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It’s December. That wonderful time of year when we get to sit by the fire all snuggled with our family sipping hot cocoa and watching Christmas movies on TV, nothing but time on our hands.
Yeah, right. Is it just me or have November and December become the most craziest time of year? In one breath you’ve gone from Thanksgiving to Christmas, complete with shopping, baking, addressing Christmas cards, and going to holiday parties. Oh, the parties! It’s one after another: school, work, friends, family. I bet that you are right now thinking about what you’re going to bring to that work party or what’s going to be on the menu for your annual family gathering.
And then, if you’re like me, you add in a child. A very picky child. One that subsists on chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, and peanut butter sandwiches. For me, attending a party with my daughter is a challenge. What will be served? Will she eat it? Do I need to bring her lunchbox?
So, in honor of those people out there like me, here is an easy go-to recipe I always like to prepare for parties. Kids love them and, as an added bonus, adults do too.
I remember mini pigs in blankets as a frozen item – something that came in a box of mixed appetizers. I used to love them and look forward to them every year. Then I saw this recipe in some magazine (probably a parenting one) and realized just how easy it is to make them from scratch. And they taste a whole lot better than the frozen ones!
All you need is a package of Lil’ Smokies (any flavor you like) and two packs of crescent rolls. (I usually buy the reduced fat ones, so when I eat half of the sausages I don’t feel as guilty. Ha!)
Cut each crescent roll into thirds and wrap one section around each mini sausage. Bake and…Viola! Mini pigs in blankets! Super easy and super delicious. I like them best right out of the oven, but kids (and, I’ve found, adults) don’t necessarily care if they’re piping hot. Just don’t forget the ketchup (which I always do, since my daughter doesn’t touch the stuff).
Keep this recipe handy and you’ll have an easy contribution to all those parties you’ll be attending. Your hosts will thank you!
Happy Friday!
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