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Oct 08

Over 80 Delicious Coconut Desserts!

If you love coconut, you’re in the right place. These 80 Delicious Coconut Desserts are the perfect place to find something you’ll love!

Over 80 Delicious Coconut Desserts from


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21 comments on “Over 80 Delicious Coconut Desserts!

  1. Love the roundup and thanks for including my Soft and Chewy Seven Layer Magic Bar Cookies! I used to use more shredded coconut in my baking but the past year or so have really move to using coconut oil so often. Love it! And all these goodies- mmm, so good!

  2. Oh my- coconut is one of my all time favorites. This post is like my happy place for sure!

  3. Love, love, love me some coconut, Dorothy! So many yummies calling my name in this round up. Thank you so much for including two of my coconut ice creams!
    Tracey @ The Kitchen is My Playground

  4. Coconut overload!! What an awesome collection of recipes! Thanks for including me in the roundup :)

  5. Can I have everything!?!? This round up has my mouth watering like crazy! Coconut crazed would describe me as I scroll through … what a great round up!

  6. Love this collection so many recipes I want to try :)

  7. I love this round up! From one coconut lover to the next, thank-you! These will be fun to look through!

  8. I LOVE coconut desserts! I have so many on my site and finding these new ones makes me do happy! I LOVE them all! :)

  9. What a great list! I love coconut but don’t bake with it as often as I should. The Macaroon bars sound absolutely lovely!

  10. I can’t resist coconut! They all look fabulous! I could go for a slice of coconut cheesecake right about now! Yum!

  11. Love this roundup! I have come to enjoy Coconut as I “age”. Thanks for sharing my White Chocolate Coconut Cupcake!

  12. I am currently being made fun of because I’m practically drooling over here. LOVE coconut and this round-up is calling my name!

  13. Oh coconut, how do I love thee? This list is truly mouth watering! And thank you so much for including my recipes!! 😉

  14. OMG – yes!! Hubby adores coconut, so I have to make some of these after the baby comes! :)

  15. Thanks for the round-up. Coconut is one of my favorite ingredients to use, especially in sweets!

  16. Wow, so much yumminess! Jen (and Dorothy), thanks for including my Coco-Doodles and Almond Joy Puppy Chow!

  17. I’m in coconut heaven, Dorothy! And to think, I didn’t get onto the coconut band wagon until recently. Better late than never, right? I can’t wait to make my way through this list!

  18. You and your round-ups — you always find the best of the best! I only think to use coconut in the frosting for German chocolate cake because it’s my dad’s favorite kind and the only reason I buy shredded coconut. I need to check out some of these recipes for inspiration… :)

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