Win a Taste Trunk: the perfect gift!

Need a gift for someone who has everything? This is the perfect one: a Taste Trunk!

Taste Trunk Giveaway

Okay, so I’m super excited about this giveaway today! This is the PERFECT Christmas or Hanukkah gift for someone who has everything. We all have those people on our list, right? They have all sorts of gadgets, they have everything they’d ever need…but you still want to get them something.

{My two that fit this bill may or may not rhyme with Tom and Mad.}

When you don’t know what to get someone as a gift, food is perfect. But maybe you want to get something a little…fancier. Or different. Or special. Well, then a Taste Trunk is your answer!

Taste Trunk is a marketplace for good taste. They collect items from all over the country to package in a box and send to you once a month. It’s like getting your monthly magazine…but food! Each month a box gets delivered to your door with a new array of gourmet items based on a certain theme.

Taste Trunk sent me the Sweet Trunk and the Gourmet Trunk to check out. They are nothing short of fabulous!

Taste Trunk Collage

The gourmet trunk had this little tin of Herbs de Poulet from Two Snooty Chefs in Port Orchard, Washington. It’s fabulous on grilled chicken!

The sweets box had this:

Taste Trunk Giveaway-5

Salted caramel from CC Made in San Anselmo, California. OMG. No. Words.

How did I know where everything came from? Each trunk comes with a card about each product: where it’s from, some history, and even a recipe or two!

Taste Trunk Giveaway-6

There is a Taste Trunk for everyone on your list:


The Gourmet Trunk for the foodie.


The BBQ trunk for the man in your life. (Or griller girl, whatevs.)


Something for the health nut.




And something for someone like me: the sweets addict!

Just in time for the holidays, they’re also offering mini trunks and holiday trunks: a one time order for the holiday, no monthly subscription needed.

Seriously, head on over there and knock out about 5 people on your list.

And Crazy for Crust readers can get 25% off their first trunk! Use the code crazyforcrust25 to receive your discount!

But wait! First, enter to win one for yourself!

What Taste Trunk would you want for yourself? Or to give?

Enter via the rafflecopter form below. Open to U.S. residents only, must be 18 years or older to win. Sometimes the form takes a moment to load. Please be sure to use an email address that you check to sign into the rafflecopter form – that is how you’ll be notified that you’ve won. See all rules an regulations in the form. Good luck!

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  1. I’d love to try the health trunk :)

  2. Probably the sweet one… although my husband would try to convince me that we need the BBQ one, lol! ;)
    Carrie @Frugal Foodie Mama recently posted..Copycat City BBQ Crock Pot Corn PuddingMy Profile

  3. The sweet one for sure :)
    Laura @ Lauras Baking Talent recently posted..Grandma’s Candy ApplesMy Profile

  4. I’d love to try the gourmet trunk!

  5. I would love to win the sweet trunk! Or the health trunk, but if I am tasting things, why not go SWEET! :)

  6. Niiiiice. I’d be all over that gourmet trunk. Yummy, yum, yum.
    Mindy recently posted..Banoffee PieMy Profile

  7. Would love to try the sweet

  8. Hi!:) I just found your blog and I love it! I just adore your sense of humor:) Your pumpkin chocolate chip bread caught my eye on Pinterest YUM!:)

    I would love to win the Healthy Foodie Trunk!:) This is a really cool giveaway thanks for hosting and I subscribed to your newsletter:)
    Heather @TheSoulfulSpoon recently posted..How to Stop Feeding Your Eating Disorder, and Start Feeding Your Recovery…My Profile

  9. gourmet sounds awesome, and so does sweet–should say the health one though!

  10. They all sound delicious! :)

  11. Tamara Todd says:

    I would love to try the Health Trunk because I love being healthy but I love gourmet things so the gourmet trunk is where it is at!

