in the freezer. Sometimes I love an easy treat like this!

  7. This is SO SIMPLE; why didn’t I think of it!? I want some–so flaky and buttery and smooth and my mouth is watering profusely. Love it, Ashton!

  8. YUM! YUM!


    I was totally thinking about you when I made my Oatmeal Cookie Crust!!!

  9. Wow!! Gotta love pie crust!!

    I think that this is my first visit to your blog, I welcome you to come by my blog and say hello and become a follower if you’d like, if you aren’t one already.

  10. Sounds fabulous especially for those who love pie crust! Yum.

  11. Very simple and yummy looking. I love crust too, however it’s not too good on the hips. Stop by and check out my designs for a wedding I just did.

  12. Three of my favorite things rolled into one!

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