Biscoff Cookie Butter Pretzels

biscoff pretzels 2 words

Why is it that, no matter how much you give your kids, they always want more? You say, sure, have a cookie. They respond, “Can I have two?” You say, yes, your BFF can come over for a few hours. They say, “Can she come over all day?” You say, let’s skip washing your hair […]

Caramel Apple Pretzels

caramel apple pretzels

Yesterday Jordan and I had a girls day at the mall. We picked out her “first day of school” outfit. I am still having a hard time with the fact that one, there is less than two weeks of summer left, and two, I’m going to have a second grader. SECOND grade. Which we all […]

Patriotic Nutella Cookie Dough Dipped Pretzels

patriotic nuttella cookie dough dipped pretzels words

Do you ever have those weeks days where you just cannot make up your mind? Getting dressed, eating breakfast, working out. All the decisions normally so easy and effortless now make you feel like a confused teenager just willing your mom to come and tell you what to do. Yeah, last weekend I had a […]

Pretzel Toffee


Last Friday night, my husband took my daughter to the Father-Daughter dance for Girl Scouts. The night before the dance, he asked if he could take her to dinner. She accepted and they decided on Chili’s. While she was getting ready for the big night, he presented her with flower hair clips to wear. I […]

Snack Time

Sorry I didn’t post a recipe today. I ran out of time.   I spent my day stuffing myself with Trader Joe’s Honey Wheat pretzels dipped in Nutella  creating new recipes for this blog. And then I spent more time eating heaping pretzelfuls of Nutella counting the calories of all the great foods I’m eating […]

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