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Jan 14

Camera Giveaway for you and a friend!

I’m sooooo super excited for today! I didn’t know I loved photography until I got my DSLR and I know you’re going to feel the same way because…

 I’ve teamed up with some fabulous sites to be able to offer a 2 camera giveaway!


Just in time for Valentine’s Day; capture those sweet smiles around you.

We’ve made it super easy to enter here.

Share this giveaway on FB for more entries.

{I know, you have to have Facebook for this giveaway. If you don’t do Facebook, no worries. Go enter this giveaway – no social media needed!}

camera giveaway 11

Enter here.

Thank you to the sites participating and offering the awesome giveaway.

Good luck.

Our fingers and toes are crossed for you 🙂

Giveaway ends on January 21, 2014 at midnight MST.

Oh hey. Go ENTER HERE.

12 comments on “Camera Giveaway for you and a friend!

  1. Hooray! Fingers triple crossed 🙂 Thanks for the exciting giveaway Dorothy!


  2. Amazing!! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!


  3. This would be amazing to win!! Entering now.


  4. Oh, this would be so awesome to win! My dad recently reminded me that I used to love taking pictures of everything through my teen years. He said he misses seeing all the pictures I’d show him. I’ve been trying to save up for a new awesome camera, and this would be so perfect!!!


  5. Wowzers – best giveaway ever! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!


  6. The 2 cameras are wonderful prizes. I hope I win.


  7. Great giveaway! I would love one of these great cameras for myself, to take cute pictures of our adorable 4 Chihuahuas. The other one I would give to my daughter, who is actively involved in pitbull rescue and saving/finding homes for shelter dogs. It would be a great tool in helping these dogs find homes on Facebook. Fingers crossed!!!!


  8. We are getting closer to the end. These are a lots of fun


  9. We are getting closer to the end.


  10. Would love to win and be able to take some good pictures.


  11. Well tomorrow is it I sure hope to win and I have a good friend that also could use one.
    Thanks again.


  12. Hey tried to enter but none of the links are working 🙁


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