Crazy Sweet Tuesday {Sponsored by KICMount} & Giveaway

Welcome to Crazy Sweet Tuesday, where I am introducing you to my new favorite kitchen gadget: the KICMount!

The KICMount is your iPad’s new best friend, seriously. The first thing I thought when I heard that the KICMount is a magnetized case for my iPad was that I’d no longer need to print any recipes. My second thought? That I could finally watch The View and Grey’s Anatomy while I bake. And the KICMount didn’t disappoint!

The KICMount is a plastic case for your iPad. You simply snap it on, easy peasy. (Seriously, it was harder to take off our iPad’s existing case then to get this baby on.) The back of the case has very strong magnets attached so that the case will stick to any metal surface.

And yes, the magnets are strong. Believe me, I am SO careful with our iPad. I’m so afraid of it dropping! But once I stuck this on my fridge, it held super tight! I was making these bars one morning, which I adapted from these. Instead of printing out my recipe, I just pulled up the old one on my iPad and went to work.

Then I was done with that recipe and decided to catch up on TV while I made cookies. Seriously, that’s what our iPad is used for 80% of the time – TV. 19% we use it for music and 1% everything else. When The View was over I switched to Pandora and rocked out to Gwen Stefani.

You know another great use for the KICMount? Keeping sticky hands off the iPad. Jordan uses it almost exclusively as her own personal TV. If she was a bit younger, you can bet your bottom dollar I would have been playing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for her on the iPad while it was stuck to my refrigerator. Keep the kids close, but the iPad closer!

This is such a simple concept I’m jealous I didn’t think of it first. But I didn’t…the smart people at KICMount did. And you Crazy for Crust readers are in luck, because one of you will win a KICMount! You can’t tell me your husband wouldn’t LOVE one of these? It’s a techie tool – perfect for the holidays!

You can find KICMount online, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

Scroll down to below the features to enter the giveaway for the KICMount.

Two quick things before we start the party…

1. I’m in a contest!!! This morning I posted my Almond White Chocolate Magic Bars and announced that I’m in the Solo Foods Sweetest 16 contest. If you like my recipe and think I’m worthy, please go vote for me in Round 1! Voting for Round 1 ends on the 12th. Thank you SO much for your support!

2. I’m guest posting today for Kristin today while she’s in some tropical climate celebrating the return of her hubby from is deployment. Go visit her and check out these Pumpkin Gingerbread Oreo Truffles I made for her:

Maple Nut Chocolate Candies by Mom on Timeout

Quick and Easy M&M and Mike ‘N Ike Christmas Light Candy by Hungry Happenings

Peanut Butter Christmas Trees by Sweet Simple Stuff

Cookie Filled Christmas Tree Candies

Salted Caramel Pie by Caramel Potatoes

Turtle Cheesecake Pudding Cookies by What’s Cooking, Love?

Thanks to everyone for sharing this week! The features have all been pinned and will be shared on my Facebook wall during the day.

{KICMount provided me with a case at no charge to me. All opinions are 100% my own. Giveaway open to U.S. residents only. KICMount is responsible for shipping prize. Crazy for Crust is not responsible or liable for giveaway. Contest runs through Friday, December 14th. Winner will be notified by email and has 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.}


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  1. Thank you so much for the feature Dorothy! The giveaway is making me want an iPad too 😉

  2. I love you.

    That was easy to say 😀

  3. I love you (and I am not kidding) – just kidding! I need one of these KICmounts!

  4. I just love Crazy Sweet Tuesday! And those pudding cookies look A-mazing 😉

  5. I do love you and all your wonderful posts!

  6. I love you. You had me at hello 🙂

  7. I love those Mike & Ike Christmas lights. Too cute!

  8. Thanks for hosting! So many fun holiday treats!

  9. Thank you so much for the feature!! I can’t believe my cookies were the most viewed link! Wow, I love the idea of those mounts, I think I need an Ipad now! Thanks for hosting!

  10. Me thinks I need one of those mounts!!! I use my iPad as cookbook daily! It would be so much easier to have it on the fridge! Love the features! Thanks for the party Dorothy.

  11. This is so awesome! And I do love your blog! You, I don’t know, but I have a feeling we’d get along well 🙂

  12. Me, me, pick me!!! :}

  13. You know I puffy heart love you:-) Thanks for the fun party!!!

  14. of course we LOVE you:) you have great giveaways
    I really need this KIC mount
    oh and thanks for the party

  15. What delicious features! Thanks for hosting 🙂

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  18. Great job. Love all your recipes and ideas.

  19. This is a great idea! I can’t believe I never thought of a magnetic iPad case!

  20. I was just looking for something like this, yesterday. I love my new iPad and downloaded Tyler Florence’s new cookbook. I can look at him, while cooking his SPAT-SEL!

