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Almond Joy Mini Pies (2 of 4)w
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Chocolate Cake Ball Stuffed Peanut Butter Cupcakes

Chocolate Cake Ball Stuffed PB Cupcakes

Hey, before I tell you about these awesomeamazingyouwon'tbelievethem cupcakes, I wanted to let you know that I was a guest poster today over at Something Swanky! I'm talking about using Curves in PicMonkey and another little helpful commenting/HTML tip. Go check it out! And now, on with your show... I work out every day. I mean I stuff Almond Joy candy bars in crescent rolls for breakfast. I kind of need to exercise. Usually I go to the gym, where I embarrass myself in a Core class or I read 50 Shades of Grey on the elliptical and try not to blush. {Side note: have you read that book? Oh my. It's...intense. And I don't quite understand why everyone is so thrilled about a book where a girl chooses to be in an abusive … {continue reading}

Crazy Sweet Tuesday

Hey everyone! Welcome to Crazy Sweet Tuesday, the total opposite of a Weight Watchers meeting.I hope you're having a wonderful Memorial Day. I hope you're relaxing, BBQing, sleeping, or all of the above. Well maybe not BBQing while you're sleeping. That could pose a hazardous situation. But whatev, you get what I mean.Guess what? I'm guest posting today for Jerri over at Simply Sweet Home! I've been a longtime member of Jerri's linky party, Friday Favorites, so I jumped at the chance to guest post for her.Of course, I made a pie. Because pie rocks. I mean, it's Memorial Day and all. An American holiday. And America is synonymous with pie.And this pie is amazing. It's made of a pantry!Just kidding. That would be gross, all wooden and … {continue reading}

Red, White, and Blue Cupcake Tops

red white and blue cupcake tops

Happy Memorial Day! Whatcha all up too? Wait, what? You're not reading blogs on your day off? Well then, you're missing out on probably the easiest Memorial Day treat ever. To be perfectly honest, I never usually make red, white, and blue treats for Memorial Day. I never thought about it, really, until we went to a BBQ last year thrown by a military family. Then I kinda got it. I'm slow that way. Anyway, this is a super simple idea to dress up your dessert table tomorrow. In case you haven't set your menu down to the last morsel. {I mean, not everyone is as anal as I am. I don't think.} This idea totally came from two of my favorite blogs, BruCrew Life (Mini Brownie Fruit Pizzas) and Shugary Sweets (Carrot Cake Muffin … {continue reading}

Rocky Road Bars {I’m Guest Posting!}

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I'm guest posting today over at Lisa's wonderful blog, Sweet 2 Eat Baking. Lisa makes some super-yummy-fabulous treats like Caramel Shortbread Bars and Coconut Ice.I'm over there hijacking her blog with stories about myself (of course, talking about myself is what I'm best at) and sharing these awesome Rocky Road Bars made out of chocolate cookie dough, almonds, and marshmallows.Because Rocky Road, well, kinda rocks. Of course.So pop on over and say hi to Lisa. You'll love her as much as I do! As a bonus, you'll get this recipe. It's a win-win!Happy Saturday! … {continue reading}

Whatever Friday

It's Friday, yay! Although I'm a little sad, because that means that Almond Joy Week is over.But it's a three day weekend, woot!How was your week? Long? Short? Busy? I'm jealous that so many of you are already out of school. We have until June 7th.Lots of stuff happened this week..let's get started!1. First and foremost, it was Almond Joy Week.I tempted you with another awesome pudding cookie.I gave you a rundown of the 10 pounds I'm going to gain when I got to Arizona next month.And talked about my love of all things supercheap.I have so many more Almond Joy ideas. I may have to do another themed week in a few months. :)2. I redid a little of the design on my blog. It's still a work in progress. I want to thank Ashton for giving us those … {continue reading}

Frozen Almond Joy Mini Pies

frozen almond joy cups

{Yup. Still Almond Joy Week. Woot!} I love the Dollar Tree. It's awesome. I mean, where else can you buy cereal, greeting cards, bungee cords, an American Flag, and a pregnancy test for only $5 plus tax? Although I do have reservations about some of the foods they sell at the Dollar Tree, (perishables? um, no thank you) I love finding hidden gems in the packaged food aisles, for only $1. Like their maple cookie sandwiches. Or the frosted animal cookies. Or like the time I bought the entire shelf worth of Tapatio sauce for Mel's birthday party, whereupon I glued his face to the bottle and made him Mr. Tapatio. Most recently I was at a different store than I usually go to and they had way more packaged foods. And I … {continue reading}

Almond Joy Crescent Rolls

almond joy crescent rolls

{'s still Almond Joy Week round these parts. You excited??} I love to travel. In fact, if we ever won the lottery (which means I would actually have to play) I think I'd get Jordan a tutor and travel all the time. I love seeing new places, revisiting old ones, staying in hotels and eating out in new places (let's not confuse that with trying new things; we all know I don't do that). In fact, the whole eating thing on trips is one of my favorite parts. So much so that I have a "TV Food Maps" app on my phone with which I can search eateries nearby that were featured on my favorite food TV shows, like Cupcake Wars. And then there is what I call "nostalgic eating" on trips. When you visit a place you once lived and eat to … {continue reading}

Crazy Sweet Tuesday

Welcome to Crazy Sweet Tuesday, where I skip the meal and go straight to dessert.Thanks everyone for linking last week! There were so many, it was hard to choose. But my Sweet Tooth threatened to take away my sugary cravings if I didn't pick some. So I did.Lots of features this week, so let's get started!Words with Friends Cookie by Lizy B. Bakes. I really want to try something like this for a *certain person's* summer birthday but don't know if I can pull it off. She also has tutorials on how to do it!Marshmallow...Mother's Day...Baby Shower Cake by Pops and Podge. Love this decorating idea!Cookies & Cream Frosting by Shaken Together. Frosting with Cool Whip. {So that means I can eat it all, right?}Toasted Coconut Ice Cream with a Fudge … {continue reading}

Almond Joy Pudding Cookies

almond joy pudding cookies

Well, were you able to figure it out after my teaser on Friday? It's Almond Joy Week! I have this huge love of Almond Joys. Really, a love of all things coconut. It's one of those times in life where you realize your mother was right: your tastes change. See, until two Halloweens ago I hated coconut. Wouldn't come near it. Then I tasted an Almond Joy from Jordan's trick-or-treat basket. It was love at first sight. Now I want to put coconut in everything. I can't even buy Almond Joys. If I do? I'll eat the whole package. They're too easy to eat. Two bites, gone. It's not fair really. After I made those Almond Pudding Cookies I was at the store staring at the pudding boxes. {Please tell me I'm not the only one that … {continue reading}

Whatever Friday

TGIF people. It's Friday, yay!Do you have any fun plans this weekend? We have our last (regular season) softball game. And Mel's truck is making a "funny noise" so I'll be spending Jordan's summer camp money at an auto shop, I'm sure. Aren't cars fun??1. I had fun this week, did you? I made you lots of goodies.I made you think about what you can do with all your spare time.I made you a new version of one of my favorite brownies.And I even made you a new version of one of my favorite cupcakes. Aren't I super nice?2. Read Crank by Ellen Hopkins. It's unbelievably good. I read over 300 pages in one day. (I mean, sure, it's written in verse so it's a quick read, but still.) Read it, you won't be sorry. And you'll never be tempted to take meth, … {continue reading}

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