  12. tough choice but I’d say sweet
    Angela in KY recently posted..Angel Food Pan for Corn Cutting!My Profile

  13. obv. the sweet trunk ;P

  14. Uhhhhh … is there even a question which trunk I would want?? The SWEET trunk, of course! What a cool product, Dorothy.
    Tracey @ The Kitchen is My Playground
    Tracey @ The Kitchen is My Playground recently posted..Turkey & Apricot Sliders ~ keep enjoying that Thanksgiving turkey!My Profile

  15. Sweet trunk! Caramel sauce…yum!

  16. The sweet one! Definitely!!

  17. Oooh, that’s a tough choice!! Probably the healthy one or the bbq one.

  18. I would like the Gourmet Trunk.

  19. I want to try the sweet trunk!

  20. Joya Hartley says:

    What a great idea. I love to cook and so does my son..what a great gift idea

  21. Doris Henson says:

    It certainly would be hard to choose. :)

  22. Lisa Sonstegaard says:

    The Gourmet! (but they all look great!)

  23. Such a hard choice, i think id go with the gourmet trunk

  24. I’d love the Sweet Trunk!

  25. I’d like to try the sweet

  26. I would love the sweet trunk or healthy! (I go from one extreme to the other)

  27. They all look great!! Tough choice, but I would have to go with the sweet :)

  28. I would love the sweet!

  29. Amber Tinsley says:

    Oh boy…this is like asking a mother to choose her favorite child in front of her children. I kinda like the Gourmet trunk a little better…but the sweets and the bbq ones sound just as amazing.

  30. What a fun idea! The gourmet cook would be fantastic for trying new things.

  31. Love the Sweet Trunk!

  32. Oh definitely the heath trunk…or the sweet one…or the gourmet one…. :)

  33. Sweet for me!

  34. I would love to try the Gourmet Taste Trunk! I really enjoy trying new food products.

  35. I would choose the gourmet one

  36. Jeannine DiBart says:

    The Sweet Trunk, of course!

  37. healthy!

  38. The sweet one, yum!

  39. The Sweet Trunk for sure!!

  40. I would love to try the Gourmet Trunk! It sounds wonderful!

  41. The Gourmet trunk looks awesome!

  42. the sweet trunk

  43. Donna Ingalls says:

    The sweet trunk, for sure. It looks Devine! Actually they all look wonderful

  44. The Gourmet Trunk looks great!

  45. I wanted to say the healthy one, but it would have to be the sweet one for me!!

  46. I’d like to try the Gourmet Trunk but my hubby would undoubtedly prefer the sweet trunk!

  47. Definitely doing some shopping. And I have no idea which trunk, they all look awesome!

  48. I think I’ll pick the gourmet trunk!

  49. I hope I win the goumet trunk.

  50. I would love to try them all, but I would choose the Sweet Trunk!! :)

  51. The Gourmet Trunk

  52. I would love to win the sweet trunk!

  53. Julie McDonough says:

    The sweet trunk.

  54. Either the Health or The BBQ Trunk.

  55. The Sweet Trunk to satisfy my sweet tooth.

  56. Mikeline Skibsted says:

    I would love to try the Sweet Trunk!

  57. I would love to try the Health Trunk! I need to start eating healthy and what a better way to start! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  58. I’d love to try the gourmet trunk.

  59. The sweet trunk, for sure!
    Becca @Heaven in a Dish recently posted..Butterscotch Apple Muddy BuddiesMy Profile

  60. I would love to try the Sweet Trunk!! Looks good!!

  61. BBQ Trunk.

  62. How to choose? I’d like all of them. I’d probably go with the gourmet trunk, if I won.
    Beth @ Hungry Happenings recently posted..Thanksgiving Pilgrim Suit Cupcakes with Chocolate Cupcakes WrappersMy Profile

  63. As much as I love sweets, I would definitely try the healthy trunk – and give my nephew the BBQ trunk!

  64. I’d love to try the health trunk. I’m always looking for new, healthy snacks.

  65. Healthy!!!! Need healthy! :-)

  66. Marisa Clark says:

    the health trunk

  67. Linda Prater says:

    I would love to try the Gourmet trunk hope I win.

  68. Either the Sweet or gourmet

  69. Eunice Flagler says:

    I think they all look great and would have to think for a bit just which one I would choose.

