Proud to be an American

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years. It feels like just yesterday. I was a newlywed. I was in my first real job, teaching high school math. We live on the west coast, so it was early. The TV was on while we got ready for work. I watched the first plane hit. For that […]

Chocolate Royal Icing and Football Cookies


Today is a big day in our house. No, it’s no one’s birthday. No one is having an anniversary or getting married or going off to college. No one got a promotion or won the lottery. Today marks the first day of the professional football season. Tonight the Packers and the Saints will kickoff 17 […]

Baby Boy Cookies

I love sugar. (I know, huge revelation, right?) I love to eat baked goods. (I know, another shocker.) Thing is, with this blog, there are always baked goods around. I have pictures saved from months ago and ideas in my head that will take me well into next year or beyond.The problem is that if […]


Do you read this using an RSS feed? (If so, thanks for subscribing!)  If you’re using a reader, you probably haven’t noticed my fabulous new buttons over there on the right.  Go ahead and click through to my site…I’ll wait…you there? Great! Let me introduce you to my new buttons. I wanted an easy way for […]

Word Card Cookies (A Thank You to All the Teachers)

In one week, my daughter will celebrate her last day of Kindergarten. Her last day as the “baby” of elementary school. Her last day of segregation. From now forward, she will eat with the other grades, play on a playground with other classes, and sit in a proper desk that is a regular size. She […]

6th Birthday Cupcakes

I love when people ask me to bake things for them. Love love love it. So when a friend of mine asked me to make the cupcakes for her daughter’s 6th birthday, I was very honored. Her daughter is a girl who loves her pink, so that was one of the forces behind this cupcake. […]

Chocolate Sugar Cookies (Easter Egg Cookies)

I’ve wanted to try out chocolate sugar cookies for a long time, so when I thought about making cookies for Easter I decided to go for it. They do not disappoint! Super soft and chocolaty but not too sweet; they make a great pairing for the crunch and sweetness of royal icing.   So my […]

Shamrock Sugar Cookies

shamrock sugar cookies

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! What’s a better way to celebrate than with some yummy sugar cookies?   I’ve seen recipes for Royal Icing for years. Cookies are so gorgeous when decorated with it. I remember watching Martha Stewart “edge” and “flood” her cookies years and years ago. More recently, since I started reading so many […]

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