Crazy for Crust

Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting (17 of 24)

This yellow layer cake is the perfect recipe. It’s delightful with chocolate frosting but it’s even better when you fill it with peanut butter. Because, duh. Peanut butter is what makes the world go ’round. One year ago I posted these perfect vanilla cupcakes. They were my birthday cupcake last year. Over the past year...

beautiful thing

When I first started this blog back in 2010 I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t even really know what a blog was. I read exactly two blogs before I started: The Pioneer Woman and Bakerella. I have no idea how or why I thought about starting a blog, but all of...

Sep 18

Amish Friendship Bread {and starter}

Amish Friendship Bread (7 of 11)w

This recipe for Amish Friendship Bread comes just in time for the holidays. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Your friends will love it. Trust me. What I should have said is… “Your friends will love it until they don’t anymore and then run away from you because they don’t want any more...

Sep 17

Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes


If your kids beg for pancakes but balk at the thought of banana pancakes, make these. They have chocolate chips, which is a guarantee that your kids will eat them. Plus: chocolate for breakfast? That’s the start of a really good day. You know what is not the start of a really good day?...

Sep 15

Payday Fudge

Payday Fudge (1 of 6)w

Okay, so it’s official: candy corn is magical. They look like unicorn horns for a reason, methinks. Just adding simple ingredients to candy corn makes it taste like something else entirely. Like…if you add peanuts to candy corn you get a PayDay Candy Bar. And, if you add candy corn and peanuts to peanut...

Sep 14

Cookies ‘n Cream Extreme Brownies


Oh. My. Gosh. YOU GUYS. These brownies are, like, EPIC. You may see the title and say “Pffft. Cookies ‘n Cream Brownies. So? They have Oreos. So what?” But you GUYS. They’re not just Oreo Brownies. They’re unlike any brownies I’ve ever made before. Just LOOK at them! RIGHT??? See what I mean??? Back...

me and dessert mashups

Happy Saturday my friends! I cannot believe it’s mid-September already. There are some big things happening here in the coming week and I’m super excited for every single one of them! 1. Guess what?? My book, Dessert Mash-Ups is shipping from Amazon THIS WEEK! You can pre-order it here and have it by Friday! You all might...