  21. Wow, I need this. I have never seen it, could be great to cook with.

  22. Dorothy – I love you!
    And since I don’t have an iPad(weeping) my Mom will love me if I win this for her.
    Have a great week!

  23. and people say I am hard to buy for….well NOT anymore! This KICmount is pretty darn cool! Added to the Santa list – now let’s hope I have been NICE!

  24. Hey Dorothy!
    Thanks for the party!

    Quick question – which Genesis theme did you choose when you went from Blogger to WP? I know you did a series on that awhile back, and I should have pinned it! Anyway, I’m getting ready to make the big switch, and looking at choosing a theme. This one seems to be working well for you! So nervous to royally screw everything up – so I’m asking advice from someone who has been through it 🙂


    P.S. – I’m going to re-read that series. Do you have a link to the first post?

  25. How handy would that magnet thing be? Having cleaned my share of peppermint and cookie dough off of mine this season, I can see a lot of value in that. Speaking of peppermint….one more linked this week. I’m addicted! I am also going to link up my daughters Peppermint Party. It is really cute!

  26. I love you! I I love this product! What an amazing giveaway for food bloggers!

  27. What a great iPad invention! Love your recipes and stories!

  28. Wow..that is very cool gadget…makes me want an ipad even more. Haha

  29. I really do love you!! You are one cool chick 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway and another fun party!

  30. Thanks for the awesome give away and an even better party!

  31. Oh Dorothy, I <3 you! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! & thanks for hosting another great party! Those candy Christmas lights are so cute!!

  32. What a cool giveaway! I am glad you tested it out and made a note that the magnets are strong, I am super careful with my iPad too – I would lovvvee this for cooking in my kitchen!! How neat!!

  33. Thanks so much for featuring our Salted Caramel Pie! Wow – there are so many great holiday ideas- we just love them all! Thanks for hosting. Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

  34. Wow are people creative! We linked up a great sweet treat today.

  35. I LOVE all of your recipes! I LOVE this new gaget too! Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is always on our ipad!

  36. Love love LOVE this!!

  37. Those look amazing! I would love to be able to give my brother-in-law that for Christmas. His two loves: Apple and Cooking.

  38. I tried to leave a comment on your guest post, but I got an error? So I’ll leave one here 🙂 I love the gingerbread Oreo and pumpkin combo. Those truffles look and sound absolutely delicious! And as always, thanks for the party. You make my Tuesdays a smidgen more tolerable with Crazy Sweet Tuesday!

  39. I want an Ipad! Just so I can put it on the fridge. Too cool. Love your features this week, thanks for hosting!

  40. Fun! I added a few blogs to my reader!!

  41. I always love clicking through your link ups! Thanks for hosting!

  42. Really loving the IPAD mount! Definitely adding that to my wish list! Always a great party too, so many amazing holiday treats to consider! Thanks!

  43. I totally DO love you, Dorothy! That’s why I already voted for you the other day!!! I hope you and Aimee go head-to-head in the FINALS! {But then of course that would be really hard because I love you BOTH! 🙂 And I think I love this i-Pad case! Right now I use my laptop for recipes. I hate having that thing in the kitchen!

  44. I wish there was a KICMount for my Kindle! (hint, hint KICMount people 🙂 )

  45. what a fantastic idea!!! love it and thanks for hosting 🙂

  46. Thanks for the party Dorothy!

  47. LOVE the featured sweets – those maple truffle things look amazing. And the trees…and the lights, amazing! Thanks for hosting 🙂

  48. I love your recipes and so hard what to make next.

  49. I not only love you I love your blog and all your great giveaways

  50. Ok, I do love you. Also, I LOVE tv. I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed to win this giveaway!!

  51. I LOVE your blog! really!

  52. I always use our ipad in the kitchen, but it takes up too much valuable counter space!

  53. I love you! 😉 Thank you for the opportunity!!!

  54. Those oreo pumpkin truffles look SO good!! I bet they taste amazing. I’m going to have to give those a try!

  55. I’ve seen this before and what a cool little item!

    As always, thanks for hosting your Tuesday linky party!

  56. I do love you!

  57. I love you & this giveaway!

  58. I love you, even if I don’t win.

  59. I do love you!!

  60. This is genius! I am adding this to my amazon wish list!

  61. My dad would love one of these for his iPad! WOuld be a great Christmas present for him. 🙂

  62. Dorothy,
    I LOVE you!!!! and your amazing desserts!

    Thanks for hosting. Have a great weekend 🙂

  63. I soooo need that!! Love this giveaway!

  64. The Pumpkin Gingerbread Oreo Truffles look good!

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