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Happy Saturday! Are you all having a good weekend so far? I’m hosting a sleepover with Jordan and her 12 year old cousin. My earplugs and wine are at the ready.

1. March was a super busy month for us. Come to think of it, so were February and January. I think that’s just how we roll these days. Last week we spent spring break in San Diego visiting family.


I’ve decided I want to live on the beach. Coronado would be one of my top choices. Anyone got a million bucks I can borrow?

2. Let’s talk about nails. You may have noticed my nails in some of my photos lately. One of my good friends, Kristina, has started selling Jamberry Nails. Have you heard of them? They’re nail wraps that are like stickers. They come in tons of fun colors and patterns and they stay on for 2 weeks – even with tons of hand washing. I always want cute nails but can rarely get them because with all the dishes the polish chips off within minutes of putting it on. With Jamberry I get at least 2 weeks of pretty nails!


You can check out all the patterns on Kristina’s website. I want all of them, obviously. Here are some reasons why I love Jamberry wraps:

  • They’re non-toxic.
  • They’re a conversation piece.
  • For each $15 set you can get at least 2 manicures. That’s $7.50 for 2 weeks of wear. Show me a nail salon or a kit that can do that for that price (AND LAST THAT LONG)!
  • If you buy 3 sets you get the 4th free. That’s how Jamberry does math, and I like it. Because I want allthewraps, obvi.

They are easy to put on, I promise. It’s definitely one of those things that gets easier as you practice. Now it takes me less than 30 minutes to do my whole manicure. And before you say “30 minutes!!!” remember that there is NO drying time! The Jamberry wraps are like stickers that adhere to your hands through heat (via a blow dryer or one of their mini dryers). Once you’re done putting them on you’re DONE!

This post is NOT sponsored by Jamberry or Kristina, but I am hosting a party for her. She’s just starting out as a consultant and could use your business. Believe me, I wouldn’t go on and on about these nails if I didn’t love them. Check out her website and be sure to choose DOROTHY’S CRAZY JAMBERRY PARTY at checkout. You are going to love them, I promise.

It would be so cool if I could host a real party with all of you (the food would be epic) but my house is too small. So I’m doing the party as an event on FB instead. Check out the Facebook event here! We’re playing fun games and everything!

3. While we’re talking about the style I most certainly do not have, let’s talk about Stitch Fix. I don’t do SF regularly; it’s a “I want new clothes this month” kind of thing. I got a box in March and loved 4/5 of the pieces. I asked Instagram to help me choose.

stitch fix march

The shirts were totally me and I kept the coral and teal ones. I loved the blue so much but it was too expensive for what it was so that went back with the dress-that-won’t-be-shown. (Seriously, I think my grandma owned one just like it.) I ended up keeping the skirt after so many people said it was cute and I can’t wait to wear it soon!

Do you do Stitch Fix? Check it out here! (Er, affiliate link alert.)

4. Also in March? This happened. Notice something different?

no more braces

Besides the fact that she looks 15? She got her braces off!! And has been eating her weight in jelly beans ever since.

5. I also got a super fun surprise: Barnes and Noble had my book!

my book at barnes and noble

Mel sees it all the time at B&N but it’s never there when I go. This made me happy, until my little family started talking in loud voices about how “MY MOM/WIFE WROTE A COOKBOOK, THIS ONE RIGHT OVER HERE!!!!” Then I just walked away blushing and hiding in my purse.

6. Did you know you could fly a kite with a fishing pole? #truestory

flying a kite

Yeah, it gets way higher than that. It *may* have been higher than the Navy helicopters. Ahem.

7. So, if you’re visiting San Diego soon or you live there and you like doughnuts, GO HERE. RUN. GO NOW.

Donut Bar

The Donut Bar in downtown is AMAZING. OMG. You guys. That was a Cadbury Egg stuffed egg-shaped donut. They also had donuts with pop-tarts INSIDE. And most were as big as my face.

8. This happened.


My credit card cried. I jumped for joy.

9. These happened too. My mom’s banana bread turned into banana walnut muffins!

Banana Nut Muffins (7 of 9)

10. My child is weird. Not shown, the same photo at Old Navy, where they also have a dog display.

my child is a ham

11. In case you’re interested: 5 Tips for Successful Blogging is one of my most recent eBay posts!

5 tips for successful blogging

12. Books I’m crushing on:

Most all of those are on Kindle Unlimited, BTW!

Looking at that list it doesn’t seem like I’ve read very much lately…but there are several books in every series!

13. Sweets from friends – some of the sweetness I’ve found around the web lately:



You probably all know how much I love Tillamook. Their cheese, yogurt, and ice cream are among my family’s favorites. Tillamook has started a new co-op, Dairy Done Right. They are bringing people who love their brand together to start a discussion about real food and doing dairy the right way. I’m happy to be a part of this new co-op and guess what? You can be part of it too! It’s open to anyone and you’ll get opportunities to vote on products, try products, attend the annual member meeting, and even name a cow! I named that one up there. Her name is Molly. 🙂

(Tillamook is not paying me to talk about #DairyDoneRight but they did send me ice cream. However, I would have talked about it regardless because the co-op is something I really believe in…and I love that company so much!)

15. Want some tips on food photography? I’ve got you covered!

7 Tips for awesome food blog photos

16. And now…now I’ll leave you to go enjoy your Saturday. Be sure to come back tomorrow. I’ve got an ooey gooey caramely recipe that’s going to knock your socks off!!!