  70. What a great idea….I’d have to choose the SWEET trunk!!

  71. I would LOVE to win the Sweet Trunk!!!!!

  72. Definitely the sweet

  73. Sweet, of course!!! Sounds like something you could do yourself and mail out each month with a little of each thing you’ve made!!! YUM!

  74. The Health Trunk :)

  75. Donna Jones says:

    I think I would like to try the gourmet basket
    And maybe try something new.

  76. I’d choose the health or sweet trunk!

  77. Of course, the sweet trunk!!!

  78. BBQ trunk

  79. Gourmet might be interesting but I’m so addicted to sweets. I need to join SA.

  80. Carolyn D. says:

    I would like to get the Gourmet trunk!

  81. the sweet trunk

  82. Terri Hughes says:

    The BBQ Trunk……..they all look very good. Thanks!

  83. I would like to win the BBQ Trunk.

  84. I want to try the healthy trunk! :)

  85. Linda Montes says:

    I think I would choose the BBQ one if I won. I would give it to my brother in law because he is our grill master for family cookouts.

  86. I would try the healthy trunk – thanks for the chance!

  87. I would love to try the sweet trunk!

  88. Healthy for sure!!

  89. I think the gourmet or the sweet trunk.

  90. It would be a toss between the Gourmet Trunk and the Sweet Trunk

  91. Taste Trunk, eh? I’m intrigued!! Would love to win the gourmet one.

  92. Michelle Brannan says:

    The sweet trunk :)

  93. I would love to try the BBQ trunk

  94. It was hard to pick one, I’d love to win the gourmet trunk!

  95. Starla Bates says:

    Definitely the Health Trunk.. Looks so good!!!

  96. The Gourmet Trunk. It seems to have the best mix of everything.

  97. Brandi McDuffy says:

    The BBQ trunk

  98. they all look so good!! I think I’d try the healthy trunk though

  99. Owwee, I want the Gourmet Trunk

  100. I would LOVE to win either the Sweet or BBQ Trunk!

  101. I’d like to try the health trunk
    Shaina recently posted..Happy National Peanut Butter Lover’s Month!My Profile

  102. I love to cook so I would love to try the Gourmet Trunk… sounds wonderful! :)

  103. These look delicious!

  104. Marilyn B. says:

    I really love having healthy snacks around to send with my daughters for their lunches!

  105. I would love to try the sweet and the health trunks!

  106. Gourmet trunk for me :) what a great idea.

  107. the gourmet trunk

  108. I just have to say.. I get so excited when I open my email and see a new one from Crazy for Crust! :) :) I would go bad and get The Sweet Trunk! <3

  109. Would love to win this :)

  110. Ioana Hampton says:

    I would LOVE to try the sweet trunk! Yum!

  111. Ummm, can I just say ALL of them???? If I HAD to pick only one though, it would be the gourmet.

  112. The sweet trunk looks awesome!

  113. I would like to have the healthy trunk! Thank you for introducing this to us! It is a great gift idea;)

  114. I would love to try the BBQ trunk. We love to use our grill, esp. in the winter

  115. Sweet trunk for my sweet tooth.

  116. Yes, the health trunk and sweet trunk look awesome! Oh and the BBQ trunk! Oh decisions, decisions …sigh

  117. These are great! What a fabulous gift idea

  118. Lisa Fickling Johnson says:

    I love the BBQ and Gourmet trunks and would love to win either.

  119. I would love the gourmet trunk. I love the seasonings.

  120. It is hard to choose just one, but that gourmet trunk sure does look interesting!!!!

  121. Oh Boy! I would love any of these and I will keep it for myself! :) Sorry friends and family.

  122. Susan W.S. says:

    The Sweet Trunk because I have a sweet tooth!

  123. Mary Brown says:

    Oh my Dorothy these look delish. I would try Gourmet first. Thank you for this chance.

  124. I would love to try the Health Trunk!

  125. The Gourmet Trunk sounds great!

  126. Gina Guthrie says:

    The health trunk.

