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Nov 05

Crust and Crumbs: A Day in the Life

Instead of a traditional Crust and Cumbs post today, a bunch of us bloggers thought about doing a “Day in the Life” post to show you a behind the scenes look at our lives. I loved the idea because I’m that person who always looks in bathroom cabinets when I visit someone, so seeing inside the lives of my friends is pretty perfect for me. I hope you have fun reading!

Ready for a day in the life of, well, me? My house is not clean and pictures are very misleading. In fact, I instagrammed this photo recently:


That’s my kitchen after three photo shoots. I’m not a neat baker, and I’m kind of a clutter freak. As in, clutter freaks me out but I produce a lot of it.

My day in the life was last Wednesday, October 30. The day before I’d made 3 recipes and shot 2. The kitchen mayhem continued during our day in the life. Are you ready?Β Hold onto the edge of your seat, my life is riveting in adventure. πŸ˜‰

I start my day the same way every day. At 6am (or earlier; I prefer 5:45 but I don’t set an alarm, my body wakes me up) I head down the stairs in the dark so I don’t wake Jordan and get myself a cup of coffee. Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve, with a splash of Coffee-mate Italian Sweet Cream.


I pray that Jordan hasn’t woken yet. Chances are, she is and will be demanding breakfast shortly.

I get online and check my site first. Since my Bluehost days, I worry every morning it will be down. I hold my breath while it loads, I’m not kidding.


I check my planner for my schedule. Half of what I actually do isn’t actually on the schedule, and most of what’s on there doesn’t actual get done.


Box. It’s circled, like, 3 times throughout the week. I have no clue what it means.


6:15am, I do all of my gawker sharing, including My Recipe Magic.

7:35am, Jordan is dropped at school. I walked her to her classroom this day…and I can’t remember why.


After a little more work, I head to the gym for 30 minutes of cardio and then my 9am training session. By 10:00 I’m a wet noodle and can’t lift my arms.


After my shower, I dress like a dork. Want to be a dork with me? You can enter to win your own Crazy for Crust t-shirt here.


Some more work before I head to the disaster that is my kitchen.


Recipe #1 for the day: muffins for the class Halloween party.


Then I do dishes…the first time.


Somehow last week was baking heavy. So…Photo Shoot #1


Pie crust tutorial coming soon!

Photo shoot #2…pie recipe coming Friday!


In between photo shoots I made pie #2. So…dishes again.


Oh hey, the muffins cooled. Great! Dishes…#3.


At this point it was 1:30 and I realized I hadn’t eaten since breakfast. I took my favorite lunch break:


10 minutes with the ladies of the view. After 10 minutes I get jumpy and have to go check Facebook.

2:00…leave for pick-up. Because if I wait until 2:10 I’ll have to park 3 blocks away.

3:00…we’re home from school, snack is done, homework commences.


Tears commence too. Lots of them. Subtraction sucks. So does third grade…everything. While she works, I get back into the kitchen.

Cheesecake time! Remember yesterday when I posted the Cookies and Mint Chip Cheesecake I said I’d made it twice? This was #1. Totally FAIL. FYI, don’t try and dye your cheesecake green. Unless you like slime.


It was so pretty in the pan…not so much on the other end.

Baking round 3…means dishes round 4!


I finish the dishes, clean the kitchen.

4:00…make Jordan dinner.

4:30…I’m cursing my computer because it won’t turn off.

4:35…we’re rushing out the door and I try not to speed.

4:59…we make it to theatre class on time with one minute to spare. I wait in line for 10 minutes for the privilege of spending $90 on tickets to her performance in December.

Three hours to myself. Well, not really. When Mel is home, he likes to go watch class. So I have to be a good mom and go watch too. But first…


Dinner at Panera. Free wi-fi means I can work. Er, surf Facebook. But I did work too! :)

Then I head back to the theatre to watch the last hour of practice.


At this point it’s almost 8pm and I’m kind of tired. I really hate Wednesdays.

We head home and Mel is there, yay! He’s been in San Diego and his flight was delayed, so he’s just getting home. That means he’s putting her to bed.


And it’s my turn to relax. Although I was trying to not drink during the week, I think Wednesday needs an exception.

Harry Potter? SO FREAKING GOOD. Week 3, I’m on book 4. I can’t get enough!

I check email and Facebook obsessively until bedtime. Then it’s time for sleep, and it’ll start all over tomorrow.

Aren’t I exciting? :)

What is your favorite part of the day?

