Caramel Apple Toffee Blondies (3 of 6)
Lattice Blackberry Pie (3 of 7)w
Gluten Free Mud Hen Bars (10 of 10)w
Homemade Soft Golden Oreos (1 of 5)w
Hazelnut Caramel Apple Nachos (1 of 8)w

Homemade Dulce de Leche Coffee Creamer

Dulce de Leche Coffee Creamer (2 of 4)w

Remember that time I made Homemade Dulce de Leche? Well, I had 3 jars in my fridge that needed using. One, I ate with a spoon. One went into this pie. The third? Became DIY Homemade Coffee Creamer! I have a physical next week. The anticipation is making me remember how much I really hate going to the doctor. Does anyone actually enjoy it? In the first place, they weigh you, and I have a problem with that. And when you're a germophobe/partial hypochondriac, the doctors tend to look at you like you're crazy. {Which you totally are, but whatever.} I think the internet has made it worse for us partial hypochondriacs, don't you think? WebMD is probably a real doctor's nightmare. But sometimes I actually know what I'm talking … {continue reading}

Crockpot Apple Dump Cake

Crockpot Apple Dump Cake (1 of 6)w

If you bake it, fall will come. I'm repeating that sentence to myself over and over while I make lots of fall flavors. I'm ready for cooler temperatures - and apple desserts, like this Crockpot Apple Dump Cake. If you thought a Dump Cake was easy before, just wait. Now you can make it in a crockpot and it's about a gazillion times easier than ever! Oh my gosh is it September yet? I am so ready for fall to come. And, well. September is chalking it up to be a pretty good month around these parts. It's been between 90-100 degrees for about 6 straight years now. Okay, by years I mean months and by 6 I mean 2. But whatever. It's been really freaking hot for a really freaking long time and I'm ready for fall. Which, really, I'm … {continue reading}

My Cookbook: Dessert Mash-Ups


{Wow, this post is way harder to write than I originally thought it would be. Who would have thought I'd have trouble talking about myself?} Tap, tap, tap. Is this thing on? I have an extra special announcement today. Something I've been waiting to "officially" share for a very long time: My cookbook, Dessert Mash-Ups: Tasty Two in One Treats is now available for PRE-SALE! It's like I had a baby, but instead of it being a baby, it's a book. With recipes, pictures, and lots and lots of my sweat and tears. I'm so excited to finally talk all about what's inside! If you've lived anywhere outside of a rock lately, you'll have heard about a food mash-up. Taking two foods and putting them together. Frankenfood, so to … {continue reading}

Copycat Pineapple Whip

Pineapple Whip (6 of 7)w

Oh. My. Gosh. YOU GUYS! I made the most wonderful, best tasting, most addicting (and healthier) frozen treat ever. It only has 4 ingredients, it's ready in a flash, and it's a Disney Copycat. That's right my peeps: I made you a copycat Pineapple Whip (aka Dole Whip). Make it at home today and save $3,500 by not going to Disney! And, did I mention? It's healthier too. #win To be totally honest with you, I've never had a Dole Whip. Sure, I've heard about them. I've contemplated buying one...until I saw the line. 30 minutes? For dessert? Um, no thanks. Now you can have a Pineapple Whip without standing in a line. And without the super expensive price tag (no park hopper tickets needed!) A few weeks ago I was craving a … {continue reading}

No Bake Frozen Peanut Butter Cheesecake {nutter butter crust}

Frozen No Bake Peanut Butter Cheesecake (2 of 13)w

I had myself at Nutter Butter Crust, to be honest. But then on top of that is a frozen peanut butter cheesecake. And chocolate whipped cream. And hot fudge, peanut butter, and peanuts. I'm so, so sorry for your diet. And for that drool on your computer screen. This blog should come with a warning: Read only in yoga pants with extra napkins. THIS was my husband's birthday cake. And...he ate some! He had two whole slivers! {Approximately 4 bites. But I'll take it!} I teased this photo a few weeks ago. Are you mad I made you wait this long? Forgive me? When I posted that photo on my personal Facebook, someone commented that they had been hoping it was cake. My husband doesn't like cake. He likes cheesecake. He … {continue reading}

Key Lime Cheesecake

Key Lime Cheesecake (5 of 11)w

Did you know that July 30th is National Cheesecake Day? *Best Day Ever* Thanks to PHILADELPHIA, I'm starting the celebration early with my new favorite: Key Lime Cheesecake. Creamy, sweet, and just a little bit tart, this cheesecake is the perfect way to celebrate the best day of the year! Reasons why I love cheesecake: *It has a crust. I mean, that should be the obvious one. *It reminds me of my wedding. We love cheesecake so much, our wedding cake was made of it! *The texture and denseness of cheesecake makes me feel like I'm eating a lot, even when I just have a small sliver. (Er, I usually don't have a small sliver. Does anyone only eat small slices of cheesecake? Besides my husband, of course?) *The flavor … {continue reading}

Kitchen Aid Mixer Giveaway!


You know you need a Kitchen Aid Mixer. Already have one? That's okay. You know you need 2! So why not come enter to WIN one?? It's no secret that I love my Kitchen Aid. In fact, I love it so much that I have two of them. And they both get used almost daily! So, you know you want to win one...right? … {continue reading}

Coconut Sugar Cookie Bars

Coconut Sugar Cookie Bars (1 of 5)w

I'm craaaaaazy for coconut. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. I'm also a sugar cookie addict that hates scooping or rolling out cookies. My solution? Sugar Cookie Bars...with coconut! Make that TRIPLE the coconut: coconut oil, coconut extract, and shredded coconut! {Say that three times fast...} Oh my gosh, writer's block just sucks. And you know what? Two days ago, I had this GREAT idea for a post and I can't remember what it was. The memory loss *may* be because I was wine tasting at the time, in Napa. We had a driver. I was fine until the third winery and then I just...wasn't. Maybe the awesome post idea will come back to me. Maybe not? Until then, you'll have to deal with me rambling about nothing. Which, really, is … {continue reading}

Over 70 No Bake Pies

Over 70 No Bake Pies

Love pie but don't want to turn on the oven? This round-up is for you! Obviously, pie is my favorite thing. Hello - I'm Crazy for Crust! I love pie all year long - including summer. But in the summer I hate using my oven. Who wants to bake when it's a bajillion degrees and the power company charges ad gazillion dollars for A/C? Not me! Enter: The No Bake Pie. No bake crust filled with creamy or frozen filling, the no bake pie is one of my favorite things. If left to my own devices, I could eat an entire pie in a day. I wish I was kidding. I've collected over 70 No Bake Pies today. From fruit to ice cream to peanut butter to caramel, you'll be able to find your favorite! … {continue reading}

Lime Curd

Lime Curd (2 of 5)w

I have a slight addiction. It's called homemade curd. Lemon curd, lime curd, whatever. I can eat it with a spoon. Instead of paying $4 a jar and breaking the bank, I decided to make my own. Now you can too! Have you ever had lemon curd? Chances are, you've seen it used in a plethora of lemon recipes here on this blog. I've added the sweet stuff to a Cake roll, to breakfast pastry, and even to milkshakes. Curd is one of those things that you don't realize you love until you try a spoonful. Thicker and creamier than jam or jelly, it's got the consistency of a pudding, but it's much, much better. I've always been in love with lemon curd and I'd never seen lime until I visited Harry & David this past April. I bought a jar … {continue reading}

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