Crazy for Crust

Easy Double Fudge Brownies (8 of 16)w

These easy double fudge brownies were my undoing. I could not resist them at all! Want to know what else undid me last week? Having to spend $200 on new curtains for my living room. We got new neighbors in November. I don’t know where they moved from, but I’m betting it was somewhere...

Jan 18

Homemade Lemon Oreos

Homemade Lemon Oreos (10 of 6)w

Making homemade versions of my favorite treats is a new obsession. Next up: Homemade Lemon Oreos. Don’t wait for spring, don’t scour your store. Make these now…at HOME! Last week we started a pool re-do: new tile, new plaster. Instead of updating my kitchen or going on a trip to Hawaii, we’re doing some...

Recipes for overripe bananas

Chances are you have overripe bananas on your counter. Look no further: here are 66 recipes for how to use them! Do you often find yourself with overripe bananas? I do, all the time. We eat so many bananas that I tend to buy huge amounts. And because you can’t buy perfect bananas (they’re...

Jan 15

Gluten Free Monster Cookies

Gluten Free Monster Cookies (2 of 7)w

I was going to say these don’t taste gluten-free but then I stopped and thought, what does that even mean? These Gluten Free Monster Cookies just taste like peanut butter monster cookies. The end. Kidding. That wasn’t the end. You didn’t really think it would be, did you? #Italktoomuch #allthetime {Really, I do. You...

Skinny Kettle Corn (1 of 5)w

Have I tempted you enough with peanut butter and carbs this week? In case you’re mad at me for those recipes, this one is a little better for you: Skinny Sugar Free Kettle Corn. Just a few easy ingredients and it’s the perfect lower calorie snack! Snacks derail my healthy eating. Am I the...

Jan 13

Kitchen Aid Giveaway for Party Popcorn


  You guys. I’m super excited about this giveaway. You know my friend Ashton, over at Something Swanky, right? Not only is she an amazing dessert blogger, but she’s a super nice person and one of my very dear friends. And she wrote a cookbook, which you should know about because I made her Praline...

Jan 12

Easy Pretzel Buns

Easy Pretzel Buns (8 of 8)w

Quick, name one kind of bread you cannotstopeating. For me? Soft Pretzels. I can’t even buy them or make them without eating the whole batch, which is why this recipe is probably going to be my curse. I made Easy Pretzel Buns out of frozen dinner rolls. No flour, no mixer, no mess. Just...