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I hope you had a fabulous 4th of July! Let's start the weekend with some crust and crumbs of my life, shall we? We spent the last week of June in HOT Palm Springs. Murphy's was only in the 80s and 90s here in Sacramento while we're gone...and the heat followed us home. 1. Why go to Palm Springs in the summer? Because it's cheap. A friend let us use her condo, so the week was relatively inexpensive. That left a lot of money to pay for food and fun. And we spent a lot - on food, that is. Remember that Bravo show, Welcome to The Parker? It took place in Palm Springs, so I had to go see it. Turns out there is a fabulous breakfast restaurant inside - Norma's. I told my husband ahead of time we were ordering all the things, … {continue reading}

Junior Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups

Junior Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups (4 of 7)w

Two ingredients - that's all you need to make these cookie cups. I mean, it's almost embarrassing that I'm calling this a recipe. But I am, because it's probably my favorite cookie in a very long time: Junior Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups! I looooooove Junior Mints. I'll explain why in another post sometime (it's food related) but every time I see a box I just can't help picking one up. Something about the cool mint and smooth center gets me every time. Also, a 4 ounce box should be considered less than a serving. Is it just me or is it too easy to inhale the whole thing in less than 5 minutes? A few months ago I bought a couple boxes of Junior Mints with the intention of making chocolate chip cookies with them. I figured … {continue reading}

Ice Cream Cupcakes

Ice Cream Cupcakes (8 of 9)w

You know what's better than a scoop of ice cream next to a cupcake? A scoop of ice cream that comes inside a cupcake. Stuffed things are always better - always. Last month a friend of mine shared a photo on my Facebook wall. The photo was originally from Duncan Hines (I think) but it was a photo of a cupcake with ice cream stuffed inside. She asked if I could teach her how to make them for her son's birthday. I did one better than that. I made them for her - and for you. This way you can make your own ice cream stuffed cupcakes too! Because there is nothing better than dessert stuffed in dessert. Ever since Jenny first stuffed an Oreo inside a chocolate chip cookie, we bloggers have been obsessed with the two-in-one … {continue reading}

Thick Homemade Chocolate Sauce

Thick Chocolate Sauce (7 of 9)w

Alright everyone. Go get your straws - we're having homemade chocolate sauce for breakfast. Speaking of breakfast, what is it about kids and that whole POP!-they're-awake thing? My daughter pops out of bed at 6am (summer, winter, whenever) and it's like the off switch we hit on her voice the night before automatically turns back on: I slept good mommy I didn't have any dreams What was that city called we were talking about at camp Where is the iPad I don't want to feed the dog Can you feed her for me What are we doing today Can I have breakfast? Take. A. Breath. When this happens before I've had my coffee in the morning, it tends to get ugly. She's 9, but still doesn't understand that mommy needs her coffee in the morning before … {continue reading}

Taffy Truffles

Taffy Truffles (2 of 5)w

Move over Oreo Truffles, there's a new candy in town: Taffy Truffles, made out of Mother's Taffy Cookies! Can we talk for a minute about towels? Because it has so much to do with these truffles. {I'm lying. It doesn't. I just want to vent.} Why is it so hard for a kid to hang up a wet towel? WHY? Step one: Dry off. Step two: Hang up towel on hook, yes, hook, that your parents provide for you so you didn't have to hang it on a towel bar because obviously using a towel bar is for highly intelligent educated adults. Step three: Throw towel on floor wherever you dry off: bathroom, hallway, bedroom, garage. Step four: Mom cleans room and finds dry crunchy towels buried in piles of "I put it away" laundry. WHY? Is it … {continue reading}

77 Funfetti Recipes

Cake Batter Funfetti Recipes

I am OBSESSED with funfetti recipes. I pretty much want to live in a house made of sprinkles and make everything I eat taste like cake. Wouldn't that be amazing? Anyway, since I don't think my husband is keen on moving again, and he'd be embarrassed to bring his friends home to a hot pink house anyway, I have to make myself happy with funfetti food. Cake, cheesecake, cookies, ice cream, name it, I want it. Luckily, lots of my blogger friends love it too. Below are over 77 funfetti recipes that taste like cake batter. Make one or 10 today! What's your favorite way to eat funfetti? … {continue reading}

Perfect Overnight Cinnamon Rolls {photo tutorial}

Perfect Overnight Cinnamon Rolls (22 of 27)w

Hands down, Cinnamon Rolls are my favorite breakfast. If we're being totally honest, they're my favorite lunch, dinner, and snack, too. Everyone needs the perfect cinnamon roll recipe (from scratch!) in their arsenal. This is that recipe for you. Until a few years ago I was pretty freaked out about yeast. I was afraid I'd kill it and be labeled a yeast murderer. My first foray into yeasted bread was pizza crust using a recipe I'd found in the Rachael Ray Magazine. It was love at first bite. Shortly thereafter I began making yeasted cinnamon rolls and over the past year I've developed a dough recipe that I absolutely love. It works every time, winter or summer, and it's so much fun to play with the filling. In fact, I very … {continue reading}

Pie Crust Ice Cream Bowls

Ice Cream Pie (10 of 10)w

Plain ice cream bowls are so boring. And they're so not eco-friendly. With one ingredient you can make your own edible ice cream bowls - out of pie crust! It's like ice cream pie...but way better. Have you ever had one of those Duh! moments? Like when you cannot find your sunglasses...and they're on your head? Or you tear the whole house apart looking for your phone...and it's in your purse? Or when you realize that s'mores are so much better made with Thin Mints? Or the lamp won't turn on no matter what you do and you realize that someone turned it off with the chain instead of the switch? Or, when you realize that you've been wasting water washing ice cream bowls for 30 years instead of making them out of pie … {continue reading}

Black Bottom Dulce de Leche Pie

No Bake Dulce de Leche Pie (13 of 13)

Are you ready for this? Take a seat people, this pie is gonna wow you. Graham cracker crust, ganache, dulce de leche, no-bake, cream cheese...there ain't one thing in that sentence I don't LOVE. Let's take a ride on the pie train, shall we? Two weeks ago I showed you the anatomy of the perfect graham cracker crust. I made two crusts for that photo shoot and then had to make two pies. We don't waste crust at my house, no sir. I made a s'mores ganache pie with one of them. Then, last week, I showed you how easy it is to make homemade dulce de leche in your crockpot. You can buy it at the store, but (1) it's expensive and (2) you can't find it everywhere. Making it at home is so easy - especially when using your slow cooker. … {continue reading}

Instagram Giveaway

final-contest-art (1)

Are you on Instagram?  It's my absolute favorite social media, probably because it's photo driven. I always have my phone in my hand, and it's become my default camera. I take pictures of everything and I love sharing them on Instagram. It's fun to see all the fun moments in everyone's lives. If you're not on Instagram, you totally need to get on there, STAT. You can follow me and then you can see my latest posts, get behind-the-scenes looks at what I'm baking, my messy house, and watch my daughter act like a little drama queen. You KNOW you want a piece of that, am I right? Plus, joining Instagram is FREE, FUN, and if you have an account you can ENTER this giveaway! There are 3 fantastic prizes up for grabs: (1) $500 CASH … {continue reading}

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