Mar 21

Slice of Life 21: I’m an eBay influencer!

Well hello my friends! Happy Saturday!

I’ve been busy lately: I took on TWO other jobs! I’m now a contributor over at Parade’s Community Table AND I’m one of the newest eBay influencers (you can follow me on eBay if you’re into that sort of thing).

{That’s right – eBay has blogging! Who knew?}

I’m posting over at both sites weekly, so once in awhile I’m going to share a post here with lots of links so you can see all the great round-ups and recipes I’m posting. Ready for Where on the Internet is Dorothy #1?

First up, eBay! I’m writing guides and collections for eBay and I hope you’ll check them out.

Loaded Brownie Sundaes. Just…yes.

Loaded Brownie Sundae (4 of 6)w

Easter Sugar Cookie Cups. This is such an easy recipe, perfect for a kid Easter party!

Easter Sugar Cookie Cups

5 Gluten-Free EASY Peanut Butter Cookies – you don’t have to be GF to love them!

5 gluten-free EASY peanut butter cookie recipes

6 recipes that start with refrigerated cookie dough – because sometimes you just need easy.

6 recipes using refrigerated cookie dough

Check out all my collections over on eBay too!

Secondly, you may remember, I’m doing collections for Community Table, a division of Parade Magazine.

Here are some of my more recent round-ups:

17 Coconut Recipes that will make you crazy for coconut!

17 Coconut Dessert Recipes

Banana Cream Pie Recipes that aren’t just pie

8 unique banana cream pie recipe ideas

10 Mini Bite Sized Pies

10 recipes for perfectly bite sized mini pies

8 Freezer Breakfasts for fast mornings

8 Freezer Breakfasts to make your morning easier!

Be sure to check out ALL my Parade posts on my profile page!

Thanks so much for reading!