cherryBLOX Giveaway {12 weeks of giveaways}

These cherryBLOX cutting boards would make a perfect Christmas gift – come enter to win!

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I’m super excited about this giveaway today! Tracey from The Kitchen is my Playground asked if I would be interested in doing a giveaway with her for cherryBLOX, a company that makes cutting boards that you can personalize. Of course I said yes – they’re gorgeous!


cherryBLOX makes cutting boards that can be personalized however you want. The cutting boards are of a superior quality cherry wood and are made in the USA by a family-owned company. You can engrave them with names…and even businesses. They made me one with my Crazy for Crust logo on it:


I don’t know if I’ll ever take a knife to it, it’s so pretty!

cherryBLOX comes in two sizes: small or large. The large is 10×14 and the small is 7×7. Both cutting boards are a thick 1 3/4″, and you can get them personalized with almost anything! These would make the perfect Christmas gift for any foodie – or for the new married couple. Or anyone!

Today, Tracey and I are hosting a giveaway for your choice of a cherryBLOX: small OR large! And you’ll get to personalize it how you want. Yay you! What will you personalize your cherryBLOX with?

Enter via the rafflecopter below. Open to U.S. residents only, must be 18 years or older to enter. See all rules and restrictions in the rafflecopter form. Sometimes the form takes a moment to load. Good luck!

cherryBLOX provided a large BLOX for me to try in exchange for doing the giveaway. All opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. Your Crazy for Crust cherryBLOX cutting board came out beautifully, Dorothy! I love it … and love my The Kitchen is My Playground one, too. Happy to be co-hosting this give-away with you! {Oh, and I cut on the BACK side of my BLOX and serve appetizers on the FRONT. 🙂 }
    Tracey @ The Kitchen is My Playground

  2. oooooh! I think I’d keep it to use in photos and you know…for cutting 😛 I would maybe even get The Cooking Actress engraved on it 😛

  3. I would totally keep it to myself though I’d probably hang it up somewhere in my kitchen so I don’t ruin it.

  4. I would keep it for myself. Cause I’m selfish, LOL!!!

  5. Def keep it for myself. No one would appreciate it like I would!

  6. I think it would make a wonderful gift for a very hard to shop for person on my list!

  7. I would most likely keep it for myself!

  8. if I won I would have to keep it for myself, but if I liked it I would buy more to give as gitts!

  9. Keep it for myself 🙂

  10. Hard choice…probably keep it for myself!

  11. I would so keep it for myself !

  12. Keep it! Didn’t even have to think about it for a second.

  13. If I win, I will keep it for myself!

  14. I would keep it and order others for the rest of the family

  15. I would keep it! It would stay on my kitchen counter to be used easily and because it’s pretty!!

  16. these look great! I agree with one person above in that I would probably keep it for myself and use it in photos! and then maybe order another for my mom 🙂

  17. I would keep it for serving fruit and cheeses on it it’s very nice. thank you for a chance to win it.

  18. would keep it

  19. These are high quality boards. The engraving on them is top notch. I would love to have one! So pretty!!

  20. I would keep it 😉 Blogger has to have some new toys to play with every now and then!

  21. Looks awesome! Would definitely keep it.

  22. If I won, I would def keep the board! I pinned it already in my xmas wishlist!

  23. I’d probably give it as a gift.

  24. I’d probably keep it for myself to cut my loaves of bread on

  25. I would keep it, it is awesome.

  26. Obviously I’d want to keep it, but I might give it as a gift, with the holidays upon us and all 🙂

  27. Super pretty! I’d likely keep it for myself =)

  28. I would definetly keep it! I don’t have a cutting board I can use. My old one splintered.

  29. I would keep it since I just have a little cheap one now.

  30. Be selfish and keep it. We could use one of these.

  31. Shameful as it may be, I’d probably keep the cutting board myself. I’m a food blogger — I’m always looking for fun & cute props! 😉

  32. I’d definitely keep it!

  33. I would give it as a gift to my mother…or keep it myself. Not sure.

  34. I hadn’t heard of cherryBLOX before reading this post. I love the customizing options, and if I am lucky enough to win would be very tempted to keep it. Although it would be a lovely gift! Thank you so much.

  35. I really want to say that I’d give it to someone else, but…I wouldn’t. This is just too cool!

  36. Not heard of this cutting board company, but sure could use a new one!!!!!

  37. I would keep a cherryBLOX for myself but definitely ordering some for gifts!!

  38. As much as I would like to keep mine, if I won, I would probably give it as a gift. I have too many now 🙂

  39. I would keep it for myself! Too nice yo give

  40. I would keep it and use it as a cheese board 🙂

  41. I would keep it for myself. I am always cutting or chopping something and could use it!!

  42. I hate to say this but, I would keep it! This would be soo pretty in blog pictures! Eek!

  43. I think I would keep it for myself and have my last name initial put on the bottom corner-looks so elegant! Thanks for the chance!