DON’T FORGET THE GIVEAWAY!  Giveaway has ended.

One lucky reader will win one sheet of Jamberry Nail Wraps, their choice of available patterns.

To enter to win one (1) sheet of Jamberry Nail Wraps, visit the Jamberry website and leave a comment on this post telling me what style you would want most.

Giveaway runs through April 15, 2015. Open to everyone as long as you’re over 18 years old, no matter where you live. Giveaway is run and sponsored by Crazy for Crust, LLC and is not sponsored or endorsed by Jamberry. No purchase necessary, void where prohibited. Good luck!!

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  1. Diamond dust sparkle

  2. I Like the mermaid tails Jamberry design! And San Diego is gorgeous – would love to live there too!

  3. ohmigosh – I know I am so boring, but I really like the color Grapefruit. I’ve heard a lot about Jamberry lately .. it sounds AWESOME since I hate any sort of chips on my nails. They must be perfect for you with all of the baking, cleaning, dishes, etc. you do!

  4. I’m loving all the ombre nail finishes, it’s so hard to achieve at home.

  5. Definately going to try these! My hands are in water all the time and these look like the perfect solution to keeping nice looking nails.  Really like ” happily ever after”.  Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. I went to a jamberry nails party at my sister’s place about a month ago, thinking I’d go cause she was hosting but I’m so not into nails AT ALL.  Yeah, their sample nails made me buy some.  They’re just so pretty, and they stayed on for 3 weeks!  I can’t even believe I bought nail stuff – I still want the Out of Focus one though, so pretty!  And now I’m excited to go read your blogging and photography posts!  Have a great weekend!

  7. Ok, this is totally unfair. I found like at least 15 designs I want/need to get now! I am obsessed with Cup of Tea and Lace Noir, but I found so many others I want! 

  8. Hope you have fun this weekend! Me I have visitors too and it’s not as fun to have them as I expected :/

  9. I love your blogging posts, I have found your tips soooo helpful! Congrats on seeing your book in Barnes and Noble, must have been such a great feeling!!!

  10. So many cute designs. One of my friends raves about Jamberry but I haven’t tried them yet. I like the Lace Noir. 

  11. These posts are always so filled with info and just SO MUCH awesomeness. It just keeps going and going! You have had an amazing month! Jordan’s hair is gorgeous (along with those pearly whites) and congrats on your new camera!

    And yes, please move to Coronado! We’d be neighbors and I’d have an excuse to drive over the bridge more!! I seriously wish we lived closer!! Was awesome seeing you xoxoxo 🙂

  12. YAYY Jordan! She looks adorable-as always! and that is SO COOL too see your cookbook in B&N! and…omg…those donuts!

  13. Icy gold and silver polka looks so pretty!!  They all loom so cute though how do you choose!? 

  14. oooh those nails!  I have never heard of them so definitely going to have to check them out!!  New camera, how exciting!! I love these posts and your ebay ones too!!  So much info that I need to soak up!  Thanks!

  15. Oh my gosh. I created a wishlist, there are so many great ones, it’s hard to pick a favorite.

    I would love to try “Fowl Play” – so pretty!

  16. Can’t wait to read all your tips, Dorothy! And I really want to try those donuts. Wonder if they FedEx from San Diego…

  17. Jordan is gorgeous!! 🙂 Headed to check out your ebay post!!

  18. My favorite is the Cabana

  19. Desert at dusk. my favorite color is purple.

  20. I’m so excited you got to try Donut Bar! I love getting donuts from there. That pop tart one is a major sugar high.  I’ve never been able to finish the whole thing.

  21. So many nails so little time…out of focus or garden patch (or 50 others)! lol

  22. Thanks for the shout out! I love Stitch Fix too. A present in the mail each month. 

  23. I love the Dairy Done Right idea! Tillamook really is the best. I’m a little obsessed with their sharp cheddar. Thanks for the link up on my Strawberry apps! PS Jordan looks gorgeous, a little too gorgeous. You’re giving me the sweats thinking of what Char’s going to look like in 6 or 7 years. 

  24. Simply Daisy!  My fav flower and its springtime!

  25. I like a lot of them! I think my fave is Kaboom.

  26. Love Cabana!

  27. I actually like most of the designs, but my favorite is Butterfly Kisses 🙂

  28. I would have to go Lady in Red if it were the first week of May. My best friend passed away in May of 04 and we all say she is a lady bug now and comes to check on us. So, definately Lady in Red, but love them all!

  29. I love the mint chevron!

  30. That photo of Jordan at Old Navy cracked me up! Haley always poses with the mannequins when we’re there…followed by a “Mom! Don’t you want to take a picture???” Also? I want a baby cow. And ice cream. 

  31. I’d get out of focus

  32. I agree with all of your food photography tips and that camera is a winner. I’m looking to upgrade to a Canon 70D soon and can’t wait. I’ve heard of Jamberry nails and just might give them a try. Heading over to the website to browse now.

  33. I love the grapefruit and mint green chevron stickers on Jamberry. 

  34. First, your daughter is beautiful! She could easily model. You might be in for a fun time in a couple of years, haha! I remember my daughter being her age – it flies by! The Jamberry is popular around here (Illinois) but I don’t have any just yet. I think the Patriot would be fun for the 4th!

  35. lovely post with lots of info….congrats on seeing your book @barnes noble…your daughter looks so cute…

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