Crazy for Crust

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix (9 of 9)w

It’s finally, finally cooled off here in Sacramento. It even rained yesterday!! That means it’s hot chocolate season. This year, I decided to get economical and make my own hot chocolate mix. This cocoa mix is the perfect gift: it’s dairy-free and you can even use it to make pumpkin spice hot chocolate! Several...

Oct 20

Best Brownie Bites

Best Brownie Bites (5 of 10)w

You know those brownie bites you get in bulk at the warehouse store? These are better. Plus, when you make your own, you can add Rolos and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. That’s just better, dontcha think?? I spent this past weekend in Seattle and it was amazing. I absolutely love Seattle, and all of...

Oct 19

Candy Bar Pie

Candy Bar Pie (1 of 16)w

My pantry is full of half-open bags of candy. Once things start falling on my head while I’m grabbing the cereal, I know it’s time to take action. Enter: Candy Bar Pie. A blondie in a pie crust that’s filled with leftover candy. I say this a lot, but you’re welcome. Like a lot...

Oct 18

How to Freeze Desserts

How to freeze desserts so you can make them in advance for the holidays

Want to know a secret? I freeze pretty much every single dessert I make for the blog. Want to know how you can freeze things too? Well, you’re in the right place today. The holidays are coming – Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve. If you’re anything like me, these are the baking holidays....

Oct 16

KitchenAid Mixer Giveaway!

dash of sanity

Today is a super special day! My friend, Sandra from A Dash of Sanity, is celebrating her first blogiversary today! One year of blogging is an amazing accomplishment. I’m so excited to be joining with her in her celebration with this fantastic KitchenAid giveaway! Sandra is the sweetest person and her recipes are amazing! She...

Oct 16

Red Velvet Brownie Cups

Red Velvet Brownie Cups (1 of 2)w

I know, I know. This recipe doesn’t have pumpkin or apple. But did you know red velvet was originally, traditionally, a Christmas dessert? So really, these Red Velvet Brownie Cups are just ahead of the game. I’m getting you prepared for November and December. You’re welcome. Holy blogger cookbook-palooza people. So. Many. Bloggers have...

Oct 15

Butterscotch Blondie Gooey Bars

Butterscotch Blondie Gooey Bars (3 of 8)w

Gooey cookie dough and butterscotch lovers: these butterscotch blondie gooey bars are for you! Mel and I hardly ever go to movies anymore and when we do go, it’s during the day. But last weekend we redeemed one of our only child perks: Jordan had a slumber party so we got a date...