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Peach Pie Blondies & Marie Callender’s

peach pie blondies resized

  I was a senior in high school in 1995. That's also the year that the Niner's won the Super Bowl and Alanis Morissette became a huge star. I loved Alanis. Like, totally crushed on her. One of my favorite songs of hers is Ironic. I think irony is funny. Lots of things in life are ironic. Like when you get home from the library and there is a message on your answering machine from them saying the book you have on hold is ready for pick-up. Or when you wash your car (or your dog) and then it rains. Or when you find the perfect little dress at Old Navy, and the only size they have it in is the one you wore before you started a food blog. Sometimes reeealllly good things come of irony. The day that I posted my … {continue reading}

Skinny Milk Chocolate Caramel Frozen Pies {2 points+ and Kernel Seasons}

skinny caramel freezer pies 1 words

If there is one thing my husband and I love to do, it's go to movies. B.K. (before kid) we went every to see a movie every weekend. Sometimes two. I still remember the last B.K. movie we saw, In Good Company. I seem to remember it was a cute movie. What I do remember is having to pee, like, three times during it, as I was a gazillion months pregnant at the time. Since Jordan was born we've been to no more than 10 movies. In over seven years. By the time you pay for a sitter, who can afford a movie? Back in our movie-going heyday, we lived in Chandler, Arizona, home of the mega-movie theaters. I have fond memories of those theaters, probably because being able to go to a movie without worrying that your phone is off for an hour and … {continue reading}

Crazy Sweet Tuesday

Crazy Sweet Tuesday

Hey, hey! Welcome to Crazy Sweet Tuesday, where it's always sweets o'clock. Within the next week I hope to make the move to the self-hosted wordpress site I have been working on. I apologize if you stop by and something weird is happening! I am hoping downtime will be at a minimum, but I appreciate your patience! If you follow me through Google Friend Connect...please make sure you also follow via Facebook and Twitter. (Or...just use my RSS feed instead!) I am hoping all my GFC friends can come with me to my new digs...but there is a chance the feed transfer will have problems. I don't want you to miss a minute of sugar! Thanks so much for following along! Second order of business this week...the winner of the My Memories Suite … {continue reading}

Cake Ball Chocolate Chip Cookies

cake ball cookies 2 smaller

There are lots of things that I do well. Making baked goods. Eating baked goods. Reading. Math. Being a wife and mom (well, I think I do that well). Eating baked goods. Watching Real Housewives, and my new fav, Beverly Hills Nannies. Having the discipline to exercise (notice I said discipline to do, not actually doing). Eating baked goods. Of course, there are lots of things I don't do well. Like trying new foods. (Thanks to Dr. Google, I'm pretty sure I have food neophobia.) Discipline (really, I suck). Cleaning (I hate it). And, among other things, I am really not good at rolling cake balls. Seriously, I see cake balls all over the internets. Perfect ones. Gorgeously round, plump, and smooth. … {continue reading}

Whatever Friday's Friiiiiiiday. Which has a whole new meaning now that school is in session, BTW.Did ya'll do anything fun this week?I did lots.1. Jordan started school this week. She loved it the first day, came home all excited and happy and bubbling over with thoughts about what she did, who she played with, how nice her teacher is...and then day two happened. I guess in all her excitement about school she forgot she school.If only there was a degree in Social, Jordan would be golden.2. I'm giving away digital scrapbooking software from My Memories. If you think you don't need it...well you're wrong. Don't scrapbook? No problem! If you like to make cute tags, frames, invitations, and general craft thingamabobs, you need this … {continue reading}

Blueberry & Peach Dump Cake

dump cake smaller

Can I tell you a secret you probably won't be surprised to hear? I don't like peaches. I know, shocking, right? That the second pickiest person on the planet (my kid being the first) doesn't like a stone fruit? A crust loving baker who wouldn't touch a peach pie with a 10-foot pole? What will shock you is that Jordan actually likes peaches. It's like a paradox or something like that. I often wonder if we are disturbing the natural order of things and interrupting the space-time continuum. The only thing peachy I do like is a Bellini. I guess if you add enough alcohol to something, it'll taste good. But pie? Cake? Cookies? Smoothie? Cut-up on a plate? No sirree. No thanks. Tastes like feet to me. Not that I know … {continue reading}

Peanut Butter Brownies

peanut butter brownies 2 words

Today was Jordan's first day of second grade. I got a little sad. And then I realized something. She's gone! At school all day! I kinda felt like that lady in the empty-nester commercial, the one who redecorated her kid's room as soon as he left for college? It's amazing the difference that happens to a kid between kindergarten and second grade. Ginormous difference between then and now. And I know she's only going to grow up even more in the next few months. She'll probably think she's ready for her driver's license by the time she ends second grade. And she's still super excited still about her braces. She made sure to seek out her old teachers, her principal, and parents of several friends to show them her NEW BRACES! and NEW … {continue reading}

Crazy Sweet Tuesday & My Memories Giveaway

Welcome to Crazy Sweet Tuesday, where desserts rule the day!Thank you for coming to Crazy Sweet Tuesday! I have one more giveaway for you, and I'm super excited about it.I used to scrapbook - a lot. I did it the old fashioned way for a long time; lugging out the cutters and paper and boxes of photos. Then, a few years back, I discovered digital scrapbooking. And it was like the sky opened and angels sang. No mess to clean up! No dangerous tools to keep away from little hands!While I do create photo books and 12x12 page prints occasionally, hands down my favorite thing to do with digital scrapbooking software is to create printables: invitations, cupcake decorations, tags, and signs. Once you start creating, the options are endless.When My … {continue reading}

Butter Pecan Cake Kettle Corn {Sundays with Joy}

butter pecan kettle corn resized

Last week I spent an entire day at a local water park, complete with water slides, wave pool, and general chaos. If you remember how I feel about such things, you'll understand  why I had hesitation in going. Jordan had been dying to go all summer and this was a girl scout event; a reward for all those cookies I she sold last spring. As a reward for all my her hard work, we got to spend a day at the least most fun place in the area. I don't like heights, putting my head under water, crowds, claustrophobic round tubes, and swimming pools in general, so you can understand my hesitation in going. The last time I went to a water park I was 12. It was for the birthday party of a friend, and I had tubes in my ears (for the second … {continue reading}

Whatever Friday

It's the last Friday before school starts. I'm happy (more than you can imagine), but it's bittersweet too. It's been a fun summer. But we're all so ready for it to be Fall!Did you do anything fun this week? Our week was super busy.1. Jordan got her braces. It's kind of emotional for me, to see her with all that metal, because it's my genes that gave her that mouth. Way back before we started the process, I thought she would get a palate expander and be done. She wasn't so lucky. She had to have four baby teeth pulled. She got a palate expander. And we were scheduled for partial braces, just on the top.When she came out of the exam room on Tuesday she had full braces. The doctor made the decision she needed them.  Because her mouth is that … {continue reading}

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