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68 comments on “Crust and Crumbs: A Day in the Life

  1. I couldn’t stand to do dishes that much mid-week. My hands need a rest. Busy. busy, busy. Panera is a lifesaver on days like that…I am afraid that is more of your normal though. Makes my traveling cross country seem like a breeze.

  2. I love it Dorothy! So fun to see how you do it. And oh how I relate to rounds and rounds of dishes – usually on the weekend for me. :)

  3. I am standing over my sink of dirty dishes saying I need to get them done before I have guest arrive in 20 mins for a birthday party and I stop to check bloglovin’ so I can’t totally relate! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I had no idea you guys were doing this! :) hehe I posted A Day in the Life on my blog yesterday! :) FUN!

  5. I hate when I write down something and then have no idea what it means later! :)

  6. Its so great to see a peak into everyone’s life. I hate all the dishes too, I think that is the worse part of blogging, all the mess I make in the kitchen!

  7. I LOVE this! It’s great to see the real lives of my fellow blog buddies :) I think we’d be great friends in real life :) Are you going to Build your Blog conference in Salt Lake in February? I hope so! Would love to finally meet up!
    Oh and P.S. I’m like you, girl. I try to not have a drink on week days, but sometimes it’s needed! Especially on Wednesdays! ha

  8. Good.God. That was a lot. I cannot believe you baked 3 things and shot 2! And that two things were….PIES. I get anxiety just thinking about pie making. Or shooting. Big pies and big cakes. Hate shooting them. Maybe that’s why I make so many bars and cookies.

    “As in, clutter freaks me out but I produce a lot of it.” = Couldnt have said it any better! Same.

    I am beyond impressed you wake up at 545 without an alarm. Wow. And you deserve at least 3 glasses of wine after that day! Thank you for sharing. Love this!!!!

  9. I love behind the scenes info! I’m very impressed your body wakes up without an alarm. I thought that was something that would just happen when I “grew up” but I’m 30 & can still easily sleep until 9/10 am. Also, that’s so many dishes. I’m off to read the others.

  10. Wow Dorothy! I don’t know how you manage to keep this up!

    You need at least 3 dishwashers for Christmas too. :)

  11. This is wonderful! I love peeking into people’s lives (and cabinets!). I can’t believe you baked three things and took pictures of two. Efficiency at it’s highest. I can only imagine if there were no dishes how lovely your day will be!

  12. This was such a fun post Dorothy! I felt like I was right there with you – should have been for the Panera and wine! πŸ˜‰

  13. Thanks for sharing a day in the life, Dorothy! I’m in awe that you made so many things and shot 2 in the same day. I freak out over photography, but I’m lucky that hubby does the dishes. (Honestly, he insists! I often help by drying and putting things away.) How do you like using those vinyl backdrops? I’ve seen them, but have been fearful of investing in some due to reflective light. And, yes…you deserved that glass of wine!

  14. You are one of my favorite people :)

  15. I like seeing a peek into your life:) I can relate to the dishes, though I don’t post nearly as often as you do. I need to get on the ball!

  16. I thought having 3 KA bowls put me in good shape, but so impressed that you have 2 KAs! Very cool, Dorothy. Hope all is well!

  17. I LOVE seeing the ‘behind the scenes’ of other bloggers! My fiance has become the “Master Dish Washer’. I make yummy treats…he washes! Its great except when he isn’t home to clean up! hehe!

    Quick question…where did you get the paper that looks like wood?! I am in awe!

  18. I love that you have two kitchen aids!!

  19. That was so much fun! I wish there were blogs (or even the internet!) when my kids were young. I would have so been a blogger! I was a stay-at-home mom until my kids went to college. But, while they were in college I got divorced and started working full time, which, at 61, I still do. I love reading blogs (especially yours) and I loved all the pics today. (You have TWO Kitchen Aid mixers?) Thanks for blogging.

    • It’s never too late! :) And thank you! Oh, and the blue one is on it’s last legs. The noises it makes…the pink one was insurance, lol. Plus, two will come in handy this season, or when I make 12 cookie cakes this Friday…. :)

  20. what a fun peek into your day Dorothy – but wow you are SO much more productive than I am during school hours – I;m lucky to get one recipe baked. very impressive lady

  21. What a fun glimpse into your day! You are one busy lady!

  22. Looks like a great day! And everyone seems to love that you have 2 KAs…lol You deserve a break tomorrow; oh wait, tomorrow is Wednesday again and you get to do it all over!!! Sorry, I’m laughing. What are mom’s for??????