  44. I
    These are beautiful. I would love one with Nonnie on it, that’s what my grand kids call me

  45. I would keep the first one for me… I can see these as great gifts…

  46. I’d love it for myself.. I do all the cooking 🙂

  47. as much as I would love it, I would give it to my daughter, who is getting married next year, it would be a nice gift personalized with her and her ner spouces names!

  48. Love, love , love these cutting boards….. Have been looking at them for Christmas presents…

  49. I would keep this one for myself, and order more as gifts for special people.

  50. Even though it’s getting to be that time of the year, I’d be bad and keep it for myself. 🙂

  51. I would keep it for myself, because I don’t have a wooden cutting board and would love to have one!

  52. I would give it as a gift for my boyfriend’s mom – she just redid her kitchen, so this would be perfect!

  53. I guess it depends on how much I like it! Probably a gift to a friend but if it is as cool as it looks I might have to keep it just because it is too cool to share!

  54. I don’t have a wooden cutting board. It would be nice if I won this nice looking one. Good luck to everybody!!!

  55. I would keep it for myself.

  56. Wow, that’s a tough one!! If I kept it for myself I’d have to order two more as gifts. If I gave it to my daughter, I’d still have to order two, one for another gift and one for me!! Decisions, decisions.

  57. I would probably keep it for myself! It is such a useful item.

  58. I would give this to my mother, because she has inspired me in so many ways!

  59. As much as I think I would want to keep this amazing cutting board for myself, if I win I will give it to my son who just bought a house and he needs just about everything.

  60. Christmas gift for my sister, they are both very nice. Thanks!

  61. I’d probably keep it for myself:)

  62. I’d keep it for myself to use when I make all the goodies I make to give as gifts for friends & family! 🙂

  63. I would keep it for myself

  64. I would keep it.

  65. I would keep it for myself as I currently only have 1 ragity plastic chopping board & could really use an upgrade

  66. It would be a gift… me! LOL But I would probably buy some for gifts!

  67. I love these..but I would give it as a gift……….It’s Christmas time..time to give!! Then I would buy one for me from Santa!!!! 🙂

  68. I would give it to a new friend I just met. Her name is Tracy.

  69. I think my mom would really like it!

  70. This would be my holiday gift to me.

  71. I would give this beautiful cutting board as a gift, for a close friend of 36 years (I am running out of cool gift ideas, and this is really cool!).

  72. I have one cutting board so I would really want to keep the cherryBLOX for myself, but of course I’ll share with anyone who would like to use it.

  73. I am sorry to be greedy but I would keep it for myself! We gutted our house out over 10 years ago and my kitchen has not been finished, I try to replace my old stuff with new as soon as possible but with it being unfinished it is hard to have all the tools I would like

  74. I would definitely keep this for my own use.

  75. I’d keep this for me, but definitely interested in getting one or two as gifts!

  76. I’d have to keep this one for myself.

  77. I would give it to my hubby because he has been wanting a new board!

  78. I would LOVE one of these cutting blocks but I would definitely gift it to my mom. She’s in need of a new one for all her holiday baking! 🙂

  79. I would keep it, only because no one else will get in the kitchen and cook in my family. They all look to me to do the cooking and baking, which I love!! Cooking is a passion of mine and I love being in the kitchen. A cutting board like this would be wonderful. I am using a little plastic one that moves around on me!!

  80. I just ordered one for my parents and it is beautiful. So this one I would get for myself.

  81. I would probably keep it for myself.

  82. I need a cutting board, so I would have to keep it! Plus it is so pretty

  83. keep it

  84. I would give it to my fiance as a gift… that way he could practice cooking for when we get married! 😉

  85. I think these are beautiful cutting boards. I love your recipes.
    Thanks for the yummy recipes and fun giveaways!

  86. I would keep this one for me!

  87. If I won, I would gift the cherryBLOX to my daughter!

  88. I’d keep it. I always need an extra good cutting board around – and having a monogrammed one would be super fun!

  89. I’d keep one for me! But I would order one for a friend;)

  90. I think I’d keep it for myself. Bad, I know…. 🙂

  91. If I’m being honest, id keep it for myself its beautiful

  92. I would keep it and give my old board away

  93. I think because of my recent college-grad status (aka poor intern), I would be selfish and keep it for myself. Annnnd I think it’s too pretty to give away. 🙂

