Feb 15

Over 50 Turtle Recipes

If you love Turtles, this is the recipe collection for you! There are over 50 Turtle Recipes to choose from, so get looking!

50 Turtle Recipes | crazyforcrust.com | It's a collection of caramel, pecans, and chocolate galore!

Today is my mom’s birthday! Okay, on three. One, two, three…


As I mentioned in my Turtle Brownie post the other day, my mom loooooooooves Turtles. She covets the caramel + pecan + chocolate flavor. So, for her birthday, I’m doing a whole round-up of her favorite flavor! (Well, one of them, she has lots of favorites. Makes each birthday round-up easier.)

Ready for some drooling? Good! I’ve collected over 50 recipes that scream caramel, pecan, and chocolate. Enjoy!

**Please feel free to pin the collage. If you see a recipe you love, please click through to that site to pin. Please do not pin the images below. Bloggers around the world thank you.**





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