The Christmas Cookie Handbook


How To Have Your Favorite Christmas Cookies With Little Or No Stress…

…so that you can relax and save money!

You love baking for the holidays and always have lots of grand plans for platters of cookies and sweets, holiday parties and DIY gifts.

The problem? Year after year you have less time to spend in the kitchen, less money to spend on gifts, and frankly, you’re tired of being a basket case on Christmas Eve trying to make all your family’s favorite cookies.

You want to enjoy your holidays and be able to relax with your family, but you also want to show your love by hosting cookie exchange parties, shipping baked goods, and making Christmas delicious for everyone you know without breaking the bank (the money bank OR the emotional one!)

This is exactly how I was up until a few years ago.

No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t make all our favorite treats AND relax on Christmas. Maybe you feel that way too?

  • Maybe you’ve given up on a homemade holiday because your work schedule is insane
  • Maybe you tried shipping cookies as a DIY gift and they arrived in pieces so you went back to just buying regular gifts instead 

Once I realized how much cookie baking can be done ahead of time, how easy, go-to recipes are what I needed to make my holidays stress free, I finally was able to do it all and relax all throughout December.

Unlike other eBooks that just give you recipes, my solution works because it’s not just about the recipes – it’s about the process and planning that goes into it.

Imagine if you could have all your cookies baked by early December? Imagine if they were all packed, frozen, and ready to ship and serve up on your platters on Christmas Eve? 


The Christmas Cookie Handbook

The perfect book for all DIY gift givers, bakers, and cookie enthusiasts!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Secure your reputation as a great cookie baker (have 12 go-to cookie recipes you can count on!)
  • Host an in-person OR virtual cookie exchange with little effort (so you can be the go-to cookie house year after year)
  • Enjoy more free time this holiday season with my tips for freezing cookies (no more last minute baking craziness!)
  • Enhance your holidays with DIY cookie gifts (save money and time!)