  94. Oh that’s tough. I have a few people I could give it to – but I would love to have it to add to my props.

  95. I would give this to my Hubby! He has been doing all of the cooking since I was injured at work 3 years ago.

  96. I would keep it for myself. I’ve needed a really nice chopping board for a long time.

  97. That would be a tough decision. I would really want to keep it for myself, but it would make a really lovely gift!

  98. I would keep it for myself. I do not have a good wooded board : )

  99. I really need it, so I would keep it.

  100. I would give it to a dear friend who just moved into a new house with a new kitchen.

  101. Since it’s our first Christmas together, I would give it as a gift to my new hubby.

  102. I would give this to my husband since he loves to cook.

  103. I really need a new cutting board, but if I won, I would give it to my dear daughter-in-law who doesn’t have one at all. She, my son and their 2 little babies just moved into their very own house, after my son was medically discharged from the Army. He was severely injured in Iraq, losing a leg, the top of his remaining foot and was seriously burned inside (inhalation burns) and out.
    My son was a hero, saving the lives and welfare of ALL the soldiers and the ambassador in his vehicle, to which we are all proud and grateful, BUT … My daughter-in-law, who was 5 months pregnant with their first child, has stuck by his side throughout this entire ordeal, tending his wounds better than the nurses and physical therapists. She deserves more than I could ever give her! <3

  104. I would keep it for myself, thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  105. I would keep it for me with my blog name on it like yours!

  106. Oooh, this is so beautiful, I would just having to keep it for myself!

  107. SO much better than the glass board we have that gives me the willies every time I cut something on it!

  108. As much as I would love to get one and see “Life After Laundry” on it, I think I would have to give it to my husband. He is the real cook in our family and enjoys it so much.

  109. I would give it to my mom. She would love it.

  110. I would keep it for myself 🙂

  111. I would give to my daughter for her Bridal shower or Wedding gift… coming up.
    Thanks for the chance – Good Luck to all

  112. Thanks for another great giveaway. You rock, Dorothy!

  113. I really need it for myself But I would give it to my daughter, then I would need to find out where to buy 3 more. It’s beautiful but I would give it away.

  114. If I won, I would definitely give it as a gift!

  115. I’m going to to be honest and say I would keep it for myself. I don’t have a really nice chopping block!

  116. I should give it away as a gift, but it’s such a nice cutting board I might just have to keep it for myself! 🙂

  117. I would keep it. My current one needs to be retired.

  118. I have no shame…..I would keep it for myself. :/

  119. I would gift it. Running out of room in my cabinet.

  120. Keep!!!! I need this in my kitchen!!

  121. I would LOVE the big one…I do not have one and would absolutely love this one!!!

  122. I would probably give it as a gift.

  123. Thank you this giveaway! I may add one of these to my Christmas wishlist!

  124. Those cutting boards are so beautiful! I would keep it for myself, since, believe it or not, I do not have a wooden cutting board! I used to have one, but it got wrecked and is now relegated to the camper for a large trivet (for cast iron skillets and mountain pie irons).

  125. I would keep it for myself. They are absolutely beautiful!

  126. I would keep this for myself:) I do a ton of cooking for my family of 7 so this would be great to have!

  127. I would keep it for myself. Our last name (Schoenradt) is long and usually doesn’t fit on traditional stuff. It’s hard to get anything personalized with it because it is so long. So I would put my last name on it.

  128. Would so keep it for myself!! I love it!

  129. Love this!!

  130. Great for wedding or shower gifts,

  131. I need a good one so I would keep it!

  132. I guess I’m greedy because I’d want to keep this all for myself.

  133. I would give it to my mom because she’s always cooking for our family gatherings.

  134. I think I would be selfish and keep it for myself.

  135. how bad am I if I kept it for myself?! would santa clause think I was being naught? LOL I would keep it. }:>

  136. I would actually give it to my Nana, hers recently broke, (not sure how that happened) 😉 so I would def give this to her. Love it!


  137. Since I need a cutting board I would keep it for myself. Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  138. Wow…I’d love the large one as I cook a lot. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  139. I would love to keep this for myself as I don’t have a nice cutting board, but I would probably give this to my daughter who is just starting out in her first household.

  140. If I won, I’d keep this for myself as I need a nice cutting board.

  141. I’d keep it for myself.

  142. This is too pretty to give away! One look and I’d have to keep it!

  143. I would definitely keep it for myself to use for rolling out pie crust, rolls, biscuits and cookie. Also for cutting and chopping large items.

  144. I would definitely keep it for myself since it would be so handy for rolling pie crusts, rolls and various other items. Also cutting and chopping large items and this is one item I don’t have.

  145. that’s a touch decision.. i think i would give it to my aunt who is a FABULOUS baker!

  146. I’ll keep it for myself

  147. It would be awesome to win this cutting broad for my Pastors wife . God bless

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