#CrazyHealthy2019 CHALLENGE

What is #CrazyHealthy2019? It’s a motivational challenge for making better choices and getting healthier this year, regardless of what “healthier” means to you.

No matter what your goal is, 2019 is the year we’re going to make it happen!

My #CrazyHealthy2019 goal is to finally start losing weight. I’ve been struggling for a long time and it’s not because I don’t exercise, because I do, almost every day. I struggle with willpower and emotional eating, I’m on anti-anxiety medication and I’m getting older. All of these things have made me gain weight over the last few years and I want to get healthy. I want to lower my cholesterol, become heart healthier, and learn to love who I am no matter what. (Fitting into my old jeans wouldn’t be so bad, either!)

Your goal might be to lose weight, but it might be to start exercising. Maybe you want to quit a bad habit like smoking or chewing your fingernails. Maybe you want to stop eating out and start cooking meals or organize your home or pay off debt. Whatever your goal is for 2019, if you’ve been putting it off, NOW is the time to start.

This challenge is for us to support each other through our goals to make 2019 a SUCCESSFUL year!

How are we going to do it? It takes a village, so we’re all going to work together.

  • Join the #CrazyHealthy2019 Newsletter to get a (probably) weekly email from me, reminding you to stay focused. By reading the emails and replying to my prompts, you’ll help ME stay on task too!
  • Join my Facebook Community! In the group I’ll be creating chat prompts, sharing recipes, sharing my menu plans and going LIVE to keep us all motivated.
  • Share your #CrazyHealthy2019 goals, challenges, successes, and all the steps in between on social media using the hashtag #CrazyHealthy2019. Share on instagram, Facebook, twitter, or share in our group. Show me how you’re doing to keep me motivated!

Thank you for joining this challenge – it’s time for all of use to stop talking and start doing. Let’s make 2019 the best year yet and make it #CrazyHealthy2019!