Crazy for Crust

Sep 29

Chocolate Chip Cookie Magic Bars

Chocolate Chip Cookie Magic Bars (7 of 9)w

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyEmailWhen you need a gooey, magical chocolate dessert…this is IT. How do you handle stress? I handle stress really well: I drink. Just kidding. You all know me better than that! When I’m stressed, I eat all the chocolate. What is it about stress that makes you just want to eat all the things?...

Sep 27

Peanut Butter Cup Pumpkin Bread

Peanut Butter Cup Pumpkin Bread (10 of 10)

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyEmailHey, don’t knock it ’til you try it. Peanut butter and pumpkin pair so well together, I promise! Can we talk for a minute about why Doogie Howser, MD is not available on Netflix or Amazon Prime? Like, it’s a travesty of epic proportions. An entire generation of people will never know the wonder...

Sep 24

Chocolate Candy Corn Cookies

Chocolate Candy Corn Cookies (3 of 6)w

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyEmailI’m going there! It’s time for CANDY CORN all the things. It always shocks me how soon candy corn shows up in the stores. The retailers sure do like the fall holidays; Christmas and Halloween usually show up in July and candy corn hit shelves in August. But when it’s June and food bloggers...

Sep 22

Brown Butter Pumpkin Bundt Cake

Brown Butter Pumpkin Bundt (8 of 9)w

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyEmailI kind of really wish this would have been my birthday cake yesterday. It wasn’t, but I’m still dreaming about it. All those brown flecks in the frosting are from the brown butter. It’s in the frosting and it’s in the pumpkin bundt cake. #winning. I turned 38 yesterday. It’s a big birthday week....

Sep 20

Cake Batter Cookie Pie

Cake Batter Cookie Pie (10 of 10)w

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyEmailToday is a very special day. It’s a day for Funfetti Cake Batter Cookie Pie! Birthdays are a big deal to me. They always have been. When I was a kid, birthdays were big events and they still are for me today. No matter who is having a birthday in the family, I want to...

Sep 19

Pumpkin Spice Pretzel Turtles

Pumpkin Spice Pretzels (1 of 7)w

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyEmailHappy Saturday!! I’m so ready for fall and all things fall baking, aren’t you? Better get yourself some Pumpkin Spice Hershey’s Kisses. You’re gonna need them for this recipe! These are probably the easiest fall turtle you’ll ever make. Caramel, pumpkin spice, pecans, and pretzels. The combination of the Pumpkin Spice Kisses and pecans...

Sep 17

Sweet Potato Crumb Cake

Sweet Potato Crumb Cake (3 of 9)w

PinterestFacebookTwitterStumbleYummlyEmailI can honestly say that this is the BEST crumb cake I’ve ever eaten. Want to know something funny? Until I made this cake I’d never cooked a sweet potato. Actually, if I’m being truthful, until I made this recipe I’ve never even eaten a sweet potato, unless you count restaurant fries. I know, I’m...