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Suggested Crop Basketball Peanut Butter Cookie Pies (1 of 1)w

Welcome back to Crust and Crumbs! I haven’t done one of these posts in way, way too long. 1. Did you know I’m a Maker over at Pillsbury? I create new content for their website a few times a month. Here are some of my recent posts: Basketball Cookie Pies Cookie Dough Gooey Bars And […]

Me…and weight {an update}

not a number

About six months ago I wrote a really long post about my issues with weight and body image. That post was so cathartic to write, and it really opened my eyes to what I was going through. The response was overwhelming – literally. So many women commented that I’d just written about their lives, shared […]

blogger spotlight: support CenterCutCook

Support Center Cut Cook

The one thing that I love most about blogging is the community. When I first started this blog I never even dreamed that I’d make the friendships I have…all online. I consider some of these women among my closest friends, and the blogging community as a whole is like a huge support system. If there […]

Crust and Crumbs: A Day in the Life


Instead of a traditional Crust and Cumbs post today, a bunch of us bloggers thought about doing a “Day in the Life” post to show you a behind the scenes look at our lives. I loved the idea because I’m that person who always looks in bathroom cabinets when I visit someone, so seeing inside […]

Crust & Crumbs

every accomplishment

It has been waaaaaay too long since I did one of these posts! Let’s get right to it. 1. I shared this quote at Online BlogCon last week, and I wanted to share it here. It’s so true – in all facets in life. I’m kind of a pessimist by nature, and I’m always afraid […]

The Duncan Hines Test Kitchen

duncan hines test kitchen07

Okay it’s time for me to share all the secrets behind the Duncan Hines Test Kitchen! This trip was really the trip of a lifetime. I feel so lucky to have been able to go. In case you didn’t know, I’ve been a Duncan Hines Passionate Blogger since last Spring. Over the past few months […]

The Story of a New Kitchen Faucet, Part 3 {the reveal}

delta faucet inspired post 3

Thanks to Delta Faucet I made over my kitchen starting with a new kitchen faucet! When we last left off in our story, the new kitchen faucet had arrived and the girl (er, me) was anxiously waiting for it to be installed. As much as I’d like to think I’m a DIYer, I’m SO NOT. […]

Print Instagram Photos for a DIY Photo Clothesline

diy photo clothesline 1-words

For a fun DIY Photo Clothesline Project as part of a sponsored post with Collective Bias, I created a photo wall in my office by printing Instagram photos using the Walgreens Mobile App! I am lucky enough to have a room in my house I can call an office. Sometimes it’s a guest room, most of […]

Back to School Giveaway $300 Target Gift Card – Crust and Crumbs


Okay, so it’s been way, way too long since I wrote one of these Crust and Crumbs posts. The end of summer kind of killed me. Can you forgive me? How about if I give away a $300 Target gift card? I know that would make me forgive just about anything! Brought to you by… […]

Me…and weight

**Note: I wrote this post several weeks ago and have been too afraid to share it. I’ve been struggling with this a lot over the past month or two, and didn’t have the courage to open up. But the other day, I saw a segment about this book and I almost started to cry. It […]

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