5 Reasons Why You NEED a KICMount

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You’ve heard of the KICMount, right? The magnetic mount for your iPad? It makes it stick anywhere that’s metal? I love mine, and I know you’d love one. To convince you of this fact, I’ve compiled a list of 5 reasons why you NEED a KICMount. 1. It will keep your kids busy. Are you […]

Sprinkle Pancakes and KICMount

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This post is sponsored by KICMount. Sprinkle Pancakes are a great way to start your Saturday! Add some sprinkles to your pancake batter and watch your kids smile. Then freeze them for the week! These Sprinkle Pancakes aren’t new to this blog. But please…don’t go looking for them. I beg of you. They majorly needed […]

The KICMount: For more than just recipes!


By now you know all about the KICMount, right? It’s that magical case for your iPad that makes it magnetic. All you do is snap your iPad into your KICMount and poof! It becomes magnetic! You can hang it anywhere magnets will stick and it won’t budge. The case is a durable plastic and is […]

KICMount: Magnetize your iPad!


I have a secret to confess: I am majorly unorganized outside of my computer. I’m great with dates, my email, blog, pictures, calendar, and all that stuff. But one look at my office and you’ll be able to see my organizational issues have reached an all-time high. I blame it on the fact that I […]

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