  127. the sweet one!

  128. The Sweet one… I’ve got a huge sweet tooth. I’m the one that always takes desserts to parties and get togethers!

  129. The Health Trunk!

  130. The sweet trunk!!

  131. I would love to try either the gourmet or the healthy one.

  132. Virginia Rapavi says:

    the health trunk

  133. I would love to win the gourmet trunk, but they all sound great! (Fingers crossed)

  134. Cindy Clogston says:

    I’d love to try the gourmet trunk!

  135. All of them!

  136. I would love the BBQ trunk! Grilling year round is my type of grilling!
    Mike @ Semi Sweet recently posted..Geeky Baby Shower for Jennifer from NoYoMoCoMy Profile

  137. I’d love to try the Healthy trunk!

  138. I’m in…………… looks good!
    cari recently posted..Egg Bread (Challah)My Profile

  139. I’d probably go for the Sweet one!

  140. The Sweet Truck of course!!!

  141. Mini Healthy Sweet Trunk has my name ALL OVER IT
    Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet recently posted..LA Creme PieMy Profile

  142. I would love the BBQ Trunk!

  143. I would love to be the winner of the sweet Trunk. and Thank you for giving me a chance to enter.

  144. Thanks for the chance to win.. Got to tell you the maple nut recipe knock my hubby’s socks off. He wasn’t sure I had made it! Can you believe that? lol thanks for ALL of your great recipes. Your blog is among my fAVS, however I have been ill the last several yrs…and I am only 45 …(well if you add a number here or there to the date I was born from my actual date of birth, 1960…)Oh I was good at math, but when I turned 25 THE FIRST TIME I ACTUALLY FORGOT MY AGE AT TIMES….happy holidays to you and your wonderful family.
    Me I;ve been
    blessed already with what you do and YOU SHARE!!

    • Thank you so much Terrie! It’s always nice to hear that someone loves my recipes. I was about 25 when I forgot my age the first time. Seriously, I tell people I’m 37 all the time and I’m 36. In fact, as I typed it I almost said 38. LOL

  145. Michelle C says:

    The Sweet Trunk!!

  146. Amanda Laudenslayer says:

    I would love to try the sweet trunk–you can’t go wrong with sweets!

  147. I don’t know which I would choose … I want them all! Thanks for the opportunity

  148. I would like to try the Sweet Trunk!

  149. I’d probably choose the Gourmet Trunk, although the Sweet Trunk sounds great too! Thank you.

  150. the sweet trunk!

  151. I would love to try the sweet and gourmet trunks!

  152. Amazing gift idea. I had no idea about these!

  153. The Sweet Trunk!

  154. Angela Harrison says:

    The sweet one.

  155. I would love to try the sweet one!

  156. SWEETS

  157. Great gift idea, but I would like the sweet trunk for myself.
    Of course I would share with the items I bake. Thank you

  158. Ooh they all look so good! Probably the sweet one.

  159. The Sweet Trunk

  160. definitely the sweet one

  161. The sweet trunk!!!!

  162. Definitely the sweet trunk!

  163. Well, I THINK I want the BBQ trunk… but the truth is if I sign up I might want to rotate so as to not have lots of unused samples around the house…

  164. The SWEET one looks the yummiest.

  165. Oh my goodness, I’m totally split between the Healthy one and Sweet one… So typical, those two halves of me are always fighting!l)
    Amy recently posted..Cranberry Apple CrumbleMy Profile

  166. I love this..

  167. I would love to win the health trunk so bad!!

  168. I would like to try the Sweet Trunk.

  169. Cheryl Swanson says:

    Sweet — no question!

  170. Lisa Gardner-Morris says:

    I would either like the BBQ or Sweet Trunks…never heard of these!

  171. I’d love to try the health trunk.

  172. bbq or sweet sound great!

  173. The Health Trunk

  174. Awesome!

  175. Christina M. says:

    Definitely the Gourmet Trunk, but I would give a try to the Sweet one :D

  176. The sweet one – yum!

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