  23. I love this! It’s no wonder our girls are the same – I think we are a bit. Well, I’m lacking that whole calendar and the workout thing, but the photo set up and ability to create mounds of clutter and be completely freaked the heck out by it – spot on. Seriously, is there not some sort of FDA Approved medication for that yet??? Until then, I guess there is chocolate. I’m trying not to drink during the week. And by that I mean week-DAY. I figure each day I don’t resort to daytime drinking is one more day of winning! Though winning might be overrated, margaritas on the other hand… πŸ˜‰

    • LMAO. I like your thinking. It’s okay if I make it through the day without a drink! :) And yes, I need some sort of medication. I mean, someone who makes as much clutter as I do should not have an anxiety attack when she walks in her house. It’s just not right. Thanks for organizing this Christi!

  24. This was so fun to read, Dorothy! Thanks for sharing with us :)

  25. You crack me up, Dorothy. You’re so funny. Thanks for giving us the inside scoop to your day! :)

  26. I LOVE this post so much Dorothy!!! I was literally laughing out loud at some of your comments. You work SO hard on your blog, baking, dishes (do they multiply on their own? because they do in my sink), and being a mommy. I love seeing how other bloggers handle their jobs. I feel like I am a crazed maniac somedays, but it’s nice to know I’m not alone. And I don’t even have kids yet! I don’t know how you guys do it.

    • Thanks Sally! I don’t know how people with young kids do it. At least mine is gone most of the day!! And OMG the dishes. I swear there is a gnome in there waving his wand and making more of them. I know it!

  27. You’re such a gifted writer Dorothy! (amongst other talents) You have a great way to keep my interest and make me giggle.


  28. Your day seems a lot like my day…if you sub “baking/dishes” with “teaching”. I feel like it never stops and there’s always more to do and I don’t even have kids. I, coincidentally, wrote up a post like this over the weekend!

  29. I’m exhausted just reading that! Whoa! I can’t remember what I did last Wednesday, but I’m sure I thought I was so busy….NOT. Not like you anyway!!

  30. Wow! You must be the queen of organization! What an interesting post! I am looking forward to the pie tips, Dorothy!

  31. I absolutely loved getting a sneak peek into your day. I don’t know how you do it! You are ah-mazing!

  32. Love this and yes have wine on wednesdays- it goes hand in hand “wine wednesdays”!! πŸ˜‰

  33. Oh my gosh, I was getting PTSD reading this post, reliving my own busiest days–all those dishes, all that photography! Good thing we love it, otherwise it would be totally overwhelming, right? :)

  34. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in how much and how often I’m in the kitchen baking, cooking and cleaning. Your day is sure full, but don’t you just love that you can do something as joyful as baking all day, as opposed to working in an office or something? My friends don’t get why I’m making blogging my new career. I love it! You certainly have done an amazing job making Crazy for Crust a wonderful career. Continued success.

  35. I loved reading your day! It’s surprisingly similar to the way my day usually goes down! πŸ˜‰ And that dinner from Panera looked amazing!

  36. Totally love seeing your day!!

    Have to ask who you host with now? I’m with Bluehost & for a long while I had a lot of issues. Fingers crossed those times are over but I like to keep my options open just in case.

  37. Girl! You have two mixers?! What a dream! Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed seeing your day:)

  38. Oh my goodness Dorthy I’m so thankful I’m not the only one with a on going living and growing pile of dishes! If they could ever just be done and the glass of wine was well earned!

  39. Dorothy = Super Woman!
    Wow, thanks for the “behind the scenes”, love this post! Absolutely amazing what you do every day!

  40. I love this! Wow, Wonder Woman! I am happy if I get two blog posts done in a week! πŸ˜‰

  41. I love this post! I think I do about a kazillion dishes during the day too. Most people think I’m crazy for not putting a dishwasher in when we remodeled our kitchen, but most of the time I need my whisk and bowls right away and can’t wait the 45 minutes it takes the dishwasher to wash them. Wine at the end of the day is the perfect treat for all the hard work.

  42. Love this! I’m so glad I’m not the only one that does 3 loads of dishes a day… It’s fun to see a peek into your life.

  43. I knew from the instant I saw the photo of your kindle exactly where you were in the series. So glad you finally decided to indulge in the pure joy of Potter!

  44. Loved reading how your day went! Definite similarities in our days!! πŸ˜‰

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