Crazy for Crust

Jan 29

How To Dip Candy and Truffles Video Tutorial

How To Dip Candy and Truffles Video Tutorial

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyDipping doesn’t have to be hard. With a few easy steps you can learn how to dip candy and truffles…without crying! So, I made you all a video. I know, right? #scary #dontjudgeme I’ve been wanting to do a dipping instruction for awhile. Text explanations can be confusing, photos are great, but videos are...

Chocolate Truffle Cake Roll (1 of 4)w

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyDon’t be afraid of the cake roll! This Chocolate Truffle Cake Roll is one of my favorites yet – a rich chocolate truffle filling inside a from-scratch chocolate cake roll! Cake rolls are amazing. There are so many flavor combinations! It’s my goal in life to turn everything into a cake roll at some...

Peanut Butter Oreo Truffles (1 of 5)w

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyOreo Truffles? Yes. Oreo Truffles covered in peanut butter? Yes x1000. Okay, so before we talk about these fabulous and omg-delicious Oreo Truffles that have been coated with peanut butter white chocolate, can I bore you with something else? {In my mind, you all just nodded and said, of course! So onward I go.}...

Jan 25

Over 100 Treats for a Football Party

Football Collage

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyIt’s almost time for the Super Bowl so that means you need party food! Find something sweet in this list of over 100 treats for a football party. These are perfect for all season long, but especially the big game. Are you watching the Super Bowl next weekend? Make up something sweet for your...

Jan 23

Mini Brownie Football Pies

Brownie Football Pies (2 of 5)w

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyIt’s National Pie Day…and almost the Super Bowl. Let’s make some mini football brownie pies! I couldn’t let January 23 pass by without posting a pie for National Pie Day! I couldn’t decide what kind of pie to make until it hit me: football pie! I can’t believe the Super Bowl is right around...

Jan 22

Peanut Butter Pretzel Muddy Buddies

Peanut Butter Pretzel Muddy Buddies (4 of 5)w

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyThe perfect snack to feed lots of people at a party: Peanut Butter Pretzel Muddy Buddies! They’re so addicting you might cry. Two peanut butter recipes in one week. You’re not shocked right? I mean, I’m kind of addicted to the stuff. And since January 24 is National Peanut Butter Day, I needed a...

Jan 21

Red Velvet Soft Pretzels

Red Velvet Soft Pretzels (4 of 6)w

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyThis is a super fun way to eat cake – as a soft pretzel! These Red Velvet Soft Pretzels taste like cake, but with the texture of a soft pretzel. A few months ago I posted Cake Mix Soft Pretzels, a boiled and baked soft pretzel that was made out of cake mix. I...