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Oct 31

Easy Candy Bark

Easy Candy Bar Bark (10 of 10)

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyEmailHappy Halloween!! I hope you all have a safe and fun night trick-or-treating. And guess what? Tomorrow you gain an hour. You know what you should do with that hour? MAKE THIS BARK. After all, you’ll have loads of candy. You know what I love about Easy Candy Bark? Lots of things. It’s easy...

Muddy Buddy Pecans (3 of 4)w

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyEmailI can eat and entire batch of Muddy Buddies in one sitting, by myself. Add pecans to that mixture? Stick a fork in me, I’m done! Jordan recently discovered Bath and Body Works. I guess I should be happy about that, because it’s all soap and lotion, two things she’s been adamantly against for...

Oct 28

8 Incredible Chocolate Desserts #ChocolateForJoan

8 Incredible Chocolate Desserts you MUST make

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyEmailToday I’m sharing 8 incredible chocolate desserts for National Chocolate Day. It’s just too bad that this is one of the hardest posts I’ve ever had to write. I’d love it if you’d read this post today. It’s important. But even if you’re not into the words, I’d love it even more if you’d click...

Oct 27

Mom’s Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Pie

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Pie (2 of 7)w

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyEmailWant a pumpkin pie recipe that’s tried and true? This Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Pie is it – it’s my mom’s recipe! This pie has been at every holiday and family gathering as long as I can remember. Well, sort of. I added the chocolate chips to my mom’s recipe because, well, why not? Chocolate...

Chocolate Chess Pie (4 of 9)w

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyEmailThere are days when you just need ooey gooey chocolate. This pie is perfect for those days; it’s a Chocolate Chess Pie with a graham cracker crust. It’s ooey, gooey, chocolatey, fudgy, and crunchy all at the same time! I’m sorry, but I just can’t ever make a chocolate pie without thinking about the...

Slow Cooker Desserts1

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyEmailYes you CAN use your slow cooker to make dessert! It’s the best way to make dessert, in my opinion, especially when the oven is full of other things! From cakes to brownies to candy and fudge, the crockpot is an easy way to make dessert. Here are over 20 slow cooker desserts that you...

Oct 22

Easy Butterscotch Pudding Cookies

Easy Butterscotch Pudding Cookies (4 of 8)w

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyEmailThese Butterscotch Pudding Cookies are easy, fast, and incredibly soft! Do you ever just have a day where you WANT COOKIES and you WANT THEM NOW? Yeah, that was me the other day. It would seem I’ve had quite of few of those days recently, which means I’m either addicted to cookies or I...